Have You Been Affected by The Eclipse?

Whilst writing a post about ways to explain yourself, as an Empath, I had an overwhelming feeling that I should make a side note about the strange sensations some of you may have endured for the past month, since the solar eclipse in the USA. So, what started off as a few lines about the strange aftereffects quickly grew into several paragraphs and, for that reason, I have decided to put this out as a mini post on its own—with the originally intended post to follow in due course.

I don’t tend to write much about the effects of earth energies or solar phenomena, because there are many others far better versed on the subject than I. But, as the aftershocks of last month’s solar eclipse (which is still ongoing) has left many Sensitive folk reeling, I thought it a good idea to mention some of the symptoms you may have undergone… in case any of you are thinking you are going slightly cuckoo.

So here goes: Last month’s solar eclipse has bought up some intense emotions in people and may have also triggered waves of lethargy and a lack of inclination towards doing anything—especially usual routines.

If you have experienced unusual fatigue and a ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude towards most things, since the eclipse, it is probably a good idea to give into it and allow yourself to rest as much as possible. Put off what you don’t need to do and allow yourself guilt-free respite. 

 Also, unfinished business and the scars from buried resentments and past wrongs may have reared their ugly head. Which may leave you feeling frustrated that issues, you had long-since forgotten, have come to the forefront of your mind and stirred up overwhelming emotions and toxic thoughts. You may also not feel like yourself, as if something has shifted or changed within.

For some reason, celestial events, such as these, seem to trigger an emotional aftermath in Sensitive people. I’m not sure how. It’s not something I’ve ever really looked into. But the darkening of the sun, during daylight hours, certainly seems to bring up buried darkness and other strange anomalies (some people also have awakenings or sudden realizations).

My personal belief is when buried emotional pain comes into our awareness it is for a reason. With this awareness, we get another chance to address and release any issues the situation caused and this could be seen as a gift.

When we harbour inner-conflict, pain and shame, whether we realize or not, it has a knock-on effect on our everyday lives. They manifest as insecurities that shape our beliefs about who we are and what we deserve. And just because we don’t continually think about the incidents, that caused these deep-rooted beliefs, doesn’t mean they are not affecting every decision and action we take.

Hiding from our past will not stop self-doubts. Hidden insecurities hold us back — ensuring we attract more of the wrong situations into our life — and keep our emotions on high alert. This is why it is so important we take heed of any emotional debris that comes to the surface after celestial events, especially when it is linked to people or our past.

Addressing old wounds gives us the opportunity to release the buried pain and negative ingrained beliefs they built.

If you have experienced mental reruns from a time when you were hurt or treated unjustly, the memory, which will no doubt be stirring up potent emotions, is being presented as an opportunity. You are being given the chance to recognize how the encounter shaped your life, perhaps causing conflicting and limiting beliefs that prevented your growth and kept you in a ‘not-worthy’ mindset.

There is no point holding on to the anguish caused by past injustices. By doing so you are simply thrusting a dagger into your own heart. Being aware that what you experienced is a reflection of your perpetrator’s shortcomings, and not from yours , helps you release the pain.

There are some who cannot and will not see their wrongdoings or flaws. In their mind, it is everyone else who is at fault. Those who purposely cause others trouble or distress will deny or justify their deeds, often being ignorant to the fact that it was their initial action that created a defensive reaction (they see you reacting defensively towards them but reject any responsibility, and make you into the ‘evil offender’ for your reaction). These people may not see the error of their ways in this lifetime, so why carry the pain of it during yours? And besides, depending on their level of malevolence, it would probably please them to know you are still suffering as a result of their unreasonable behaviour.

It may seem as though you are being continuously punished by reliving any tormenting memories that may have come up recently, but it is simply the Universe’s way of trying to free you from pain you carry. Letting go of the hurt and insecurities frees you. And the best way to show someone your self-worth and incredibleness is by believing in yourself, finding your inner-bliss and following your dream life.

Before concluding, I should also point out that the emotional turbulence, you may have experienced, won’t necessarily be all yours. Many others  (not just the Sensitive) are undergoing the aftereffects of the eclipse. As an Empath, you feel the energy of those to whom you are connected. If they are having their history come up and you featured in their past, you may find their emotional energy directed your way.

So, there you go. If you have been in a strange funk this past month I hope this gives you a better idea why and know that it is serving a higher purpose.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine


13 thoughts on “Have You Been Affected by The Eclipse?

  1. About a week before the eclipse I was becoming frustrated with my life and started to put plans in motion on how to change my situation. Coincidentally, almost on the same day as the eclipse, I gathered up all my strength and quit a drug addiction cold turkey. A bit later, I put all my energies in to changing my careers, and I did so! I had similar life changing events in February, so I’ve come to be a bit afraid of these eclipses, but it’s all for the best in the end.

    I felt tired, angry, depressed and had maybe 2 nights of alright sleep during more than a month after the eclipse, but I am feeling better. Could be the withdrawal symptoms or could have been the energies, I am just happy it’s over.

  2. I’d been feeling very low in spirits and energy over the past few weeks – even said aloud to myself, “Something’s changed and I don’t know what it is.”
    Thankfully I seem to be feeling more energised and purposeful lately.
    Interesting and helpful post, thank you.

  3. Diane, Thank you for confirming that I am not cuckoo and for alerting me to what has probably happened to me as an Empath. I relate to your comments and am endeavoring to deal with difficult past issues without incurring self blame. It’s past, so be it. Thanks again for your words of wisdom.

  4. Thank you for this post! Definitely resonates with me. You finished with “If they are having their history come up and you featured in their past, you may find their emotional energy directed your way.” Since some sort of psychic protection should obviously be used, is there a particular method you recommend we do? Thanks!

    • Hi Laura,

      When experiencing someone else’s emotional energy (as discussed above), it normally comes out of the blue. For example, you may be going about your day when all of a sudden you feel waves of emotion (normally negative) and your thoughts go into overdrive (involving said person). The best thing to do is disengage from the thoughts/memories immediately. If you don’t you will find they build and your emotions will become erratic. (Feelings of rage or anger are common.)

      If you find it hard to disengage, try and distract yourself by doing something mentally challenging (taking your mind away from their mental projections) and/or positive and uplifting. Otherwise your mind will be invaded by the other’s vexed energy.

      The following post may also help https://theknowing1.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/5-ways-to-stop-empath-overwhelm-in-an-instant/, as it offers protective techniques and ways to deal with the onslaught of emotional energy.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing. 🙂

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