Should the Empath Become Vegetarian?

There is much debate within the Empath world as to whether meat should be consumed. Many Empaths find themselves naturally drawn to vegetarianism, even from a young age. Some even become strict vegans, others may eat only chicken or fish. 

However, as each Empath is affected differently by their consumption of meat, chicken and fish it is a choice they have to make for themselves as to whether they consume.

The majority of Empaths will question their meat intake at some point on their journey, even if they like the taste. And this often comes down to their love and respect for nature and the animal kingdom, as well as the fact that consuming animals can feel  wrong.

It has to be said, we live in a barbaric world where animals eat animals, fish eat fish, and insects eat insects to survive… and yes, humans eat animals (and, in some rare cases, other humans). But these days more people, and not just the Sensitive, are choosing to stop eating meat because of the way animals are treated.

It is not just because of their love of animals that turns an Empath away from eating meat, whether they realize this or not, it’s often because they feel the energy of an animal when they eat its flesh.

Some are so Sensitive that they can even feel the energy of an egg and will avoid eating them too.

If an animal suffered or felt much fear before being slaughtered, it can cause depression and low emotions in the Empath who consumes its meat. The bigger the animal the more this energy is felt.

These emotions are normally experienced soon after consumption, within minutes or hours. One may feel weepy, sorrowful, irritation or experience waves of anger. You may even find yourself more ‘touchy’ to the energy of your surroundings.

That said, some are little affected. It really depends on one’s level of Sensitivity and the type of animal produce. For example: some Empaths may eat chicken or fish and feel no ill-effects, but if they eat meat, derived from a cow or pig, it greatly affects their moods.

It is probably safe to say should you develop low emotions soon after eating meat, avoidance may be the best option for you.

I eat chicken and fish, and very little meat. I would prefer to be vegetarian, and for some time I was, but it didn’t suit my health. I have an autoimmune disorder and a leaky gut, which I can control through my diet. I find most vegetarian proteins cause a negative bodily reaction (even avocados). And because of the environment I live in, I tend to stay overly responsive.                                                                                                                                                      

Leaky gut and autoimmune disease are conditions common among Sensitive people. After experiencing a lifetime’s worth of heightened emotions and sensitivities, the gut, which is the area of the seat of emotions, weakens. Because of the amount of chemicals in our atmosphere and diet, and the foods that have been genetically altered, we become vulnerable to developing physical and energetic weaknesses.

[In brief, if you suffer with a leaky gut, the lectins in many vegetarian foods trigger a reaction that allows food particles, that should stay inside the gut, to leak out into the body. This causes an immune response. When this happens regularly it eventually leads to an autoimmune disease, where the immune system attacks the organs and glands. For the Empath, this opens another can of worms, igniting unbalanced chakras and a permeable aura.]

Should you choose to eat meat, fish, chicken or even dairy products, you are best eating the finest quality organic pasture-raised produce. Not only because the animals will have been better looked after but because of the amount of chemicals pumped into most livestock.

Over 80% of all produced antibiotics are given to livestock. And up to 20 different medications and vast quantities of hormones could be present in non-organic meat and dairy. The antibiotics and hormones found within animal produce are causing people many health problems. They are known to be endocrine disruptors. And anything which is an endocrine disruptor upsets the balance of hormones within the body. This in turn disrupts the health of the chakras and weakens the auric field (meaning you pick up more energy from others).

So, as already noted, should you choose to eat animal produce it is probably best to consume the finest quality.  

The last thing you want, as an Empath, is  for your diet to destabilize your aura and debilitate your chakras.  Empath life already comes with enough hurdles as it is. (You may want to read this post on how unbalanced chakras can weaken the Empath)

For more posts on how diet affects Empath health click here, here, and here.

Hope this helps on your journey.

Stay happy and healthy.


©Diane Kathrine

21 thoughts on “Should the Empath Become Vegetarian?

  1. Grounded in my Ojibway Native American culture I need to have venison and whitefish as this is a part of who we are. I do also eat other fish and sushi because it is something I enjoy from outside of our culture. I need our cultural foods based in the strong foundation of our traditional hunting, fishing, and gathering. I eat very pure foods as try to incorporate as much of our traditional foods as possible. Occasionally I have elk and would love to try moose meat. For me it is about my culture and the strength that these traditional foods provide.

    However I don’t eat chicken, turkey, beef, etc, as these are not a part of our culture!

  2. Reblogged this on thelifeofmelly and commented:
    I fight between vegan and pescaterian. I feel so bad when I eat animals but I feel equally as bad when I eat high carb, especially grains. I too suffer from leaky gut and Crohn’s and it is tough. I either go fully raw if I want to stay vegan (which I fid very hard as I DO NOT have a sweet tooth) but I do feel satiated and grounded when I eat fish. And I feel a little okay with fish. Still feel bad about eating it, but physically I am better. So vegan= bad physically, good spiritually. Pescatarian=bad emotionally/spiritually, good physically. I’m in between! help!

  3. I find that I need the protein and grounding effects of meat especially after doing intuitive work. It brings me back to this world from being in spirit.
    I’ve found that I’m unable to eat wheat as I become really fatigued and spacey/brain fog and stomach aches. Sometimes organic wheat is fine but wheat that isn’t will give me the feeling of being numbed out. I understand some of the farming practices include putting a chemical by Monsanto on the crops to dry them out right before harvesting. Clearly not good for the gut bio!

  4. Hi there! I love this blog so much, thank you! 🙂 I’m empathic, vegetarian for the reasons above. I am affected by the energies of animals, I feel deeply connected to and love nature. If I wasn’t managing my sensitivity I would have to clear the energies of even the vegetables and non-meat products I eat. I have very heightend sensitivity.

    I work with my soul, higerself to manage my empathy/sensitvity. I ask for a simple shield of my souls protection, divine/unconditional love. This protects me from general energies in the environment around me.

    I also use a technique of managing connections (I learned through higher guidance, that all energy exchanges happen by an energetic connection first) I ask my soul to bar all lower connections or energy exchanges, this works a treat. It only allows the higher exchanges of nature energy, peace, happiness, love, healing, beneficial and higher energies. I am now balanced, happy and unaffected by other’s bad vibes. This also doesn’t turn off my sensitivity, so I am still able to empathise and observe energies etc. I find it stops mirroring as you talked about in the other article, it means the other person has to deal with their own energies and I stay calm, happy and balanced instead. I am also more able to be a better friend and supportive this way, so everyone benefits. It just prevents the exchanges that I don’t want to experience, it also prevents the unwanted interactions with others, such as the instant dislike you describe people feeling towards empaths. Those with negative intentions don’t actually see me, its like I have become energetically invisable to them or they naturally walk away because they can’t unconsciously create a negative connection with me. It also allows me to approach these types of people where I would naturally avoid them, I can approach them and create a positive experience instead. so I am creating energetic boundaries. I’m not negatively affected by my sensitivity now.

    If I allowed my level of empathy to dictate without managing it, what I ate, I’d probably eat nothing haha (a little humour) :-)) – For example if I am not managing my sensitivity I can sense the energies/emotions/thoughts of the people who produced the product in the factory, those who packed it. I can sense stress of other customers that have been there that day, the moods of the supermarket staff who put the product on display via the food. Without managing my sensitivity, the only way to totally avoid those picked up energes in my food would be to plant the food, pick it myself with love and care.

    From a place of having balanced empathy now, what I have observed about the energy of food is that the more processed or stagnant the food becomes the more it picks up other’s energetic stuff. Its been subjected to other peoples energy for longer. If you are energy sensitive you can use that to choose the food with the best energy, or trust your natural inclination.

    For example, organic strawberries not grown hydroponically, when they are fresh they have beautiful energy, that of the plants, of being connected to the earth, the sun, eating them feels refreshing, uplifting and healthful. The people taking care to make their produce with sensitivity and care tend to imbue positive energies from their conception, they are often sensitive to nature too, so it shows in the end product. When strawberries have been left on the shelf, refrigerated too long and aren’t as fresh, the natural energies in them, from the earth, start to become “one” back with nature, they begin leaving the fruit as it dies and the body of the fruit starts to take on the energies of the environment as it loses its freshness.

    Also the energy of food can be imbued with the desires and projections of others. For example walking by a cake display or down a chocolate aise can be a challenge. You can pick up peoples desire for a product, end up buying it via empathic mirroring and eat it, realising you didn’t really want it or actually werent hungry at all and now feel sick. You can gain weight very easily this way as an empath. Thats one to watch!

    Also people on diets will often hate certain foods and direct those energies at them! Your body might need a certain food but through empathic mirroring of the hate they imbued you are suddenly put off the food! Or if your empathy is not managed you can end up buying what everyine else is buying via mirroring, or buy exactly what the supermarket wants you to buy without a conscious choice on your part!

    I look for the food with the most love simply, the supermarkets with the best energy, there are loads of them out there, filled with people who do care. Look for farmers markets and local produce because that is the best with regards to energy. I try to eat fresh food. You can also clear the energy of foods, often by washing them works, so sticking to healthy wholefoods really helps. I find when I do this I am blessed by radiant health, you definitely can become what you eat via the energy of food. I look for organic and integrity based companies who treat their animals and staff with care when it comes to milk and eggs.

    Take care not to direct your own bad vibes/unhappy thoughts/feelings on to food whilst your cooking also, literally cook with love and that is what you will put in your body! Other people will notice it too in your cooking, even if they are unaware of the energy aspect. Choose restaurants who have good vibes, I have a few that I love, an organic cafe and a starbucks that always has the best vibes! The food mirrors this!

    I am lucky here in England where I live, we have a few organic farms nearby and you can meet the chickens, the eggs are as happy as the animals wandering in fields and wild pastures, you can even pick your own eggs and fruit here, which is great fun, it also helps the community x

    Look for local produce in the supermarkets too, they have a different energy than the big company produced stuff, which often lacks love and good vibes (not always, but mostly I find)

    It was great to share this and read about so many like minds! This was meant to be a short comment!! I apologise, your eyes are now probably weary :-))) Its probbaly as long as your article! 😀

    With love x

  5. I’m really happy you wrote about this; this is a concept that I think about on a daily basis for many years now. I definitely feel a difference when I do eat red meat and chicken, etc. It just doesn’t sit well with me spiritually, gets worse with time and I have to say a short prayer when I do consume meat, in order to give gratitude to the animals. I would like to go plant-based year-round but it’s a work in progress. Thank you for writing this piece, I feel better knowing I’m not alone in thinking this way.

  6. Fab post . Thank you. As a highly sensitive empath my self . I only eat organic foods . As I have crohns which affects the abdominal area particularly for me . I am unable to eat vegetarian and cook all my own food with out additives . Also learning not carry other people’s pain and work through my emotions and sensitivity really helps to keep me in balance .

    • You’re most welcome, Sarah.

      I have a friend with Crohns, who refuses to address her diet. Sadly, she is in and out of hospital and constantly having flare-ups.

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • I feel for your friend. It’s so hard at first to accept . I look after Crohns as a friend by taking the best care and in doing so I love life. Naturally there are ups and downs along the way , how ever I have lived medication free except for the occasional pain killer and two operations in my early thirties and am now Fifty seven.

  7. Wow! This is very interesting and timely. I am in the early stages of testing with my doctor (as of last week). I have not yet spoken to the doctor about the “official” diagnosis but he did tell me my thyroid was enlarged and he is testing me for everything (via blood). The symptoms I have been experiencing over the last 5 years (during my extended unemployment and no health coverage) includes: hair thinning around my hair line, dry skin, insomnia, severe digestive issues, unexplained weight gain). So I wasn’t sure if this was related to menopause, stress or something else, etc. Reading your article provides further confirmation that it may very well be an auto-immune disease…My symptoms primarily began after I had an intense traumatic premonition about 5 years ago (during my sleep). It was so terrifying to me that I woke up in a panic, sitting straight up in the bed. I have no remembrance at all of what I clearly saw (premonition)…but I have no doubt that it will surely manifest when the time is right. I have also given up meat (I only eat chicken), I have never eaten seafood or fish since I simply don’t like the taste or textures. Thank you for your posts, I often find them relative to my personal experiences and they are informative.

    • Thanks Shaun.

      The symptoms you mention would certainly suggest a thyroid disorder. I hope you get the proper diagnosis. Autoimmune disorders are notoriously difficult to diagnose, especially those of the thyroid. I recommend looking up Amy Myers MD She specializes in autoimmune thyroid disorders and talks about the best ways to work with your doctor for the best results.

      With autoimmune disorders, one can have mild symptoms for many years, that often go unnoticed, then something happens that eventually snaps the weakest link on the chain: a trauma, onset of menopause, intense stress, etc. And as already mentioned in the post, Empaths, HSPs, and anyone who experiences intense emotions tends to be vulnerable.

      Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

      • Yes!!! I have experienced all of this triggers and the last 5 years have been so intense with stress and traumas. Add insomnia, menopause and the severe digestives issues (bloating) and well it’s been awful seriously… I feel so very uncomfortable in my own skin…

        Thanks so much for the information I will follow-up for sure.

    • Wow Thank you for sharing, now I understand what you’re saying so well and it does relate to being an Empath. I’m glad I read this.

  8. Interesting read. I used to Eat Chicken, What followed was a tight throat, panic attacks that rolled on and on. Took me a while to understand the connection. Life is Life. It Breathes. It Bleeds. It feels. Everything is either Chaos or peace. To me there is no Balance in eating meat, you are thrown into the pain, without no central point to observe, feel and let go.

  9. Great post, brings up lots of questions. Have you ever read this book… As a fellow Empath I have found great relief from many of the same aliments you mentioned from the concepts in this book. I hope it helps. Be well.

    • Thanks Stephanie.

      No, I’ve not read this book. It certainly looks interesting.

      I made most of my discoveries, regarding Empath health and how foods affect us, by research, lots of research, tuning into my intuition, and trial and error.

      It’s great how so many of us are taking back our health and happiness by changes made to the diet. We can then uncover the true magic of life as a Sensitive.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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