The Destructive Impact the Media has on an Empath


As an Empath, do you feel flat, depressed or outraged after reading newspapers or online media? Do you find your emotions being triggered? Or does your mind become frazzled after spending time on online news outlets?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many Empaths find themselves impacted by the streams of negativity filtered out by the media (so much so, many have to avoid them). You’ll probably agree, that in recent times it seems to be getting worse!

These days, there seems to be a never-ending stream of anxiety-inducing stories pumped out by the world’s news outlets, that only serve in causing separation, insecurity, unhappiness or hate.

As an Empath, whether you pay attention to the propaganda stirred up by the media or not, you may still be affected by the emotional energy it produces. At times, the energy of which is overwhelming.

We all know the fear mongering, used by the media, is often a tactic used to keep people controlled, distracted and divided. There is rarely any information shared that is uplifting, inspiring or ‘feel good’.

It’s as though people are being distracted from their own power… If you keep everyone preoccupied by political opinions, global disasters, wars and the ‘fabulous lives of the rich and famous’, it keeps them in a low vibrating space.  These types of stories create anger, fear or indirectly tell the world that their lives aren’t good enough or that a life of celebrity is the only way to find happiness and purpose. All of which builds negative energy and conflict!



When conflicts arise, both in the media and out on the streets, a blanket of massively contagious, dark energy is produced. Which when at it’s worse is difficult to avoid, no matter how much you work on staying grounded and protected.

As I mentioned in my last post: negativity generates negativity. Negative emotions are contagious and are subliminally taken on even by those who aren’t Sensitive.

People get swept along by the irrational moods being intentionally perpetuated by the media. They breed and feed.  It is a form of gaslighting.

And because the populace is continuously fed more reasons to become fearful, infuriated or dissatisfied, and very little to feel positive and cheerful about, low-level energy continues to escalate.

So, as an Empath, even if you pay little attention to the media or the propaganda it generates, the murky energy stirred up can still leave you feeling overwhelmed, lost or alone. It can seep into your energy field, even during sleep, and its effects may show up as periods of lethargy, low or erratic moods and a sense of disconnection (especially if you are often around others who feel dissatisfied with life).

As humans, we want to find an explanation for the low moods we experience and as an Empath, it is easy to blame these dark energies on present life circumstances.

I have already written about this subject in recent months. But as it is a continuing theme, I feel it is right to discuss it again because the impact it has on an Empath can be debilitating.

Picking up on dark energy, coming from the masses, is nothing short of exhausting. It is difficult to hide from even with the best intentions.

When affected by ‘global negativity’ it prevents an Empath (and even those not of a Sensitive nature) from uncovering their true power. And if distracted from one’s true power, one cannot find the peace, happiness and balance we are meant for

Part of overcoming the low vibrational energy, constantly being stirred in the world, is to keep mind, body and spirit strong. Eat good food, exercise, meditate, stay grounded and keep clearing your energy field.

Also, if ever there was ever a time to keep your mind empowered now is it. A good way to do this, other than the aforementioned, is by focusing on all your strengths, staying positive and being grateful for the small things.

Look to find your hidden super powers and stay focused on them. Like attracts like.

What we focus our attention on grows. When we embrace our positive inner-power, that power will grow. We then project out this positive vibrant energy out into the world.

Coming Soon: Be sure to keep an eye out for my post on leaky aura syndrome and why it is impacting so many Empaths.

Until next time…


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©Diane Kathrine


6 thoughts on “The Destructive Impact the Media has on an Empath

  1. Hi Diane, I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve written. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and could feel myself being pulled down the rabbit hole of discontent which I find all too easy to slip down when I start to focus on all the negative people in my life, how they judge me, aka how I judge myself & how few people I have in my life anymore. I found the pull particularly strong because I can see the mechanism so clearly these days and have been very conscious of NOT letting myself go there, and NOT gaslighting myself. Its all so tricky and seductive because my mind can start to believe I’m doing healing work by looking at it again and doing some more autopsy work on it. But its not, its more smoke and mirrors.

    I was away camping for a couple of weeks and didn’t tune into news broadcasts, coming back and listening to them now all the agendas etc are quite clear to see, but still seductive and its also interesting that its the same mechanism that I use on myself. As above, so below…

    I found your article in my inbox this morning & want to say thanks. It helped me alot reading this with my coffee this morning, there are lots of us that get it now and tuning into each other is just so important because it can definitely feel lonely. Thanks again Diane.

  2. I was completely stunned as I read this superbly written work. Staying strong is very hard and my spirit drains quickly, yet with a connection like this and my absolute belief in a higher power I believe an empathic unity will blind the darkness that encroaches the planet, the animals know! I have been feeling a stronger pull towards light over dark as I find new people to communicate with( I only found out about being an empath five weeks ago and it has exploded my reasoning and judgement) which means for myself I am on the right path. I feel jolting energy pulsating through me only for it to disappear yet despite it all something big is coming and that will be our salvation. Join united and spread the energy of love and life as far as we can. I ask my spirit every night to afford the protection of the vulnerable and lost and every day I wake I read a bit of news that re-affirms my belief that we are joined with a link most of us do not understand. Please keep writing and posting as this helps lift my spirit and connect again. I am at my happiest when I give without the notion of receiving and sometimes people do not even realise which for me is better. There is a way, that I know! A fantastic piece of writing.

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