The Word is Spreading

This morning I was happy to find in my inbox a newsletter from the renowned Dr. Judith Orloff, stating she had recently gone gluten and sugar free, and she recommended this way of eating to other Empaths. I felt quite excited by the fact word is clearly spreading about the importance of addressing the diet to find complete balance, health and happiness as an Empath.

I have written about the benefits of changing the diet for some years now, after seeing the changes in myself when I removed certain foods from my diet. Not only in my health but to my Empath ways. What we eat can either bring us down or transform our life in the most amazing way. The more of us who discover the power our food has on our life, not just as an Empath but as a human, the more of us who can then spread the word to others.

I believe so much in the transformational benefits of the proper diet for those who are Sensitive that I have written a book about it called: ‘The Eating Plan for Empaths and HSPs – Change Your Diet Change Your Life!’ Here’s a snippet of what the book entails:

  • Why the wrong diet leaves the Empath life-weary, energetically open and overly receptive to the negative emotions of others.
  • What you don’t know about wheat. How it has been genetically altered and why this has impacted our health and Empath traits.
  • The destructive effect wheat and sugar has on the Sensitive person’s brain and the reason they are hidden in most processed foods.
  • Why Empaths and HSPs are hardwired into becoming addicted to drug-like foods and how this can be effortlessly corrected.
  • How strong emotions, coupled with poor diet, damage the gut and trigger anything from anxiety and excessive introversion to lower back pain and stomach disorders, and the approaches to rectify the damage.
  • Ways to soothe the seat of emotions through nutrition.
  • An easy-to-follow eating plan that will get you off wheat and sugar for good, reshape your life and lead to a more blissful existence.

the-eating-plan-for-empaths-and-hsps-pic-monkeyAs well as a 4-week elimination plan, the book includes at least 90 mouth-watering, easy-to-follow recipes to make the food transition a comfortable and effortless one.

I have amassed a wide selection of gluten and sugar-free recipes since I first eliminated wheat, back in 2012, after much trial and error (and mess) in the kitchen, and have included many of them in the book.

The path of the Empath is already challenging enough; we should not be brought further down by what we eat. We all want to attain balance and peace, but that will not happen without a change in our eating habits. The wrong diet will affect your spiritual awareness and prevent intuition from developing, it also heightens the impact of other people’s energy and emotions, and hinder one’s ability to find inner calm, happiness and health… something we all need to experience in our life now. The thing is, until you make the necessary changes to your diet you won’t see how foods, like wheat and sugar, are affecting you.

My life has transformed since changing my diet and I know yours can too. If you are interested and ready to change your diet and change your life, whilst losing some weight in the process, this book is for you!

Until next time


©Diane Kathrine



9 thoughts on “The Word is Spreading

  1. Hello 🙂 I found this article by searching “empaths who eat meat” lol I just downloaded a sample of your book. I am a very sensitive empath and I have tried to stop eating meat, sugar, and gluten. I understand why I crave sugar and products with gluten and don’t eat very much of them. I do still partake a few times a week but nothing like most people in developed countries (though I would prefer not to eat it at all). I have tried to quit meat time and time again but sometimes I crave it. Why would this be? I only eat maybe two ounces of meat a week, yet there are times when I feel I have to have it. I feel it keeps me grounded and in my body. How can I replace meat with other grounding foods? Is that in your book? Have you ever experienced this? I use crystals and meditate regularly, exercise, sun bathe etc to bring myself into my body. But sometimes I feel I must have meat! Sorry for the rambling and questions, but Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only empath in the world who still eats meat! Do other empaths ever crave meat?

    • Hi Lauren,

      Many Empaths do eat, and enjoy, meat. I even have recipes in my book: The Eating Plan for Empaths & HSPs, that include it.
      The reason some Empaths have an aversion to meat is because they often sense the energy of the animal, especially if the animal suffered in its life and death. They may find consuming meat makes them feel low or depressed after. Or they may feel such guilt, even if they like the taste, that it puts them off eating it.

      If you are craving meat it might be because your body is low on certain amino acids, within protein, (building blocks of life) and meat is one of the best sources. When people have cravings for drug-like foods (e.g. wheat/sugar) it is because of addiction. When they crave meat it is often because of deficiency. Your body may not be absorbing certain nutrients or not getting enough of them.

      If you want to eat meat, organic, grass-fed is the best option from an energy and grounding perspective. In certain cases, an Empath is better off eating organic meat than vegetarian alternatives. If they have a leaky gut, for example, vegetarian proteins can cause a harmful immune response. There are many causes of leaky gut but one of them is having suffered with an excess of emotions and stress (which many Empaths do), which weakens the gut lining (explained in greater detail in the book). A leaky or damaged gut is often behind nutrient deficiencies.

      My Empath eating plan discusses how certain foods, like wheat and sugar, negatively affects the Empath brain and body, and gives the reasons why. It also gives a plan, with recipes, designed to get you off drug-like food (they have to be eliminated completely which sounds simple but for some it is not easy…hence the book).

      Diet has a massive impact on an Empath’s wellbeing and the way they experience the world. It’s not until you get rid of drug-like foods that you get to see this for yourself. My Empath life transformed when I changed my diet. I wanted to share the information with the world of Empaths, so they too could experience it for themselves.

      Hope this helps an thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thank you Diane, you are a guiding light in a coalition that spreads wings from words like yours.
    I just was remarking to a kid here in sunny South Korea (US Army) if he was ok. He had been sick for the past two weeks. I did not want to preach to him and told him as much, but his body would let him know how it felt…………And I elaborated slightly, the body cannot say, OMG STOP PLEASE STOP THIS stop putting that (and this) in me!!!! (tobacco, food toxins, water chlorides etc)
    It cannot say it right? What can our body do? Make us ill, sick……… al………..the body can say that right? Through actions? Heart disease. Cancer (as where my mum passed)………What are you doing wrong to your body…..through your own conscious/subconscious decisions…………I remember hearing this one a lot…years ago, way before my own shift………You only live once………..Hah. Could be. Not my belief. AND if you only lived once. Why not live it right? All your cells thrive? The embodiment of you becoming the bigger You, and then Some.
    Or the contrast. To become More.
    Instead of living through the eternal Pureness of Love and Light,/Bliss, you wanted more………… wanted the choice between living in light and dark……… wanted to know the pain, the suffering. You wanted the contrast You want this Life. And you are Here.

    Expresses the importance of being gluten and sugar free. The physical cells help embody that which you are. You THINK you feel “fine” but do you really FEEL fine, on a molecular level? If you had more control then you would know the answer.

    Thanks Diane!
    I am truly not a doctor and
    Thank you

    Personally here in this Life. I have no control. I have a guiding Light. The control is as much as I give it that which guides that who I am 😉
    I am in control. I am Not.
    I Am

  3. Hello Diane,
    Interestingly enough, a few months ago I also went off sugar, gluten, dairy, processed foods, fried foods, coffee, and limit my alcohol to 2 drinks per week. I feel so much better in all ways and the paths to my dreaming and intuition is more clear now, too. BTW, a reiki instructor reminded me to stop using the word “diet” since the first three letters are DIE. “Eating plan” or LIVE-it work for me 🙂

    • That’s great to hear, Katy.

      Excellent point about the word ‘diet’. Also interesting considering most fatal diseases are caused by ‘modern diets’. The more research done into wheat and gluten the more they have discovered just how many diseases it causes by making the gut permeable. Even those who don’t have an intolerance are at risk. Dementia, heart disease and cancers are all being linked to their consumption.

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. That sounds good. My vagus nerve was damaged during a neck surgery and one of my issues is that my stomach is now paralyzed. I am now on a low fiber diet- that means NO raw fruits or veggies, and very few cooked/canned varieties. I have cut out wheat, too much fiber, and I know that sugar is not good for me, but what joy do I have now? 🙂 You have NO idea how badly I want a salad.

    • Oh how awful for you. It must be so difficult not being able to have a salad or raw fruit.

      Does food combining (not mixing proteins and starches) and digestive enzymes help with your digestion?

      Organic, unprocessed honey and maple syrup are excellent sugar replacements as they contain beneficial nutrients and prebiotics, which promote good digestive health.

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • I don’t know about the food combining. I just finally got this diagnosis in June. The only thing I have been told is to NOT eat fiber, and go low fat, if it helps(I refuse to go low fat, I NEED my butter). I have only seen the GI doc once, since she diagnosed me. She told me that the safest diet is liquid. EWWWW! I will try your suggestions. I don’t know about the prebiotics; my stomach does not move at all. Thank you so much!

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