What Has Happened To The World?

Although I dislike watching strong violence, I do have a penchant for zombie and end of the world catastrophe movies. One of my favourites being ‘World War Z’. It only recently dawned on me that these zombie films are almost like a metaphor for the world today.

In a typical zombie film, a virus attacks the human host, whilst keeping the body alive. The body is then under the control of a parasitical hive-minded predator. The zombie is unable to show empathy, think for itself or express any emotion, other than rage, all it seemingly does is attack those not akin to itself.

Hmmm, sound familiar?

We are surrounded by people acting like zombies. Too many people are going through the motions of life, whilst following the protocol of consume, reproduce, sleep and obey (If you’ve ever seen the film ‘They Live’ you’ll know where I’m coming from), but not really questioning anything or  thinking outside of the box.

It’s like there is a divide, a war between light and dark. There is evidence of this everywhere we look.

So yes, we are in the midst of challenging times, that are affecting everyone in different ways. Waking some people up and closing others down, turning them into zombies. The Empaths are obviously affected by all this in unpleasant ways.

What is Happening?

Reality is changing. This is even obvious to those who aren’t Sensitive. Everything appears heightened; people’s emotions and anger levels in particular, and it is activating all kinds of resentments, anguish and confusion.

What I believe is happening is the birthing pains of a new world… Before the baby arrives the mother goes through trauma. This, it would seem, also happens with the birthing of a new world.

The change is responsible for activating many of the dramas we are witnessing around us, and has amped up some strange energy.

I first noticed this ‘energy’ early 2015 within the inexplicable behaviours of certain others, and by the fact I kept finding myself getting triggered. I wrote a post on it here.

At first, I thought it was just a random spate of darkness (which as Empaths we are used to) but it wasn’t. The best way I could describe it is as a negative-energy virus, spreading from person to person. I watched as people fostered this energy and created dramas out of it.

The virus energy seems to come and go in waves, and triggers people at different times. It hits us in many ways, often playing on insecurities and long-forgotten hurts. It also makes people inwardly focused in a way that we can’t get out of our heads, getting stuck in repetitive thoughts; or we get fixated on ourselves and how difficult life is.

For some, it creates a sense of being unmotivated, lethargic, forgetful, uninspired, fed up and flat.

Many want to move forward, and feel like they should be doing something to make it happen, but have no inclination or motivation to do so.

As an Empath, you will feel this energy in ways unique to you. You may experience it either through being personally triggered or by picking up the energy of others.

Some build this virus energy into their life story and link it to past trauma. Others project it as blame. But at some point, you will most definitely find yourself affected.

Powerful Energetic Connections

You may have also noticed as an Empath, that your connections to others have become more powerful. And what I mean by this is you may feel others’ pain, physically and emotionally, without being in near to them.

I only realised the strength of our connections a matter of weeks ago, when I was meeting friends to go walking. On the morning in question, as I was getting ready to go out, I felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety. To give you an idea of what it felt like, it was like when you’ve had too much caffeine whilst being under a great deal of stress. But I no longer drink caffeine and I wasn’t stressed, so I knew it couldn’t be that. Its cause had me flummoxed. Whilst questioning why I was feeling this anxiety, it popped into my head that it didn’t belong to me, it belonged to my friend. I quickly dismissed the notion, because it felt so real to me.

When I met with my friends, I immediately forgot the anxiety I had experienced. However, a couple of hours into the walk, my friend turned to me and explained how he had felt a great deal of anxiety that morning before meeting us. He had recently lost his job and was struggling financially. He was so worried about ‘being judged’ by his news, that it triggered an attack. I then understood why I had experienced the anxiety. It was his. My intuition had told me, but I didn’t listen.

Although I have felt other people’s physical discomfort when in close proximity, I don’t think I have been subjected to a connection that intensely from a distance, especially when I wasn’t tuned into a specific person.

Because our connections to others have heightened, you may find yourself experiencing this as strange bodily sensations, hurt, anxiety or being under attack, even when you are not actually in any firing line.


The Untruths

Another issue Empaths struggle with, during this ‘zombie apocalypse’, are the untruths. Living truthfully, it seems, is becoming harder to do. Everywhere we look people are being deceitful, as if it is the normal, acceptable thing to do. It’s almost as though lies are now readily accepted as a better version of the truth. A pretty lie is better than an ugly truth… WTF?

The Good News

While I know many of you are grappling with the crazy ways of the world, we have to see it as birthing pains. The hard part before the good stuff arrives. The pains will come and go, probably for many years, but we will eventually arrive where we are heading (fingers crossed).

We have to remember that we have a choice. Although we will feel the negativity of the shifting world, we can choose not to get wrapped up in the ‘drama’ and the ‘energy frenzy’. Just remember to stay grounded and protected.

If you find what used to work to protect and ground no longer does; or if you no longer tolerate or have any inclination for it, change your technique (click here for grounding techniques). There are many ways. As we continue to evolve, adapt and grow, it often means swapping and changing our chosen healing/protective techniques when and as required.

If you are stressed or struggling, know that it won’t last forever (even though it probably feels like it already has). Once through the other side, you come to understand exactly why you experienced all you have. And remember: birth can be a painful process…

Hope this helps you on your journey.

Until next time…


©Diane Kathrine

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18 thoughts on “What Has Happened To The World?

  1. Thank you :).. My husband and I have only known we are Empaths for the last year and a bit. We were getting a hold of it and everything made sense, but the last couple of months we are both in a dark place. Like we don’t recongize ourselves and drinking more to run away from it. Family members are doing their negative usual and we are both reacting so badly to it, we normally can handle it and move on.. after reading your blog, it all makes sense now. The pain down one side of my body has been there for months and we are both so negative and just can’t shake it. It helps to be aware of whats going on and now try harder to move those feelings on and get our bouce/positive back.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. I was pleasantly surprised that you so openly talked about the shift – I didn’t realize you were one of the awakened ones 🙂 And I could definitely relate to feeling like I dont want to hide who I am anymore. I think we run a big chance of alienating some people and it’s a shame. But it’s better than living a lie.

    • You’re most welcome, Olga.

      Yes, I have my feet planted in 2 worlds. I don’t often write about the shift as I feel my path is to help other Sensitives find balance within their body and mind, which in turn makes the shift more bearable and less painful.

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Oh wow, what a timely post. I feel like I have been a prisoner in my own head for the last couple months. My anxiety levels have been and still are through the roof and all my normal tools for getting out of my head and grounded are failing miserably. It seriously feels like I am going insane!

  4. I have been so tired & my muscles ache. Its been a full time job cleansing myself, house & crystals. I think it’s going to be a couple of months (Jan?) before the dust settles. I’m not sure what energy to send out that will help. I’ve been blogging all over to send out reassurance & to minimize the bad behavior. If I can’t feel better until everybody else does, it’s worth my efforts 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Diane. Helps to make sense. I don’t consider myself very political, but was definitely grieving the last couple of days, and then after processing and writing about it on my blog (http://www.erinnewman.com/what-do-you-do-when-it-all-falls-apart/) I felt a little bit lighter today – which aligns with your post and your thoughts on this.

    I often wonder if those who don’t consider themselves empaths feel the same energies, but just tamp it down with addictions or the zombie-ness.

    • You’re very welcome Erin. And yes, most are in denial and are hiding behind quick pleasure-fixes and addictions, but they are finding they no longer offer the same escape. Time for them too to face the music.

      Thanks for sharing.

  6. Remarkably timely. Woke this morning from a dream about three apple trees. Proceeded to meditate of the conflict generated by the American election and the need to address the level of conflict and fear in a different way. This developed into a three way perspective of two sides being perceived by a third and melting the material perspective of division into the energetic perspective of unity. Then read about apples and found the Druid tale of three sacred apples forming the Three Rays of Light: vision, symbols, and the understanding of the two. Then this. Makes sense to me. We have work to do.

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