Dealing with Energy Shifts as an Empath


In recent years, there has been many shifts and changes with energy patterns. Anything to do with energy shifting will always affect the Empath in weird and wonderful ways. But it is how it impacts others that might disrupt life.

When there is any type of ‘shift,’ it usually brings to the surface anything buried, which often causes conflict, activates anger issues and finger-pointing.

If, as an Empath, you get emotionally floored, angry, anxious or feel under attack, with no real reason for it, it could simply be down to a shift.

When these shifts happen you may feel like you are out-of-body, observing life as it is going on around you but not really feeling part of it. You may overhear conversations that seem so predictable and obvious that you wonder why others are having them, or you may question why people can’t jump off the hamster wheels they are so fervently spinning on.

It might seem as though you are watching helplessly, from the side-lines, as others refuse to face the truths of themselves, or of this world, and everywhere people seem angry or preoccupied with ridiculous issues.

People are experiencing their ‘buried issues’, which come up during energy shifts, but are refusing to face them. Because of this, they may project what they are feeling on to political issues or lash out at family members or friends.

This destructive energy then builds and becomes more overwhelming for those of us who are Sensitive.

When observing the madness going on around us, in a detached way, it does us no harm. But it is too easy to become embroiled and thus take on emotional energy that does not belong to us.


Because this ‘disruptive energy’ is powerful, the mind wants a logical explanation for it. Even if the emotions we feel don’t belong to us, and haven’t been caused by anything we are currently experiencing, the mind will still reach into its database and bring up a memory that matches the emotion: 

If, for example, you had a disagreement with a friend or family member in the past, where you felt betrayed or treated unjustly, you might find yourself festering over those memories; even though you have already forgiven those involved.

If the mind cannot find a memory to attach to an emotion, it will look for something else to connect with. You may find yourself drawn into an injustice happening to a friend or family member. A political issue, that would not normally garner your attention, suddenly draws you in and winds you up the wrong way. Or you may find an issue to fester on, that isn’t really an issue.

As Empaths, when we absorb strong emotional energy, belonging to another, we can be tricked into believing it is our own. No matter how aware or how much work we have done on ourselves, we can still be taken off guard by these potent energies

Here are some ways in which you might experience energy shifts:

1. Waking Up Vexed: This is a common theme. Waking up in the morning, or in the middle of the night, with your mind focused on some past injustice, that had not even been remotely on your mind (It is like psychic attack). These memories take over your thoughts which then trigger emotional responses. If you start your day in a low mood, you draw more situations that match this low energy and the darker your day becomes.

2. Skin Outbreaks: You may notice sores, spots or other strange skin disruptions popping up in random places on your body. Inflamed, itchy skin patches, which you don’t ordinarily suffer with, may suddenly come and go. The force of this intense emotional energy disrupts the calm flow of the body and can ignite strange skin outbreaks.

3. Stomach Troubles: Emotional upset causes stomach imbalances and hyperacidity, which may lead to stomach pain, discomfort or bloating or a change in bowel movements. You may also find yourself needing to eat more stodge or sugary foods.

4. Disruptive Thought Patterns: Potent energy easily induces repetitive thought patterns, that are difficult to reign in, even if you normally have a calm, quiet mind.

5. Feeling Under Attack: Those who have not worked on themselves, or who have gone through life acting in self-serving ways, are having issues coming up that they need to face. But instead of dealing with them, they often lash out at others. They project this energy out as blame. Some launch their anger on to another, attacking them verbally or mentally. If you are on the receiving end of this ‘attack energy’, it feels dark and dreadful and can ignite similar feelings within.

What to Do

If emotional energy does not belong to us, it is not something we need to work on – unless it is activating unresolved issues within. But we do need to clear it from our energy field and distract our mind. Whether emotional energy belongs to us or not, it will still cause the body harm if we allow it to ignite anger or painful emotions. (And remember, not all physical reactions are caused by energy shifts. Consult your health practitioner if you continue to suffer health issues.) 

Here are some gentle ways to help you let go of overwhelming energy:

1. Calm the senses: Take a salt bath with essential oils, whilst listening to soft relaxing music. Salt is an incredible cleanser of negative energy. It is also a perfect way to end an emotionally busy day.

2. Distraction: When your mind gets stuck in destructive thoughts or if you feel like you have been unnecessarily attacked, find a distraction. By distracting your mind, you withdraw your awareness and energy from the situation. 

3. Acceptance: Accept the energy does not belong to you and don’t fight it or try to figure out why it is happening. 

4. Nurture yourself: Eat well, lots of nutrient-rich foods to keep a strong immune system, drink lots of water, exercise, stay grounded and get out in nature.

Being outdoors and walking in nature is one of the best ways to clear energy and reset. Lying on the grass under an indigo star-filled sky is another perfect way to clear toxic energy. If you cannot get outdoors, take yourself there in meditation, it works equally well.

5. Forgiveness: Sounds cliché, I know, but being on the receiving end of negative emotions is harmful and imprisoning. Whatever the reason an emotion has been triggered by, it serves us (and them) to send forgiveness. 

If you suffer with ‘Empath overwhelm’ you definitely want to read this. You may also find this post helpful, in dealing with the aftereffects of energy shifts.

Hope this helps you on your journey.books for empath

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine

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30 thoughts on “Dealing with Energy Shifts as an Empath

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for writing this! I have been feeling incredible anger the last couple of weeks, and unfortunately lashing out at my significant other. I know it’s not him, but it is so strong it overwhelms me. I also know as an empath that I haven’t been properly protecting, or taking care of myself. This energy though, it’s new to me…I don’t know, just a lot stronger, and more spiritually invasive. Not like dealing with another person’s specific energy…if that makes sense? I have not felt like myself at all! Your article made me realize I need to up my game in the self care area. Thank you!

  2. Hello. I got the Empath Empowered book the kindle. I am doing your silver meditation. There is a blockage, or something. Have forgiven, done so much yoga, meditation, then the anger came back, etc. Concerned about health, especially right side of body. Lots of what you say resonates with me and I instinctively did… it’s been a while I stopped all my practices and feel low. Go figure. Gotta do it forever.. the space cleansing, everything. Thanks

    • A few days of doing these things, relaxing, feels much better. Personal wellbeing rituals should never be sacrificed for ‘work’… by the way I found probiotic foods very useful. I have put up a site, but perhaps links aren’t allowed in the comments? I shared information on kefir, kombucha and other fermented foods. I used to buy acidophilus milk too. Not available here, though.

      • Hi Xenyen,

        You’re right. We should never give up on looking after our wellbeing. When busy, stressed or feeling low, it is too easy to stop self-care, but it is then when we need it most.

        I have written about probiotic, prebiotic and other gut (seat of emotions) healing foods in The Eating Plan for Empaths & HSPs. Yes, very beneficial to all who are Sensitive.

        Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • Thanks! Got your second book, Empath Awakening. Also started the master cleanse, detox, and eliminated bread which is convenient though I do better gluten free.. seriously had no idea a few days of effort could make me feel so much better! Thank you for your books! Great reminder, as well as useful info. (I commented somewhere below I think, with my site which might be useful. Feel free to remove if you feel it is spammy) #GratefulToGod

    • I have had the worst time grounding & I’m a laid back person. But I do feel the collective & the energy is off the charts-election etc. I’ve been researching EMF. I did buy a pendant from earthcalm & it works (grounds) 75%. Now looking into a house hold plug to harmonize emf. I dont know why this is suddenly a problem but I’ll try anything. Flower essences work & crystals also. Seems like its taking stronger efforts these days.

      • Yes, we are certainly having to work at staying grounded and in balance. And many are finding what used to work no longer does, and the inclination to find new techniques has waned. Everything feels like such hard work. But it is worth it when we do put the effort in.

        Thanks for sharing, Ronda. 🙂

  3. It does help, I am new to this, I have a friend that always seems to be in the same place I am mentally, and we both started describing a certain feeling as mental attacts, we have both struggled to fight them off as well.

    I have set very short term mood/thought goals. I remember a better feeling I once felt and try to think of things to conjure it up again. I hold onto that feeling until I can conjure up something slightly better, if I screw up I just start over.

  4. This so perfectly describes what I’ve been feeling the past few days. It’s torture to keep feeling negative emotions that I know don’t belong to me, but can’t get rid of. Like a TV you keep turning off and then it turns itself back on again. Thank you for writing this post. It’s easier to make peace and address a situation when you know you’re not alone in the experience. I will bookmark this page to return to your suggestions as the day progresses. ☮ ♡ 😄 ☯

  5. I’ve certainly had the skin outbreaks. I’ve been waking up horribly lately. I’ve been pretty much staying away from the political strife as much as possible and do fear the outcome a little. Thanks for this…it has helped so much. I keep forgetting I have all this…I am so used to feeling this way…it’s a relief to understand. Thanks!!!

  6. I can’t wait until this election is over-that’s where most of this is coming from. I keep sending out healing light over the map between 12-3a when it’s quiet & I can think again.

  7. Wow… you certainly hit the nail on the head Diane! The anxiety, especially in the early morning, the feeling of not actually being in my body, the bloating and painful stomach, dragging up deep seated emotions I thought I had dealt with, my inability to meditate or do my daily yoga practice….at least now I can understand why and put the strategies in place to step out of this vicious cycle. Thank you so much.

  8. Yes I’ve had an early morning internal battle with negative thoughts. Skin out break for days..bloated stomach… Low mood energy…went out for a walk..did the salt bath…listened to meditation music..and decided not to go out with two aquiatances who just like to run behind their desires…and would make me lose my energy….this has been all done before reading this article I guess I’m on target;-) thank you make this shift more understandable…as a child and young adult I just surpressed these feelings/ ideas…now I force myself to think of myself.

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