Why Certain People Acts as a Trauma Trigger for An Empath

adult alone anxious black and whiteContinuing from my last post, today I want to discuss how a person’s residual energy can trigger an Empath.

Residual energy is a trail left by a person’s moods and emotions. It can also be created when a conflict has occurred in a certain place.

How does dark residual energy affect an Empath..?

Well, when left by a person, it can seep into their energy field and influence their thoughts and moods for days after being picked up. Which is obviously a problem if it is negative.

When filled with negative emotions, anyone and everyone can leave a trail of dark lingering energy. But those who affect the Empaths in the most painful ways are the people who act as Emotional Trauma Triggers (ETTs).

A trauma trigger is an event from the past that can trigger a reaction, such as anxiety or fear, in the present. But even residual energy, left by someone who caused you emotional pain in the past ( or those who carry the same energy signature), can become an emotional trauma trigger.

How do you know if someone is an emotional trauma trigger? 

Generally, the mere mention of an ETT’s name is enough to ignite an unpleasant emotional response. But the worst reaction happens when you have spent time with them and their residual energy has seeped into your aura.

Signs you have been triggered:

  • Your mind keeps going back to said person in a negative way
  • You start re-living a long-forgotten injustice from your past
  • You feel uninspired or lethargic
  • It feels like you are experiencing psychic attack
  • You experience waves of bitterness, anger or irritability (when you don’t normally carry those traits)
  • You feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled
  • Your sleep is affected
  • You don’t feel like your usual self
  • You suffer with many niggling physical complaints

ETTs feel like poison to the Empath. Their presence can cause physical and emotional reactions. And when their residual energy is undesirable, it throws the body and mind into disarray for days or weeks after.

Those who carry narcissistic traits (Read more on the Dark Side of Sensitive) are often the triggers, as are people who have the following behaviours:

  • Those who have huge issues, but pretend otherwise
  • Those who tell the world how fantastic their life is, whilst insinuating everyone else’s is worthless 
  • Those who secretly harbour deep grudges
  • Those who are selfish and think only of themselves 
  • Those who are passive-aggressive 
  • Those who are highly opinionated and won’t listen to other opinions
  • Those who lie to make others wrong and themselves right

The above traits often leave an overpowering trail of residual energy. 

black and white rainy portrait canonNot only does dark residual energy impact your moods and the way you feel, it can lead to a weakening of your aura, which in turn opens you up to picking up more.

You normally experience the residual energy from an ETT anything from a couple of hours up to a day or two after being in their presence.  Because you are still energetically ‘connected’, you feel the impact until it is cleared.

Why Does This Happen?

The Empath’s aura (energy field or energy body), which both surrounds and penetrates the body, is notoriously permeable. This auric permeability causes many problems, and the longer it is left unchecked the more damage it causes.

When the aura becomes damaged, one is at risk of developing leaky aura syndrome. This leaves an Empath energetically open and susceptible to picking up other people’s “stuff”, it also plays havoc with the energy system and chakras.

When your energy field is leaky or open, residual energy, from people or places, seeps in and merges. If not cleared, it lingers for a long time. Which is often the last thing an Empath needs!

The aura is connected to the physical body. Anything negative picked up within the energy field disturbs the body and mind.

If you know, or suspect, you get taken down by residual energy, after spending time with certain people (or after being in certain places), you need to look at better ways of protection.

This post has many techniques which will help you avoid taking on negative or residual energy.

However, if nothing works to protect you, it may be wise to avoid all triggers. At least until you have balanced your energy field (read this to understand why you continue to suffer). If this is not possible, only spend time with ETTs when there is a group of people around. Always be pleasant and stay in your positive mental space, but try not to get engaged in deep conversation. This helps prevent you from picking up their energy.

The sad part of this story is, those who become trauma triggers to the Empath are often the ones who have the deepest hidden pain and insecurities, which they refuse to face. This pain is often shaped into selfish or conceited behaviour. Regrettably, until they are willing to see their issues for themselves no one else can help them.

There is now a greater chance of you being affected by dark residual energy. We are in a time of change. The world is shifting and people are in crisis! This creates a lot of unpleasant energy.

I give a lot of information on this blog about ways to find balance, but my books go into greater detail of how to live happily and healthily as an Empath. We are all different and what works for one does not always work for another, but you do not need to suffer unnecessarily. If you want to learn more click here

Empath life is a constant journey of evolvement. Believe me when I say, it gets better and better, especially when we work on ourselves and find the cause of our imbalances.

Hope this helps on your journey!

Until next time


©Diane Kathrine

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13 thoughts on “Why Certain People Acts as a Trauma Trigger for An Empath

  1. I just love the article. Makes sense on so many levels. I am so exiciting to read more from you. Just discovered this website.

  2. Thank you very much Diana for everything you are doing! I already got the 7 secrets book and loved it so much, surely I will get the upcoming books too.

  3. As usual, your message came right on time, full of wisdom. Thank you for existing and for sharing generously!
    Love and resoect to you.

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