What to Expect from Your Empath Transformation

Hope you’re all keeping really happy and healthy in your little “Empath” corners of the world.

Just a quickie today. For all of you who are curious about 7 Secrets

Within ‘7 Secrets of the Sensitive – Harness the Empath’s Hidden Power’ I help you understand why you experience what you do. I show what simple steps you can take to revolutionize your life, take back your power and live the life for which you were destined. As an Empath you deserve an incredible happy life!

Just in case you don’t know what the book is about, here is a little of what you can expect to discover:

  • Why parts of the Empath brain overreact to emotions and learn how to stop this from happening.
  • Projection and how Empaths send out what they think and feel to others.
  • How the disruption of our chakras affect the body and mind.
  • How and why certain foods destroy the Empath’s emotional wellbeing.
  • The reason why Empaths feel everything so powerfully.
  • What the dominant and sometimes overpowering Empath gut sensations mean.
  • The overwhelming emotional overload Empaths experience and how to instantly overcome it.
  • How Empath fatigue affects life and who or what causes it.
  • Why Empaths attract certain types (including narcissists) and repel others.
  • The reason Empaths form instant dislikes for certain people.
  • Inauthentic behavior and how it weakens an Empath.
  • Trauma triggers and their causes.
  • How to recognize psychic attack and how to protect from it.
  • Thoughtbombing, what it is and how to stop it.
  • How to tell the difference between your own emotions and those which don’t belong to you.

Just a quickie to let you know the print version for 7 Secrets of the Sensitive is now available to order. You can order it here on Amazon or here on The Book Patch or here for Barnes and Noble

If you do happen do purchase a copy I would just like to say a huge thank you and I look forward to it helping transform your Empath life!

Until next time…


7 secrets e-book version


10 thoughts on “What to Expect from Your Empath Transformation

  1. Hi Diane. I had a ‘pre-ordered’ kindle copy of your book which I was very excited to be taking on holiday to France with me. Have read once so far. It is a difficult journey. It has taken me until nearly 50 years old for things to begin to click into place as to who and what I am. I am different but I could never explain to anyone exactly what I meant by that. Thank you so so much for sharing your journey. I have a path now. With love and gratitude. Stephen

    • Hi Stephen,

      Being ‘quietly’ different from others and not understanding why certainly makes our journey difficult. There are many layers to being an Empath but when we work to unravel them we do discover the diamond underneath.

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope you enjoy France 🙂

      • Many thanks Diane. France has been interesting due to a lot of rain, but nevertheless your book has re-assured me to have faith by the fact that I have a gift and feel and see and believe things from a different perspective than some others out there. Change is coming. People will resist and fight against it but a wonderful and dramatic change for humanity is coming. The more of us that join the party the easier and quicker it will happen. Out of interest the reason I came to find out what I am was that I took up Pranic Healing about 8 months ago and it is my daily practices that guided me to you. I am in no way affiliated with Pranic Healing and I know it may not be for everybody but as pretty much everything you have put in your book is included in practising Pranic Healing I thought I ought to mention it. Gratitude and World love are practised along with meditation and diet. As I say just sharing. May not be for everyone but for anyone struggling to pull all of this together it is a pretty lovely manual for life 💓

        With so much love bursting to get out and faith in a better future. Love and gratitude. Stephen

      • Hi Stephen.

        Gratitude, love and taking care of mind, body and spirit are the way forward for us all. By practicing them we see great transformations. And yes, you’re right, big changes are happening/coming. Resisting these changes only makes life more painful. But sadly, that is what many are choosing to do. The pain causes much disruption but it ultimately becomes the wake-up call we can’t ignore.

        Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • Diane,

        First and foremost I would like to say “thank you!”
        Thank you for your time, care and understanding you have with Empaths and more importantly “humanity” overall. To have gratitude for your journey in life and experience so many things is the kind of knowledge that should always be shared for anyone who desires answers or help for the questions that people endure throughout their journey of life that can truly make them understand who they are and what their purpose in life is supposed to be is truly an act of unselfishness and compassion. Time and time again people acquire so many moments that result in defining emotions or have made them more wise through out their life yet they keep it a secret and never truly shared their pain or successes with others that helped them grow. People need people. People deserve people but alas, very few serve humanity with allowing them to know that there are many people or places that can help them through their growth.
        Your experiences and wisdom has helped so many and its people like you that give the people you touch, true faith and understanding that chivalry is not dead. Humanity lives on and love conquers all. Today, this Tuesday I anticipate to receive your paperback book and today is the day I read, educate to understand more of myself and people like me so I can continue to help others, like you have helped so many now. Today my gratitude is for you and what you have done for me to be a better person. So Happy Tuesday Diane, and thank you for being here in this world for me and so many others…
        I will do my best to represent your teachings and “pay it forward”

        Until next time…

        Phillip “8”

      • What a lovely comment!

        Thank you so much for your kind words, Phillip. They brought a tear to my eye.

        I really hope you enjoy the book and find it helpful. 🙂

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