Should Empaths Develop Mediumistic Abilities? And a Word of WARNING!


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Because Empaths are an intuitive bunch, it can rouse the question whether they also have psychic and mediumistic abilities.

Being mediumistic is not an attribute that falls under the ‘traits of an Empath’, but that is not to say they cannot own the gift.

So, what is being a medium? Think James Van Praagh, Alison Dubois or John Edwards. Those who have the ability to connect with the otherside.

Some Empaths have mediumistic abilities and some mediums have Empathic abilities. But whether you were born with the gift or not, it is something that can be developed.

If it is a topic you are drawn to, and want to develop, you can work towards owning mediumistic abilities. Empaths are highly intuitive and are aligned to most things of a metaphysical nature. They often experience a strong pull towards mediumship in the ‘early days’ of awakening.

However, it is not a subject one should take lightly; and finding a good teacher is essential. The teacher has to know and understand all about the traits and sensitivities of an Empath.

Empaths are already open to absorbing wayward energies and, when unaware, can attract unstable energy and emotions like a magnate.

Before contemplating any kind of connection to the spirit world, it is essential the Empath knows how to ground and protect themselves.

When tuning into any external energy, especially spiritual, it is essential to close down after connection and only ‘open up’ out of choice.  It is not a good idea to even contemplate spiritual work if you are struggling with irrational fears, past traumas or painful emotions (like attracts like).
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When I began on the ‘path of awakening’ I was interested in all things ‘spirit’ and mediumship. So much so, I went to a spiritual circle with the intention of enhancing my psychic and mediumistic abilities.

I attended classes where we learnt how to receive and interpret messages from the otherside. But even though I had this unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and I ‘thought’ I should develop my mediumistic abilities, something didn’t feel right.

At this stage in my life and ‘awakening’ I had no idea I was an Empath. I also had no idea I was picking up and feeling other people’s emotional energy. Nor did I know why being around certain people felt so awful. The teacher I had, at spiritual circle, also had no knowledge or understanding of Empaths. When I explained to her what I was feeling and experiencing, she brushed it off and said it was ‘just me’.

I was pulled. I did not want to quit, that was taking the easy way out, but I also felt what I was learning was not a fit and it did not feel safe. I threw my decision out to the universe with the statement: ‘If the spirit circle is not serving me, take it away.’ My group was cancelled less than a week later.

Back then I wanted to develop the gift of mediumship but my intuition was warning me against it. Had I continued opening up with an unaware teacher, as an unaware Empath, I would have got into an emotional and spiritual mess. I now know it was not my path to become mediumistic or psychic, I just wanted to learn more about it.

It is often the case that when an Empath has an interest in a subject they want to learn as much about it as possible. They often drown on an idea.

But something I came to understand, on my journey, is just because we study a subject in-depth doesn’t mean we have to develop, practice or teach it.

We learn things for many reasons. Knowledge gives us a better understanding of life and its many mysteries!

That said, I believe the role of mediums to be important. They remind us of where our true home is. They give us proof that life continues after this incarnation and offer words of comfort from loved ones who have passed over.

If as an Empath you wish to develop as a medium or psychic, my advice is to find a really good teacher and always listen to your intuition. If something feels off, it will be!

Until next time…


©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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6 thoughts on “Should Empaths Develop Mediumistic Abilities? And a Word of WARNING!

  1. Hi, thank you for this post. I am an aware Empath, but I fell into the trap of thinking I should develop my mediumship skills. I went to a group and was assured that everyone was ‘vetted’ before being allowed into the ‘closed circle.’ I only went once and paid a heavy price for it – I am not sure what I picked up, but It absolutely floored me as I ended up in bed all weekend. Please, Please be careful as an Empath about joining any groups or circles and even check out the people you go to for healing or therapies. If their spiritual hygiene is not good, you will absorb something. I am not trying to frighten you, but I have found that even though I ground and protect myself and really work on these things, I still can be vulnerable. Thank you for creating this wonderful site xxx

  2. why can’t we Empaths just follow our intuitive signals if we wish to do so without going through a process of becoming a medium. I am just learning how to understand myself.. Unless I feel it necessary to tell someone of a situation that needs awareness, it is enough for now.. Being an Empath is an often difficult road to travel. I am grateful to have finally understood and try to watch out for the pebbles or rocks but to take it further into mediumship is a road I choose not to travel for the sake of all concerned.

    • Hi Sweetsyl,

      Developing our ‘Empath intuition’ and intuitive signals is an easy-ish and safe process for us (thankfully). But developing as a medium can be more complicated. You are totally right to listen to your own intuition in not going down that road.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

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