Surviving Christmas: A Guide for Empaths


It is getting ever closer to that dreaded time of year… Christmas!

For some, Christmas is a much loved time. I wish I could make the same claim. For many reasons, the festive season is one my least favourite times of year.

When I was a younger (child to mid-twenties), I loved everything about Christmas. But as the years passed the month of December became harder for me to cope with.

Without fail, every year, at the end of November or beginning of December I would start to feel low and my energy dropped. I would feel as though I was coming down with a bug and would get tense or harassed. Then on or around December 28th I would strangely go back to feeling better.

In my mind I would always find a reason: being extra busy at work, having a busy social life, eating unhealthily, drinking too much alcohol, not having enough sunlight, not doing enough exercise, etc…

Over the years I tried many different approaches to make December more bearable: I made changes to my diet, exercised, stopped going out, stopped drinking alcohol, went on a sunshine breaks… But, no matter what I tried I still felt awful come December.

And then it suddenly dawned on me… what I was feeling wasn’t ‘my stuff’ at all, but everyone else’s.

I was picking up on the ‘Christmas madness!’ and took on the combined stress and anxiety of the populace.

The overwhelm of people energy was making me feel ill and emotionally low.


I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure it out. At least one person in every household gets stressed at some point over Christmas; it does not take to understand how this feels for an Empath.

I quickly learnt that until I unplugged from the ‘Christmas Madness’ and found ways to stay detached and grounded, I would continue to feel low each year.

And this is what I present to you in my guide to surviving Christmas…

Whether you love or loathe the festivities of December, I hope to offer some fantastic ways to get you through it as peacefully and painlessly as possible.

[Update Dec 2017: This has been an incredible month for me. I have loved every minute of December. I feel great, energized and happy. It goes to show that putting the work in and making changes really works for an Empath.]

Daily Grounding:

Most Empaths have a daily grounding ritual, but to stay out of the ‘Christmas stress’ we need to add something extra to it… childlike positivity.

Adopting childlike excitement into your energy can help protect you from stress energy.

You only have to cast your mind back to childhood to remember how explosively exciting Christmas was. So, instead of tuning into people’s stress energy focus your awareness on a child’s exhilaration.

We have a choice where our energy and focus goes. Consciously choosing the right focal point is essential to keeping our energy in the right place.

Carry Haematite or Other Protective Stone:

Haematite is both grounding and mirroring, and it will help protect you when in busy, stressed places (basically everywhere over the festive period).

Keeping a piece with you at all times is a good way to shield yourself from unwanted energy. If you want to learn more about the benefits of Haematite for the Empath see this post.

Eat Lots of Bright Coloured Food:

Oranges, lemons and limes, red apples, blueberries and bananas, for example, will help keep you protected and healthy over the silly season.

Christmas contributes to bad eating. Party food and alcohol carry little in the way of nutrients, and if we pick up lots of stress energy the immune system will be compromised.

By eating lots of lovely bright coloured foods it ensures you get lots of vitamins and enzymes which wards off colds and builds your resilience towards stress-related illness.

When we eat brightly coloured food, in the form of delicious fruit and veg, we reap many benefits. 

Also whether we gaze upon it of consume it, colour raises one’s mood and vibration and that is always going to be super beneficial at this time of year.

Shake it Off:

If you get overwhelmed by too much stress energy a brilliant way to get rid of it is by shaking it off.

Start by giving each leg a good shake, shake your bum and your torso, shake your arms and hands, blubber through your lips and wobble your cheeks, run your hands through your hair and give the scalp a good shake (I do not recommend shaking the head as tension is often held in the neck).

Shaking works even better if you can do it in water and/or with some uplifting funky music.

The shaking method also works great if you pick up on any anger energy.


Eating moderate amounts of chocolate is a perfect, and delicious, way for an Empath to ground and recharge.

Many Empaths are naturally drawn to chocolate, their inner-knowing already knows of its benefits. However, not all chocolate is created equal, the darker the chocolate the better and if it is organic, perfect!

Opt for minimum 70% cocoa when choosing your chocolate fix.

Dark chocolate is super healthy as long as it in not loaded with unrefined sugar.

White refined sugar is inflammatory. It causes excess cortisol to be released into the body which then heightens uncomfortable emotions and stress for the Empath (click here to learn more). So try to avoid it.

Practice Gratitude:

Christmas can cause overwhelm for an Empath and put them in a negative mindset but by practising gratitude it can raise the spirits like nothing else.

Being grateful for what you already have in your life will bring in more things to be thankful for. Or, if you don’t feel like you have much to be grateful for, be grateful for the amazing things that are coming your way.

You will be amazed at just how uplifting this is. It also works like chocolate and floods your system with feel good hormones.

Here are some more posts that will help the Empath with Xmas stress:

If you need to relax this post will help:  Incredible Relaxation Technique for the Empath

If you pick up on other people’s stress energy and emotions cast your eyes over this: Protection for the Empath

And if you spend time around overly negative people you need to read this: Reasons to Avoid Negative People

Until next time…


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©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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7 thoughts on “Surviving Christmas: A Guide for Empaths

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  2. I love your use of words.. I was super surprised when I checked my word press.. to find such a beautiful picture of a Christmas feeling. * I have come to really appreciate Christmas this year. I started early. November I decided I wanted to get all the gift giving aspect done. Now it’s nearly the end of November and I’m getting into some fun activities with my friend Rebecca who also has a blog on here, called Organic Living…. check her out..and she has two twins. They are over right now. We decorated cut out foam gingerbread houses, men/women, and trees today with glitter and stick on circles etc. we made Christmas bulb rice crispy balls, and organic chocolate balls…thanks to Rebecca. * I bought four play dough tubs today and my daughter Sally and the twins had an ever so blast. They wrapped their toy cars and ponies in the play dough, made ball down dresses as seen on youtube…. and treasure chests… and space ships and trucks… aw they have truly had a blast today. Thank you Universe for sure a beautiful afternoon so far…Maryann….. Doula… Family Loving….Miessence..organice facial care….rep. :O)

  3. Such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing this with us. It is true, we do tend to soak up other people’s energy and the silly thing about this is, the more we soak up, the more shattered we feel and we end up shrinking our own energy (rather than expanding, which would help us to regain control and stay centered again). I hope you will have a wonderful December ahead dearest one!

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