The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

I do love synchronicity and the way the law of attraction works!

After writing my last post, my mind has very much been on the power of the heart-centre and I have received all sorts of insights and information on ways we can build and project out our inner-heartlight (keep an eye out for future posts).

I believe we always get confirmation of the valid insights we receive intuitively as our proof and to tell us we are on the right track. For me, it is also a sign to continue along the same path as there is more to discover.

I came across the video below after reading an article by Collective-Evolution, a friend had posted, about ‘What Science is Telling us about the Heart. As you can imagine, it got me all excited because it is on the train of thought that I have been recently travelling. It is very interesting and well worth a read.

Just a quick post today to share the video.

Until next time…


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4 thoughts on “The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

  1. As I was thinking, The more we as individuals can make this happen the more it will spread and grow… and then I hear the video say “the first step is for individuals to take responsibility of their own energy”…. and them to reference you Diane,,, I agree what you said about our “insights we receive intuitively as our proof and to tell us we are on the right track”…. Forward HO !!!!

    Namaste, Armando

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I felt the “TRUTH” of it in my body as I was watching. I feel there is hope if enough people are able to move in this direction.

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