The Heart Centred Empath

Have you happened to notice recently that when you are in a really good place, maybe doing something that makes you feel happy and uplifted, you find yourself thrown off centre and being pulled down into a darker place?

You may receive a phone call, text or email off one of those people in your life who act as a trauma trigger, or a family member, who always manages to push your buttons, shows up.

Do you think this is by chance?

Those of us who have been working diligently on self-development, through balancing the mind, body or spirit, will have seen many, many positive changes in recent times. Our vibration is continually rising; our intuition has increased, as has our ability to manifest, and our moments of blissful clarity are getting bigger and better. We are becoming heart centred. Yet, despite this, we can still be pulled down into a low vibrating space.

I have noticed this happening on numerous occasions. I didn’t recognize it at first and would find myself getting caught up in the ‘drama’. But now, I am aware of it as it happens and I know it is not a coincidence. It seems the better the space I am in, the more something tries to distract me and pull me out of it.

Just the other day, I was in a very positive place, writing something important for one of the books I’m working on. I was loving what I was doing and I felt great excitement and gratitude to be doing it. However, around the time I became aware of how much I was enjoying myself, I noticed an email had dropped into my inbox. When I went to look, I saw it was from a person who, without going into too much detail, is always in a dark place and on attack mode, and can suck the joy from me in seconds.

On seeing the email, my heart sank and my mind was about to exit its happy place when I quickly realized what this was: a way to throw me off centre. This distraction was meant to stop me from doing what I was doing and take me from my place of enjoyment. So without hesitation I deleted the email, not even having read it. For the next twenty to thirty minutes I had to stay aware and work hard to stop myself from dipping into the energy of the other person. But I rode it through and managed to stay in my high vibrating space.

Had I read the email, and engaged the other person’s energy, I know my thoughts would have become unsteady and my vibration lowered and it would have thrown me into a darker place, and, because it would have made me feel bad, distracted me from doing what I was doing.

The reason it makes us feel so bad, to be thrown off centre, is because we reside in a ‘higher vibrating space.’

When you’ve cleaned up your thoughts, your energy field and your diet, and you avoid negativity, your mind, body and spirit will naturally vibrate at a higher frequency. However, you don’t necessarily notice this higher vibration until you are pulled out of it and when it happens, it feels worse than ever!

If you are one of life’s game changers (Anyone who works on changing themselves for the better, is a game changer.) you will probably be noticing this happening, and if you haven’t, look out for it.

These distractions are meant to lower our vibration and keep us from staying in our heart centre. When we are in our heart centre we project a high vibrating energy out in the world.

When our vibration lowers, and we get pulled from the heart, we no longer radiate that powerful vibration.

It is essential to recognize these distractions for what they are, as they happen. And when they do occur, watch how you’re feeling and what you are doing: what discoveries are you making, have you just had an ‘aha’ moment or have you just had an incredible idea that has filled you with excitement?

We have to remember that positivity breeds positivity. When we are in a high vibrating space we project that energy out and it is this energy that will help heal the world by aiding others in raising their own vibration. Those who want to keep the world as a lower vibrating space, do not want us to radiate these powerful vibrations and cleverly orchestrate distractions for us.

If it feels good it is good!

If anything tries to take you out of your happy place don’t engage it. Being aware of when people-related trauma triggers are being activated is essential, because they are the fastest way to throw us out of our groove and take us down.

How we behave, act and feel is so important now. Not just to us, but to everyone. What we feel, we project out into the world and when taken off centre, our mood shifts to a lower vibration and our awareness is compromised. Many of us have experienced profound moments of bliss, and it is this energy we want to be projecting out into the world.

Amongst other things, people of a Sensitive nature help heal the world of lower vibrating energy and we do that by raising ours.

If we want to see positive change, we must take the first steps and stay in our heart centre. Let’s help heal the world with higher vibrating energy!

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5 thoughts on “The Heart Centred Empath

  1. Great post! And so true! People have contagious energy- have you ever been around a very negative person and then found yourself being negative too and had to kind of stop yourself and think- don’t let myself get into their same energy! Just because they are like this and i am with them, doesn’t mean i have to be too.. I have a friend who is very negative. I try to help her but i no longer let her bring me down..

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