The Powerful Grounding, Protecting and Mirroring Properties of Haematite

haematite stonesMost Empaths and Sensitives will have a ‘thing’ for the crystal kingdom in some way or other. We can be drawn to crystals for many reasons, but especially for their beauty, texture, colour and the powerful vibrations they emit.

There are hundreds of different types of crystals all with countless healing properties but today I am focusing on one stone that, for very good reason, I’ve been drawn to lately…Haematite.

For the Empath, Haematite is a very powerful stone that has many helpful qualities. It is known as the grounding stone of grounding stones! It is also protecting and has a strong mirroring effect.

Haematite has the ability to both balance your energy and raise your vibration, lifting you up energetically, whilst still keeping you grounded. And one thing all Empaths need is to stay grounded!

The Mirror Effect

I was recently drawn to Haematite because of its potent mirroring effect. Not only will it show to us what we need to work on within ourselves; but, when worn as an amulet, it helps build a shield of protection around us, bouncing off psychic attack or negative energy from others. It will also help protect us from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Haematite is brilliant to wear when going out in peopled places as it protects from other people’s stuff and keeps us centered!

Clearing Repetitive Thoughts

Anyone of a Sensitive nature can spend too much time in their heads, continuously dipping into repetitive thought patterns. Over-thinking is addictive and will keep us stuck for hours on end looping in on the same thought. In its grounding action, Haematite can help pull us down from our heads and out of our repetitive thought patterns. It will then help put our focus back where it is needed.

If you are a nighttime thinker and find your thoughts kick in the second your head hits the pillow, place a haematite stone under your pillow (you can also place one on your third eye but I doubt it would stay there long) and keep your focus on it till you drift off into a blissful slumber.

Haematite has a masculine/yang energy, so if you are feeling overly shy, timid or emotional it is a good one to use as it will help balance any overly feminine energy.

Healing Properties

From its name, you may have guessed that haematite is related to the blood and circulatory system. It is good for the immune system because it helps the blood flow and draws toxins out. It is 70% iron oxide which is why it works well with the blood.

Haematite is known as a universal helper and can assist greatly in times of stress or trauma. During crystal healing treatments, Haematite is often used in conjunction with the base chakra.

Haematite is also good to use with any spiritual work/practice, not only because of its grounding action but also for the protection it offers.

Choosing Your Stoneshaematite

When buying crystals or stones, for personal use, it is a good idea to check you resonate with them first. To do this you can quickly scan the crystals/stones with your hand or eye (I find being drawn by eye is enough for me) and check what you see/feel. Are you drawn to it/them?

We are normally drawn to the crystals we need most however, that said, we can also be drawn to things we want but don’t need and this is where scanning crystals with your hand can help. The way something feels can often tell us a lot more than the way it looks.

There are stones available that are advertised as Haematite when in fact they are a mix of many other ground mineral stones. To make sure that your stone is genuine, check its trail. Because of its high iron content, Haematite will leave a red mark, when drawn on the back of a porcelain tile.

Out and About

My crystal healing teacher would always recommend we keep small Haematite tumble stones in our socks to help keep us protected and grounded when out and about, which can be great, but sometimes uncomfortable. I have found the best way to keep the stones close to the body, if not in the pocket, is to use tape to stick the stone to your ankle or other place, or, better still, buy a Haematite ankle or wrist bracelet or a pendant to wear when out in public or if using electrical equipment such as phones or computers.


All stones and crystals need to be regularly cleansed, to remove excess or negative energy. Cleansing can be done with varying methods such as: sunlight, salt, water, smudging, other crystals, intention, or all of the above.



Hope this helps you on your path.


For more grounding and protection techniques click here

©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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Crystal Healing by Roger C. Croxon



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