12 Quick Questions to Discover if You Are an Empath

If you want to know if you are an Empath, the following questions will help you decide:

1. Do you walk into busy places and find yourself overwhelmed with emotions?

2.  Do some people make you inexplicably uncomfortable, finding you stumble over your words or have uneasy sensations in the pit of your stomach when with them?

3. Did you experience any strange phenomena as a child, such as seeing or hearing ghosts, having imaginary friends, seeing energy fields around objects or people, or knowing things you shouldn’t?

4. Do you have strong intuition?

5. Do you sense different energies in objects, buildings, places or countries?

6. Do you get easily drained when in social situations?

7. When with certain people, who on the outside appear lovely and friendly, do you feel negative emotions or have the notion that all is not what it seems?

8. Do you notice things others don’t?

9. Can you easily read others and just know what type of person someone is without spending much time with them?

10. Are you a good listener and find others want to offload and open up to you, even if you don’t know them?

11. Are you highly sensitive?

12. Can you easily spot a lie?

If you answered yes to most of these questions then you will more than likely be an Empath.

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16 thoughts on “12 Quick Questions to Discover if You Are an Empath

  1. Hi, everyone!
    I’m not sure where to begin, but I’m hoping to have some questions answered. I’m still trying to figure out whether I’m an empath or not despite going through the blog’s list and other lists. Some lists I can say that it fits me and others…. not so much. The only notable things that I can say for me is that I’ve always been told that I’m super emotional and sensitive, and am very much an introvert, and lived a while with depression and anxiety. I have gotten those deep gut feelings in my stomach sometimes, thought I was just feeling paranoid, but later regretted not listening to them. I didn’t pay attention to these things until recently.
    Also fairly recently I wished for them to stop, the feeling of sadness washed over me, and it stopped. Now I feel like I’m stranded or in a void.
    Was I ever/am an empath? If so, how do I get them back? Am I crazy and all in my head?
    I’ve been looking around a lot for answers, and finally thought I’d voice them to possibly get some answers.

  2. Just stumbled upon a random post about empath.out of curiosity Googled… found my way here.. im unsure if i am… found all the traits to be me..except for the antiques.. i find comfort in antiques and old run down cemetaries.. wierd much ..? i was diagnosed with severe depression with Borderline personality and OCD as a child. Have social anxiety and suffer from panic attacks. I Grew up sick my whole life but doctors were unable to find anything physically wrong with me… i get overwhelmed when out in public so i avoid meeting ppl because i feel drained and get physically sick afterwards… it ranges from migraines, physical body aches, to projectile Vomiting for 24hours i have to be hospitalized for dehydration..
    I was on medication for schizophrenia because at some point i was hearing voices and seeing colors around ppl and objects.. due to insomnia.?malnutrition from refusing to eat ?or delirium ?..i still dont know…..
    im very sensitive to smells and noises loud or small…. i hear and smell things others cant pick up. …. but i have a really high pain tolerance…
    my mother always called me an insensitive cold child because i didnt like being held or touched… i just barely tolerate getting my hair done .. which means i go about once a year..
    .. i dream of a death in a family the night before…it happens. i know when something is going to happen before it does… its not a gut feeling… it feels more like knowing whats going to happen and you dont really question it. It used to be feelings of dejavu.. or through dreams . Now its random quick flashes before it happens.
    Ive been told many times..when i touch others they say they can feel a radiating heat coming from my hands which doesnt make sense because i have cold hands from low blood pressure.
    Maybe because im a sentimental person i love antiques.. they give off different feelings?sometimes warm and loved.. sometimes chilling that causes goosebumps.. its like everything has a story to tell if you would just listen… Ppl think im crazy because i believe plants and animals and even objects have a soul.

    Maybe???? i am a highly sensitive person..??? Or all sorts of crazy.. ??
    please dont be too harsh..I would like an answer. Thanks.

    • I don’t think you’re crazy. Far from it. You sound very aware and highly Sensitive.

      There are many levels of ‘being Sensitive’. Some would label themselves as being an Empath and others might call themselves a Highly Sensitive Person (In my opinion they both fall under the same umbrella).

      Have you by any chance read Elaine Aron’s book: ‘The Highly Sensitive Person?’. If you haven’t you should try and get a copy.

      Also look out for my book The Empath Awakening (which will be free on Kindle next week for 5 days), It gives a greater understanding of what the Empath is about.

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. IMO part of being an Empath is letting things go quickly and forgiving even when you don’t want to. At times I’ve felt an escalation of feelings that I’m unable to control, and I’m very controling of my own behavior because I’m so highly aware of how I am, and the longer I stay in that escalation I can explode at a person. While I feel them reeling from how I’ve acted and what I’ve said, its a complete release for me and I enter a calm afterwards. I’ve also found myself understanding the feeling in another person to the point that when they do lie, betray, or damage me in some way, I forgive them quickly and easily.

  4. Hi there my name is Josie,
    I never thought their would be a name for something I always felt just today I Google “is it possible to feel what others feel without even knowing them” and I ended up here. Lol I’m pleased to know that I’m not crazy lol and now I’m excited to learn more about this gift I have.

  5. So, I’m 25 years old and my whole life have been searching for and building together my puzzle. Tonight was the first time I ever thought that It might be an empath, in my heart perhaps I’ve always known but its nice to find someone else experiences this too. Now I am relieved and excited for this new venture, I don’t have a lot of friends because of my sensitivity and choose not to have people around whom I can’t relax around most of the time. It’s nice to know I can reach out and find other people with this tool, so I can learn to use it. Thank you for this article and I hope to establish a deeper connection with other like-gifted individuals.

  6. Hello,
    I’ve spent many yrs knowing I have empath capabilities, choosing to deny them. However, I’ve been depressed for months now.since my father’s sudden death. I just don’t know where to go from here. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Mg

      Sorry to hear of your father’s passing.

      Death is one of the hardest things humans have to deal with and when in mourning, our whole world is turned upside down. It’s a time when it’s difficult to function in life and for those of us who are Sensitive, even harder. But it will get easier.

      It is important that you allow yourself to mourn and express your grief. Trying to bury or hide it will only serve in deepening the pain of loss.

      Grief changes us in so many ways. It affects our behaviour (to ourselves and others), our thoughts, our likes and dislikes and unfortunately depression can ensue from the shock of the death of a loved one.

      A book I can recommend you at this time is: ‘The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You’ by Mike Dooley (Hay House). It is an inspiring and uplifting read and gives another perspective to death.

      Hope it helps. Take care.

    • For years I’ve felt the same way. I’m almost a recluse now because of the overwhelming emotions when I go out in public – such a range of emotion – from joy, to heartache, to rage all in a split second. The older I get the stronger whatever this is becomes and its just easier to be alone. I’ve even taken drugs to try to block it but it only works for a very short time (if it works at all) and when the feelings return they return with a vengeance. I can’t talk about it because people don’t understand – to them I’m just too sensitive. I connect to my children stronger than to anyone else; right now my daughter is going through something and I feel like I’m drowning in her pain. I know it the second she pulls into the drive, I feel her before I see or hear her. I hope things get better for you, as the old saying goes “I feel your pain” – S.

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