The Incredible Benefits of Garlic for the Empath

We all know that garlic keeps the blood-sucking vampires away but what about the vampires the Empath dreads being in the presence of…the energy vampires? Sadly, it may not be powerful enough to keep the latter away but it will certainly counteract any damage they cause, both physically and energetically.

Garlic is an amazing tool when it comes to healing the body; it is a powerful antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, it helps remove heavy metals and contains potent anti-oxidants that help build a healthy immune system.

For the Empath, however, it is what it can do for you energy body that you may find of interest:

Most already know of garlic’s many health benefits, but you may not have heard about its ability to clear the energy field.

The energy field (pranic sheath or aura) both surrounds and penetrates the body. It therefore resonates with both the physical and energetic bodies.

Within the energy field you can hold years’ worth of unreleased painful emotions, negative thought-forms, past life memories and toxins, etc. You can also carry the negative energy of thought-forms of those you have come into contact with, the energy from a psychic attack, or other dark negative energy. All of which affects your quality of life.

If, as an Empath, you do not clear your energy field it can lead to many physical and spiritual problems as well as a leaky aura. This is where garlic can help…

Garlic speeds things up. It speeds up your vibration, both physically and energetically, it speeds up the metabolism helping shed excess weight, it speeds up the digestive system helping remove food and toxins and it speeds up the human energy field, meaning the emotional energy picked up off others bounce back off.

Garlic helps clear and reset your energy field and, in doing so, helps clear and reset blocked chakras… It’s also delicious.

Another way garlic helps the Empath is in its anti-inflammatory properties.

Stress caused by pained emotions, your own and those picked up off others, creates inflammation within the body. Inflammation causes disease and discomfort. Empaths, and anyone who is highly sensitive, gets stressed easily and need to take preventive measures. By including garlic in your diet it may help prevent the damage caused by emotional stress.

To get the full benefits of garlic you need to include it in your diet regularly, but it is best to build up gradually. Too much garlic too soon can cause stomach upsets. You may have to play around with garlic dosage, sometimes less can be more.

Some are sensitive to garlic. If this is the case you may find you are ok with capsules or garlic oil. I am sensitive to garlic when its eaten raw. I always have to cook it first.

If you want to learn more on how food affects your Empath ways you may want to read this. Or if you want to discover how your hormones and chakras could be the cause of all your Empath problems click here.


Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

Until next time…


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2 thoughts on “The Incredible Benefits of Garlic for the Empath

  1. This is an interesting read. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved garlic. Not only does it taste good, but when I eat it regularly, I’ve found it helps make me more relaxed and it makes me feel better, both about myself and about the rest of the world.

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