What’s the Deal with Antiques and Empaths?

On my post ‘At a Glance 30 Traits of an Empath’ there is one trait that has caused some controversy over the years, more than any other trait:

Trait 28.   Will not choose to buy antiques, vintage or second-hand. 

Anything that’s been pre-owned carries the energy of the previous owner. An Empath may even prefer to have a brand new car or house (if they are in the financial situation to do so) with no residual energy.

Many people wrongly assume the reason number 28 is on the list is because antiques hold negative energy. Anything pre-owned can carry negative or positive energy but this is not the reason it is on the list.

It is not unusual for antiques to be revered for their beauty and historical value. They are highly prized possessions. Even those not of a Sensitive nature will love to feel the energy and sense the history behind an antique.

However, for some Empaths being around antiques, or anything previously owned, can make them feel, for want of a better word, icky. The reason for this is anything pre-owned has an energetic imprint and carries the energy of the previous owner/s in the way of residual energy.

To some Empaths this residual energy feels crowded or cluttered and as many Empaths abhor clutter and crowding (See post) they feel a natural aversion or repulsion to second-hand items without really knowing why.

Clutter equates to stagnated energy and is extremely draining to the body and mind.

Even clutter the eye cannot see has a debilitating effect on the Empath and creates a sense of overcrowding. It can deplete their energy, cause feelings of sluggishness, apathy and an uninspired mind.

       ‘Too much residual energy leads to a cluttered mind and energy field’

If you are one who has a natural aversion to antiques, old properties or anything second-hand, now you know why.

As with anything in life there are always exceptions. There are some Empaths who dislike anything new or mass-produced  and love being round antiques and previously owned items, especially those who have the gift of psychometry.

Psychometry is a psychic gift which enables one to hold an object, such as a ring, and psychically receive detailed information about its owner/s.

Some have the gift of psychometry naturally but it is also something one can develop through practice. The best place to start is by practising meditation regularly.

Meditation helps quieten your mind which then enables you to tune into the energy of certain objects and receive information.

It should be noted if you are serious about developing any psychic gift it is best to consult an experienced teacher who knows and understands about the traits of an Empath. They can show you protection techniques as well as ways of closing down.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

If you want to discover more about being an Empath click here.

Until next time…

©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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22 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with Antiques and Empaths?

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  2. P.S. I bought a beautiful china pattern that was discontinued….At first from someone who previously owned it (and used it). I wanted it, but could not bring myself to use it. I discovered on eBay the same pattern that was also previously owned, but it was in the original packing and never used…In fact, it was in their attic. I sold the used pattern and replaced it with the never used set, which is unheard of…The pattern stopped production almost 20 years ago. The pattern is Moonspun by Lenox. It was as though the still packaged set was meant for me…In fact, I almost chose it 30 years ago. It even contained the original paperwork from the factory, still boxed in original plastic. I had no clue I was an empath then, I just knew this was all necessary for me to enjoy this set. Amazing how this happened!

  3. This explains why I cannot tolerate second hand anything, though I freely give items to charity or through re-sell. The antiques I have are high end, though now I understand why they pull me in rather than build me up, even if they ‘speak to me’ upon first discovery of them. I also have a Ligne Roset desk that was created for me in France, and it is the best desk I have ever owned. I have it up for sale to replace it with another antique, though now I know why it would not sell, in spite of a high interest for it; it is also featured in House Beautiful; it is meant for me as I spend hours at my desk which has become a place of high learning. When I owned a high end antique desk, it did not have the same energy. Now I also know why moving into a building that is not new also creates a pulled in feeling. Thank You very much for this information….Namaste.

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  5. I have an aversion to new items especially if made in sweatshops, I get physically ill, I can hold a garment in my hand and tell you if it was produced in south america, middle east, usa, or china. It is an odd thing to know.

    • It is common for Sensitive folk to pick up on the conditions an item was made in, and whether it was made from love or forced labour. Although not everyone is aware that is the reason why they have an aversion to certain items.

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Like everything it is important to follow your own intuition about what feels right to you. I like both new and old. I am more disturbed by new items that are made cheaply and mass marketed. I try to by higher quality local items. I feel new energy coming to an older object I may repurpose. I am overwhelmed by clutter and work to keep this in balance.

  7. Hi, I’m an empath. I’ve known since I was about 11 or 12 and just recently decided to ignore my traditional Christian upbringing (although I abandoned the faith years ago) and embrace whole heartedly my empathic nature. I agree with your list but I have to say that I love antiques. I am very selective about what I choose and when I select one I know it’s a keeper. It just feels like home. I am extremely overwhelmed by clutter. But recycling an old piece of furniture or clothing makes me feel closer to earth and allows an article a second chance to bring beauty and usefulness into another’s life.

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  9. I totally agree with this! I absolutely refuse to accept gifts that are hand me down stuff, and I refuse to purchase antiques. I really do believe that residual energy affects the atmosphere. Brand new stuff doesn’t hold any negative energy. But what happens if you buy something that is brand new, and the person that made the item that you are buying, you can feel the energy that they have while they were making the item?

    • Hi Stem Queen,

      Yes, a brand new item can carry the energy of its creator, especially if they had put a lot of time, effort and love into it. For some Empaths, this could feel a little crowded and for others, it may draw them in. However, an item made by someone who isn’t enjoying what they are doing/creating, or if it is made in a factory that has appalling conditions, that lower vibration can also be carried and felt.

      Thanks for Sharing 🙂

  10. I’ve recently learned that I’m an empath. I didn’t realize many of my problems were related to absorbing the energies from others who regularly dumped their issues in my lap. My husband loves antiques. Me, not so much. Now I understand why. A shaman friend had me smudge my home due to severely negative energy brought into my home by someone else, and the smudging also helped ease my feelings about the antiques. I’m so happy to have found your blog.

  11. I remember wondering about that because I love old things, used things, things with patina. I feel TERRIBLE on the rare occasions I go to a mall or look at “new” clothes. The energy is ugly. I feel/see the sweatshops, the pollution, the greed, the wastefulness, the soullessness. I’m selective about the “old” things I buy. When I thrift clothes, I immediately wash them and use the materials to create something new. When I wear my creations, it’s like having a force field of love surrounding me. I’ve given some as gifts, too. People tell me they can feel it as well. XXXOOO

  12. I will always take home second hand items that lovingly ask me to. Always. They then emanate the love the previous owner had for them. If I don’t get that request I leave it. Works every time. Can’t explain it any better than that. I bought a used car in 2002. Had my choice of two nearly identical but mine “asked” me to. I drive her still.

  13. I cannot agree more. I can’t stand it. No reason other than I feel a complete aversion to anything that’s not new. Anything pre owned affects me. When the kids buy toys at the school sale or my partner who loves vintage and bargain designer finds at charity shops. Drives me crazy! Funnily enough my daughter and partner found an old enamel kettle in a ruined house while on holiday and took it to show me. I had the most awful feeling it should be returned but said nothing. Sure enough ten minutes later they decided to take it back because they both felt it had to be placed in its original spot. My daughter was only ten at the time and still talks about the feeling she experienced to this day.

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