6 Ways to Differentiate Between Planetary Shifts and Emotional Energy

We live in an ever-changing world.

Energetic changes are happening every day.

Most Empaths come to learn how to navigate the moods and emotions of others, but when there is an energy shift it can throw them right off.

The problem is an Empath may not know how to differentiate between experiencing a ‘shift in the planetary energy’ between experiencing other peoples’ emotional energy.

Rewiring and rebooting are words used within ascension circles as an expression of how we are affected by energy shifts. During these times, I feel those two words could not be more appropriate.

Intense energy shifts can lift us up or bring us crashing down. They often trigger anger, frustration, depression or incredible joy.

Here are 6 ways in which energy shifts may impact you physically and emotionally:

1. Feeling wired followed by crashing fatigue:

Up and down we go. From wanting to sleep for the world one day to feeling electrically wired the next.

Fatigue is commonly experienced by an Empath, but the fizzy-type of energy experienced from energy shifts cannot be mistaken, it pretty much leaves you feeling like you have been charged up with electricity. And although you may feel mentally or physically tired, this buzzing energy can keep you awake at night.

2. Brain fog:

Poor memory recall and a fuzzy head seems to be the norm in recent years; but when there’s a shift do not be surprised if you feel more scatty than normal.

3. Intense emotional ups and downs, very bi-polar in nature, or being hyper-sensitive:

It may seem like I’m stating the obvious here, because for Empaths it is normal to feel strong emotions, yet these emotions/sensations are not like the normal ones we experience. They come out of nowhere and range from anger to blissful happiness.

You may find yourself waking up in a bad mood, with no reason, or little things that would not normally bother you suddenly have you riled. Then you may find yourself feeling happier than you ever have.

We are also getting the backlash of others’ strong emotions. Many people are now being activated or affected, as I have said many times before, it can be very easy to lay claim to another’s emotions and build them into our own life-story.

4. Having zero tolerance for selfish or self-pitying behaviour and drawing a line under past dramas:

You may have previously been able to put up with another’s self-centred ways, but now find yourself quickly backing away from dramas.

You could have come to a point where you will no longer put up with bad behaviour, nor allow others to pull you down. You have decided enough is enough!

This is not by chance. It’s as though we are disconnecting from all the irresolvable dramas and family or friendship feuds that we had in our past, not wanting them to have any part in our future. And there are very good reasons for this:

You have very likely been on this path for many years; and during this time you have dealt with your emotional wounds, whilst others around you looked on or had no idea what you were enduring. In recent times, those others are now going through these changes. It is their turn to process and deal with their emotional wounds.

So, if you find yourself walking away or distancing yourself from family or lifelong friends’ dramas, selfish behaviour or other, it is your internal knowing, stopping you from getting involved.

If you find past issues stirred up, that you had long since forgotten or already dealt with, it is very likely because they have been triggered within a friend or family member, as part of the energetic shifts, and you are picking up on them. This may have further pushed you away.

For Empaths, walking away from those in emotional turmoil is not something that comes naturally. It may seem somewhat cruel or aggressive. But you are not being cruel by not engaging in ‘their stuff’, it is simply not yours to deal with. They have to do it for themselves.

This is very much a DIY process!

5. A change in diet and lifestyle:

Another sign of energy shifts is wanting to change one’s lifestyle. An example of this would be giving up foods, drinks or habits that do not promote all-round health, happiness and wellbeing.

Most Empaths make gradual changes to their lifestyle over the ‘awakening years’, but when there’s been a shift, all the pieces start clicking together. You find a diet or exercise plan that works to heal your body, mind and spirit, and you want to stick with it.

6. Ready to take the leap:

You may also suddenly feel very ready to make big changes: in your career, social life or habitat. You find yourself doing things you have wanted to do, but put off for years.

It’s as though the past self-doubts that previously held us back, no longer have the same hold. But, we also know we’ve got to meet our new life half-way and that means stepping out into the world to bring it forth.

These are just some of the ways you may have experienced the shifts and I’m sure there will be many others too, not listed here.

But one thing is for sure: if we are to truly evolve in life we cannot have the old dramas (people, jobs, lifestyles) dragging us back down.

Energy shifts help us evolve, and although they may be uncomfortable, they help take us to all the right places.

Hope all is well in your world…


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©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered


11 thoughts on “6 Ways to Differentiate Between Planetary Shifts and Emotional Energy

  1. After a life of feeling something was different….about me…getting gut feelings and being right….sensitivity too light, noise….anxiety.. preferring 1 on 1 gatherings…and many medical maladies……I through my interests in holistic healing…I am a polarity practitioner…. ex activities director for the elderly and psychiatric patients …..intense interest in the paranormal… and finding I have the VENUS GIRDLE….obviously I have figured out I am an empath….thanks for your blog I need all the info I can get.

  2. I’m happy that I’ve found this blog and I’ve learned so much from the posts and comments. I used to feel so guilty about needing my quiet time, but now I know it’s a natural, healthy, much needed respite. Thanks and let’s be authentic 🙂

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  4. Wait, are you a psychic? Some may this is general but the changing of diet and having no time for self pitying especially with family members right now is so true. Before, I used to feel bad and try to help them now I’m just keeping away. I’m also trying so hard with this new diet and drinking only water. Lots of vegetables and plain food ( little salt, I’ve still been snacking on sugar, no pop, or spicy sauce)

    • Also the internal transformation, I feel like a new person but it’s due to this summer I went through many internal searching. Realized I was an introvert and highly sensitive empath, some people these labels limit but they’ve actually freed me. Better than simply thinking I was shy, reclusive or over-sensitive. It’s made me more confident knowing I’m not alone. Also, I read about introverts before but didn’t pay attention until this summer. Learning I was an introvert made me more social and outgoing because I don’t feel that fear anymore of people noticing I’m shy or quiet and judging me. I know who I am now, and now makes friends much more easily.
      Also knowing I’m an empath, helped me understand why I get so cranky when I go to malls with my parents, I feel so good before I go then I just feel miserable and parents think I’m giving attitude. And I always lie when I start getting these feelings from my environment, by saying I’m tired and I’m tired of lying.

      HOW do I explain to my parents and friends, why certain places make me feel irritated and feel bi-polar?
      Instead of always using the excuses that I’m tired. I always used to use music to relax before going which helps also your tip on bringing friends helps a lot. But sometimes, the feeling is too strong

      • Hey Simi,

        Explaining to others why certain places drain Empaths, mentally and physically, is a tricky one. Depending how ‘open’ the others are will depend on how receptive they are to your explanations.

        I just tend to tell others I get ‘peopled’ when in public places, and leave it at that.

        Thanks for sharing and glad to hear discovering who you truly are has freed you. 🙂

  5. Very well said. I have seen, felt and on many different levels and plains experienced this change within myself and along with others. I am now and have been since January first flooded with more than normal amounts of people to assist and other Empaths to teach. I have seen so many Empaths just overwhelmed by the flood.

    We are needed more than ever and we need each other more than ever. This is going to test all our abilities to thier fullest and draw us all closer together. I for one am looking forward to this challenging time.

  6. This article could have been tailor written for me! It covers areas of exhaustion, elation, letting go and emotional turmoil I have been experiencing. I don’t eat meat or smoke already but have cut out alcohol caffeine and any pop just drinking mint tea and water. Chocolate is my next challenge! I have also challenged loved ones negative behaviour and using me as a dumping ground for their doom and gloom. I am a solo practicing Pagan and find time in nature and with animals to be incredibly energising. I live each day with purpose and action I just wish I had a more focused view of what my purpose or meaning is. Namaste.

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