Why an Empath’s Life Challenges are Truly Amazing Gifts!

Life is a series of linked events; each one leading to the next, like the spots on a child’s dot-to-dot puzzle. Yet, most are unaware that the seemingly random occurrences, of daily life, are in any way pivotal to the course of their destiny. A chance meeting that happened 10 years ago may have been a precursor for an incredible job offer tomorrow, or a difficult situation endured in our teens may have helped us deal with an incident in our forties. Our conscious mind is kept so busy trying to make sense of the world’s conundrums, that it can keep us from connecting all the little dots on our own cosmic mystery puzzle and from seeing just how amazing our lives really are.

The majority of us are working hard, trying to figure out life, wondering what our purpose or path is and where exactly we fit into this crazy old world. Sadly, much of our present life is missed because our mind’s have skipped off into the future, and are kept busy either making plans or insisting on finding one such thing there, that will make us feel happy or complete. It is as though our happiness lies in tomorrow’s achievements or is put on hold till some day in the future… That future day does not exist because the only day we can be happy is today.

Funny how often we tell ourselves that our plans or dreams for the future, will bring us our deserved and long sought after happiness, without realising just how many of those goals and visions we have already achieved. Most of which came and went without being enjoyed or celebrated, because they did not bring with them the feelings of completion or fulfilment we expected. Here is a sampling: passing exams, getting the dream job, new dress, car or home, travelling the world, finding the perfect partner, gaining financial stability, entering a marriage and having children… The list could be endless; but if you take a few minutes to note just how far you have come and what you have already achieved in life, it is probably safe to say, you have a lot to celebrate.

As well as our major achievements, there are the events we did not plan for and would not include in our wish lists for the future, but happened all the same: failing exams, not getting the dream job or a job-loss, weight-gain, relationship breakdown, divorce, lack of income, children leaving home, getting older, death of a loved one and illnesses…. All those seemingly bad events did more for us than we could ever imagine, they have built strength in ways we may not yet realise. We sometimes need to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad, it is simply our observations and opinions that determine what an experience means to us. All our events, both good and bad, have played a part in our unique stellar dot-to-dot.

You have already found your chosen path, you are walking it everyday, you are working on it everyday and you are learning from it everyday. Our life adventures started a long time ago and have been unfolding day-by-day, week-by-week and year-by-year.

Yes, the path of the Sensitive one is a challenging path to walk. It is strenuous, painful, overly emotional and can be lonely, but it is also enlightening, invigorating and electrically charged and, when we allow ourselves to see it: freakin’ fantastic!

We have already learnt what we need to do to keep us safe and sane on our journey’s, but at times we choose to ignore that. The information was always there for us to find, when we were ready. We don’t always want to do what we know we should, because we are purposely making life more challenging for ourselves, without realising. We are at the helm of our own ships on a vast ocean, steering it through rough seas, riding the choppy waves and navigating through storms. Yet there are many times when we sail blissfully through still waters.

Peace and deep fulfilment are there for us when we want them, when the time is right. If you are not currently experiencing them it is because you are not choosing them right now. No one is having it harder or easier than you or I, we are all just having life experiences. Appreciate yourself and those in your life today, even those who have caused you much pain… we learn the most from those ‘so-called’ bad people and experiences in life.

We are in these bodies for such a short time we need to be reminded not to miss a moment. Remember your journey is happening for you today and everyday, be part of it and enjoy because we do not know when it will end.

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©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered


9 thoughts on “Why an Empath’s Life Challenges are Truly Amazing Gifts!

    • ok so here it is sometimes I just have to disconnect and I visitablely make a a big Circuit breaker and turn it off that means all done out of there.. or ?? you know enpathys

  1. Hi Again:

    I left a post a few minutes ago and thought perhaps this would be better communicated to the creator of this blog and not a reply left in open view…. It is my personal request for help… Would the moderator please reply to me and keep my story above for herself? Thanks again for any help…James

    • Hi James,

      The journey of the Empath is very much about self discovery. What works for one may not work for twenty others.

      There are many posts and pages on this blog with info on what I have found helpful on my journey and what I use to stay grounded etc. Hope you can find something within this space that may help you on yours.

      Good luck.

  2. Hello:

    I have recently discovered that my experiences since the age of four are that which is called being an empath. I am very thankful for this blog. I have several questions and I don’t where it would be appropriate to ask them. I need support. Firstly, I am a man….it seems that all forty-five similar bloggers to this blog are women. Are there any other highly-functional men out there who are empaths? My experiences are far too numerous to mention here but I will share a brief list about myself and hape for the right person (male or female) to perhaps connect with me……

    I have been a receptive, intuitive, since the age of four. This was the first time I heard God speak audibly to me…Read the beginning of the book of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament, exactly what happened to me. I thought I was intuitive/psychic because I am a twin. I quickly learned that most people were not experiencing what I was.

    From the age of 4-23 I was a functioning prophetic…. I use that word instead of psychic so others who fear that word or condemn it will not in so doing condemn me. All of my life I have experienced daily, the inner-voice of the Spririt of God, had spiritual dreams, visions, angelic visitations and a knowing of others that at times goes deeper than they know themselves. I see, feel and sense what others are going through and at times it has been overwhelming. For this reason I got lost on the NYC club scene and using drugs and alcohol from the ages of 19-23.. Thank God that at the age of twenty-three I had a visitation/manifestation of the Spirit at four in the morning while on the floor of my bedroom reading the gospel of John. I am a Christian. I have seen Jesus with my open eyes, but my understanding of Him and the universe goes way beyond any available teaching in local churches today. I love all people. I love all cultures. I am not dogmatic and I do not tell others they will burn in hell….. Jesus said “love the Lord your God with all your mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself.” From this verse, which He said fulfills the entirety of scripture I surmise: People must love “their God” as they have come to know Him; In their mental-life, spiritual-life and physical life. People must love themselves first! You cannot love another deeply until you love yourself. Then, people must love others. If these are observed, oneness, and attunement with God will be realized….This being my core I can say of the present:

    I am married to a precious woman for almost eleven years and we have four beautiful children. I have an associate degree in biblical studies, a Bachelors degree in Psychology/Counseling and a Pre-doctoral Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy. I am currently working on my docorate, an E, ed, which means Doctor of Education and Leadership. I have been a healer since the age of 23. …. I walk into a room and will “pick-up” the experiences of others, find them, and pray for them. I have seen miracles!!!! Too many to describe……I study Ashtanga Yoga, which is a dream come true… I have waited five years and have finally found my teacher…..I am an avid reader. I love books, I have thousands and can read incredibly fast as I have learned to scan an entire book by sensing its pages and then attuning to what is for me in its content… I was a professional dancer in NYC by the age of 17, then turned professional singer as well. At the age of 23, after my dramatic encounter with Jesus, He told me my call was spiritual one and so I forsook all and ventured out into the unknown… That was 15 years ago…..

    I need help in understanding how to ground myself; understanding what crystals are going to be helpful for me as a healer…..and overall greater understanding as to what to do beyond where I am… I want to grow more, be of more service to others, and this insatiable hunger has led me in this past two months to incredible break through… Thanks for listening to some of what I shared. This was all inspired, not rehearsed, as is most everything I do…. it is a wonder I was able to complete and undergraduate program of 140 credits; a Master’s program of 90 credits and now a Doctoral program of 60 credits. I live out of an inspired place, every day is a new adventure..

    Thanks again for listening and someone please help!!!!! James T.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful insight. I have personally learned to take some wisdom from the little sea turtle. When the storms prevail on the surface of the waters, the sea turtle dives into the deep. Down he goes where the water is peaceful. We too must step away from the storms of life, be it our bathroom, backyard or backporch steps and take time to allow everything to pass over while we just breathe. Peace and Blessings to you and thanks again for providing a place to JUST BE!

  4. The value of our own self worth is everything in this world, if you don’t know your own Identity you can never truly be the person you are meant to be, help others and succeed in life,etc.
    Thank you again for your terrific posts of wisdom !!

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