Navigating Psychic Attack: A Guide for The Empath

There are many forms of psychic attack. For the purpose of this post, I’m referring to the type which is sent from one person to another, through dark thought forms.

Most Empaths have experienced psychic attack at some point in their life. Many without realizing what they are actually experiencing.

It’s often difficult to discern between the emotions our thoughts create, by pondering a stressful subject, to those we experience through psychic attack, and this is why many Empaths are unaware they are on the receiving end of it. 

Most people don’t experience the dark thoughts of others, but Empaths do. When another is having undesirable thoughts about them, Many Empaths pick them up. 

We are in the midst of some challenging times, which are bringing up buried insecurities and hidden issues to the surface within us all. But, instead of facing these issues and taking responsibility, many are projecting their pain onto others in the way of blame.  This can be the reason behind psychic attack, as dark thoughts are projected out.

Those who stay in a negative mind-set tend to vibrate at a low-frequency. Their energy becomes toxic to the Empath. Because many Empaths find it difficult being around this type of energy, they may need to disconnect or stop spending time with them. This often causes resentments to form in the other. A psychic attack may then ensue.

Generally, a psychic attack comes from family members (not necessarily blood-related), friends who are close or once used to be, work colleagues, or those who the Empath has disconnected from. 

How can you tell when being attacked?

When under psychic attack, the tell-tale signs are repetitive negative thought patterns surrounding one person.

For example: a certain friend (the one thinking and thus sending bad thoughts) repeatedly pops into the mind, along with negatively charged feelings, throughout the course of the day or days. You may wake up thinking angry thoughts towards this person, when you have had no recent contact with them. But you wrongly assume it is your own issues creating the angry thoughts.

When under attack, the one thinking/sending the dark thoughts won’t know you are on the receiving end of them. You probably won’t be the only person the thoughts are directed at, but you may likely be the only one feeling them.

What should you do when you sense a psychic attack?

If you suspect you are under attack, stop indulging the dark thoughts or emotions you are experiencing, immediately. Which has to be said, is not easy to do. By engaging angry thoughts that don’t belong to you, you become part of the problem.

An Empath has the power to project angry thoughts back to the source without realising. But, in doing so, they unintentionally open a two-way psychic battleground. This is when angry thoughts start flying back and forth. It can go on for days. And in these cases, the Empath always comes off worse.

You may have noticed your moods are projected onto others. If feeling happy you lift others up. If sad, you see it wash over those in your presence. Even your tiredness, and stumbling over words, is projected to another. 

More than any other, Empaths have to be cautious of what they project into the world in the way of gloomy, angry or irrational thoughts. What goes out has the tendency to come back amplified. (The positive flipside to this is the return of projecting positive thoughts out into the world).

How do we stop engaging dark thoughts?

The easiest way to stop negative thoughts, that don’t belong to you, is distract yourself the moment you notice them; especially if they repeatedly go back to the same person.

You may have already discovered your own way to do this, but making noise in your head can really help, like singing, humming or chanting, etc. Just like plugging in your ears and singing loudly blocks out external sounds, I’ve found this helps with outside thoughts too. You could also try strenuous exercise or get creative as a way of distraction.

How can we protect ourselves from psychic attack?

Being out of balance, physically or mentally, automatically weakens your energy-field (aura). Your energy-field is your invisible shield which protects you from outside influences, such as negative thoughts and emotions. If you have an overly porous or leaky aura (as many Empaths do) you will allow too much energy in from others , including their thoughts. (click here to find out if your aura is leaky)

Suppressed emotions, poor diet, lack of exercise, a busy head, illness and emotional pain all contribute to weakening of the aura (energetic body). If you suspect you have been on the receiving end of psychic attack it might be a good time to tune into your IGS and see what changes could be made. 

By strengthening your body and mind  (see here for more) it in turn strengthens your aura and thus helps ward off psychic attack or negative energy.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

1 Leaky Aura Syndrome

Is your real problem a leaky aura…?

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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43 thoughts on “Navigating Psychic Attack: A Guide for The Empath

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  2. I’m so relieved to have found this–I thought I was going crazy!! I’m a verrrrry nonconfrontational person who is rather foreign to anger and I’m forgiving to a fault, but recently a person who I felt a strong mental connection to (a typical narcissist-empath relationship it was) and came to a realization about all the negativity she brought into my life prompting me to cut off the friendship in a More or less neutral way. I’ve had some very bad experiences since ceasing contact, including the strong emotions you mentioned, especially when she was talking to mutual friends to manipulate them into getting me back–I knew she was up to it the night before a close friend even told me about it because I was hit with a bought of rage like no other…when I rarely even think of this person and don’t have an active anger towards what she did. It was such a dark and intense spite and hatred that I knew it wasn’t natural but I had no idea what was causing it!! (Wish I saw this article earlier 😅) The only thing that removed this anger (and did so immediately like lifting a veil) was praying and rejecting the poison that was upon me. I was afraid I was possessed or something but I know now that this person is probably just being hurt and spiteful and I’m picking up on it (when we were friends I could literally feel nearly every emotion she felt despite her living near an hour away–it was like a stressful feed straight to my head!!) Anyways, thank you so much for your article–just wanted to share my experience.

  3. this happens to me a lot – 9 times out of 10 i hear from said person within hours to days of this occurring. i always know exactly who it is. when i was younger i thought i was losing my mind, that it couldn’t possibly be legit. now that i’m older and it has happened time and time again i know that is in fact a real energetic experience. xo

  4. A strange experience to share in the hopes someone may have legitimate thoughts other than “I’m crazy.” LOL – I love architecture and sometimes catch a video or youtube related to urban explorations of abandoned buildings, older ones. They really are extraordinary to see, imagine the history of, etc. Well, 3 times now while watching these videos, I have had the exact same feeling as I have when experiencing prior psychic attack. I will suddenly feel my energy draining away, get a little light headed dizzy feeling, icy chills in part of my body, sometimes tremors and then this wave of deep, dark, vast bone aching lonely-type energy washes over me. I get suddenly very exhausted and the feeling will sit with me for hours. I’m psychologically sound and medically very healthy. In the 3 times I’ve specifically noticed this feeling, it was roughly the same time of day (nearing 11 am – strangely) and while sitting in my living room – the most positive energy space in my home. The feeling itself feels just like a psychic attack. I’ve tried to correlate any obvious psychological triggers or even possible physical ones (hungry, tired, upset, etc.) and don’t come up with anything. I’m a super positive person and am also extremely energy sensitive and empathic. I was just curious about this experience and if it is possible to be picking up transient negative energies through the videos? Strange question, I know but it has happened 3 times now. I’ve stopped watching the videos because of this and the funny thing is they are usually very positive videos by people who really appreciate the architecture and are very respectful of the life that once teemed in the buildings being videoed. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Hi Jaie,

      Although I have not knowingly experienced this type of ‘residual energy attack’ through the TV, I know it is certainly possible for it to happen, especially after all the strange experiences I have had with residual energy.

      When an Empath watches TV footage where great catastrophes have occurred they often pick up on the emotional anguish suffered. I can only think this is similar to what you are experiencing when viewing programmes about architecture. You are clearly very Sensitive and are tuning in to the buildings history and lifting the residual energy.

      You may find this post helpful:

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. After conflict with my girlfriend we have breakup we fight alot she cheats on me and during my relation i faced many accident i dont want to do anything i m feeling drained and i am feeling ill all time butt all reports are normal she had many boyfriend before me and after me i always have her thought yet i dnt want to remember her after waking up her thought i want her to stop psychic attack how do i fight with that thought

  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me discover the root cause of my current situation… It’s been three years now since I’ve first started searching for a job… Many things have changed in my life after I’ve graduated ( 3 years ago) ..I’ve always been a positive person and I’ve thought that things will always go better… But I’ve always been surrounded by envious so called friends, that were actually enemies in disguise.. It took my a while to learn how to trust my intuition… Still learning.. But what I can’t understand is the sudden avalanche of bad luck ( I don’t know how to call it) that I’ve been experiencing in the past three years… No matter what I do, it doesn’t work… No matter how hard I try… So it seems strange… Many times I’ve felt like crying, with or without a reason ( again, in the last 3 years ) and I wasn’t someone who used to cry that easily… I’ve also felt… And still feel, weakened, mentally and emotionally, a little bit confused , dizzy ( mentally) … And I feel an invisible heaviness that obstructs my will power, something that is heavy and… dark…even if I’m in a good mood, I still feel it… How can I find out what is happening in my life? Could someone give me a clue? Or is there someone I could talk to, like a psychic? Thank you so much!

    • What you describe sounds very similar to an ‘awakening’ or ‘dark night of the soul’. This heaviness often occurs when we are going through a huge transformational stage of life and unfortunately it can last a number of years. The heaviness and dark sluggish feelings, especially around the stomach and chest, can also signify a need for a change. One thing that makes the awakening a more tortuous path is resistance to change. Most are unsure what adjustments they need to make to find balance, but they normally involve changes in the diet and lifestyle, balancing thoughts and emotions and aligning yourself with the correct path.
      When taken down the Empath finds it a challenge to get back on track and it can feel like an endless cycle of bad luck, non-starting projects, low moods and depressive feelings.
      When out-of-balance the Empath is extremely open; meaning they are vulnerable to many external energies off people and places, etc. We are in the midst of some dark times, with lots of murky energy floating about, which feels cumbersome and painful to the Empath.
      I have a book coming out in a couple of weeks (being offered free for a period of 5 days), which goes into great detail about the awakening, how it impacts life and what steps are needed to take to find balance. I will post when it is available so keep a look out.
      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing.

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply…it’s very interesting, I’ve been feeling powerless for this whole period of time…and still feel…and I don’t know how to get rid of these negative energies and get back on track..I’m someone who needs to live alone (I used to live alone but right now I live with my mother) although I’m extremely friendly and I love going out and especially spending time in nature, I recharge my energies mostly when I’m alone…and I don’t know if I absorb other people’s energies, but I feel that my aura is very weak right now…I do take care of my diet (I eat mostly fruits and veggies)…but that has made me much more sensitive….so is there a way to regain some balance and avoid negative thoughts/patterns ? Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

      • If you already eat well, and know you have no food intolerances, there are many other things you could try but here are my top 3 recommendations: Meditation, ashtanga yoga (brilliant for rebuilding the aura) and daily salt baths or a swim in the ocean. Salt is excellent for removing negative energy.

        Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Diane,
        Can you tell me what the point of all this is? Soul development doesn’t feel good enough to me. It feels more like punishment or bad karma. I can’t really help other people because of the absorption thing even though I feel called to do that. The sensitivity gets stronger everyday & the isolation is getting worse because I can’t tolerate negative energy. Insane.

      • Hi Ronda,

        A number of years ago I too cold have shared the exact same story. I was doing everything I could to my clear energy and stay balanced, etc. At least I thought I was… When I changed my diet my life transformed.

        In brief: Food affects our physical, mental and energetic bodies. They are all connected. An inappropriate diet can cause a tear in the aura which will let your energy out and other people’s energy in. (If we have a weakened body we have a weakened aura, fact!) The food I’m talking about is not ‘classed’ as unhealthy either. Some of the worst offenders for causing heightened Sensitivities are: wholegrain wheat, pulses, nuts, tomatoes, potatoes, dairy and more.

        Many Empaths are vegetarian and eat a lot of food containing the proteins and lectins which weaken the body and/or mind. Some are affected only in their moods and emotions, others in their physical health.

        I have a book out next week (which will be free for first 5 days on kindle) called The Empath Awakening. It goes into detail about the importance of balancing the mind, body and spirit, in these challenging times, and how you can find it.

        We all go through suffering for a reason. At some point you will know exactly why you have had to endure all you have. Hang in there it will get better. 🙂

      • Hi Diane, in one of your comments you’ve mentioned how food affects our energies… Could you please tell me if being vegan is bad? Because I do feel a lot more sensitive, emotionally, even though I became a vegan without trying to convince myself of anything, without watching videos or reading about it. It simply happened out of my own awareness, out of my love for animals, one day, I’ve suddenly realized that I was eating an animal, so it wasn’t something imposed by any external circumstances, nor am I judgmental towards meat eaters, because I did noticed that meat made me more grounded but also more dull…less sensitive, stronger emotionally, but more …just like most people ( don’t know how to explain it, but I think you get it) .. So if you could please say something about this , I would really appreciate it… Thanks for all your replies, been late in writing you back

      • Vegan is not bad for everyone. For some it can be incredibly healthy. However, for those who have a compromised immune system or autoimmune it will cause many problems, including heightened Sensitivities (makes the more negative traits of an Empath harder to live with. Picking up negativity etc.). The problem is many people go through life unaware that they have an autoimmune disorder because the symptoms are so random. They are also hard to diagnose. I used to be vegetarian but had no choice but to start eating meat again (mainly fish and chicken). Perhaps do some research on autoimmune and diet. And keep an eye out for the book I mentioned. I will post on here when its released. 🙂

    • Museingblog
      I have had the same problems you describe. I have literally worked my butt off on personal improvement, esp Law of Attraction, gotten rid of old unevolved friends, changed life style & can’t get progress in any area of life. I thought I was being cursed-there was just no logic to it. Glad you told your story-gives me relief.

      • Hi Ronda, I get what you’re saying…. In my case… And it has always been like that….my “friends” got rid of me (this happened in the last 4-5 years), because I was always thinking that we could all get along although we are different, and by us being different it makes everything more interesting , diverse…. But it wasn’t like that, because if someone is negative (by negative I mean jealous, doesn’t care for you, secretly competing with you, but pretending to be your friend) …well, it’s better to avoid these kind of people…I’ve been listening to the law of attraction videos too… Reading books about the power of now, karma, chanting mantras, meditating, doing the work by Byron Katie, and still…. Nothing changed internally, sometimes I feel it’s worse than before …I’ve been watching all sorts of videos, about being cursed ( yes. I thought that too) about psychic attacks ( I have way too many people who.. Somehow, don’t know why, didn’t want me to succeed…succeed by getting a simple job…, and always projected negativity upon me… Even the local priest) so I thought that I must be having, all of a sudden, a bad karma… Or that someone put a spell on me ( a lady with tarot cards told me so, although I also use tarot cards, but they don’t work for me) ….so, to make a summary… Right now, I live with my mom ( I’ve been living alone since 18) I’m jobless and have been so for the last.. 3 years, as impossible as it may seem ( did a lot of job interviews ,etc) I don’t have friends anymore… No money ( although I have food and shelter that I’m very grateful for) but… One needs to feel that he’s found his calling… The problem is that I’m also an artist, I’ve studied classical singing, arts, ( and graduated too) and I’m getting old… Although I’m still under 30’s but not for too long…. So… I’m a bit puzzled… I don’t want to sound that I’m venting, because I’m not, I don’t like it… But I’ve never experienced such a situation in my life for such a long time, that’s why I’m trying to find an answer.. Is it me the problem? So I totally understand, and on top of all this… I feel… a lot… 😄😄 I feel people, but I would like to think that I’m not, and that I’m simply projecting, it would be much easier …sorry for being so long

  7. I’m new to all things empath, and believe I may be the target of a psychic attack right now. A very close friend and I have parted ways a couple of months ago (my decision), and in the past few days when she pops into my head, dread and fear grab me. This fear, although uncomfortable, is quite a surprise to me. although I don’t like confrontation, the intensity of this fear seems out of proportion to the situation. I’ve been sending love and compassion her way, as I’m not angry with her. Wondering if this be a psychic attack?

    Thanks for broadening my knowledge, Diane!

    • It certainly sounds like it could be. This is often how psychic attack is felt by the Empath. You are doing the right thing by sending love back. It also helps to mentally distract yourself when she pops into your thoughts. This way it breaks the psychic-mind connection. Giving the energy no where to go but back to its sender.

      When people go through trying times they often want to lay the blame at someone else’s feet and project out their anger, bitterness and negative energy, without being aware what they are doing. If an Empath is on the receiving end of this energy it will be amplified and felt as negative or painful emotions.

      We cannot stop others thinking bad thoughts about us but we can choose not to interact with their energy. The most challenging part is recognizing it as not part of our “own stuff”.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. I just found this site. Everyone has always told me Im way to intuitive. I have always just said that I feel or know things especially when Im close to someone I can feel them no matter how far away they might be. Everything in your blog describes me almost perfectly except the addiction Ive beat that one and taken it out of my life. This explains so much to me of why I feel, and react to things the way I do. For instance I dont go to funerals unless its a close relative, I do my shopping usually at a time when there are fewer people in town. I have felt healing sensations go through my body when I touch and pray for someone that is sick. Wow great site Im going to be reading al day. Now I finally understand why sometimes when Im outside I can just close my eyes and release all the negative energy and it feels so refreshing.

  9. Is there such a thing as the opposite to this – if someone were constantly thinking positive thoughts about you, how would that affect you, as an empath? For instance if someone were preoccupied with a deep admiration for you, or had an unrequited infatuation with you? Is that also a form of psychic attack?

      • Hello,

        I agree.
        I think positive -even unwanted- emotions translate to positive on the receiving end.

        But- I had a friend I had to break up with her as her preoccupation with me was just way way way too much. It was odd bc all she did was trying to help me, cheer me up, support me, help me find my light and way. All positive intentions, right? Trap. Because it just didn’t feel right and I just couldn’t figure out what and why I was feeling. Then slowly the ambivalence started to clear up. I often felt (from a distance, always followed up by emails, calls!) she was frustrated with me, worrying, over thinking my reactions, demanding answers to Everything. See, this is negative vibes mixed into a fundamentally positive intention. It was draining, I felt like a project who had deadlines to “deliver the healing results”. Very long story short, it was confusing, exhausting, and ended very badly.//. I had unwanted attention from a man, that I handled okay for a while. Friendly, correctly, I thought I was escorting him through this gently. But then impatience, frustration, nagging came, I could sense it from the distance (proven afterwards shortly almost every time I felt discomfort, or like someone was banging on my soul’s door, “wanting something”, not leaving me alone- that’s how frustration, anger, aggression etc. feels like to me. So I’m almost totally convinced, that pure friendly, loving, innocent admiring travels as light-warmth. And anything less than that, or negative emotion mixed into it is delivered as negative, uncomfortable, dark etc.

        I am so grateful for this post and comments, I feel very… alone ND insecure about my “intuitive” stuff, not always sure how to deal with it.

    • I would think so. Any form, no matter if positive or negative. Maybe their married or ur married or you just don’t have the same feelings for them Now you ponder how to let them down easy without hurting them. Which in turn can cause an opoositie reaction and they start with the negative attracts. Good question.

  10. Thank you for this useful information. One thing that really helps me is a daily Reiki self healing practice. Reiki is a very powerful way to protect yourself, to centre yourself, balance your chakras, energise, cleanse our energy field of psychic attack, other people’s and our own ‘stuff’, empower our intentions, the benefits are endless if you practice a conscious, full Reiki self healing every day.

    The other thing that helps me is to look for the mirror, practice the discipline of ‘spot it, you got it’ so if you notice a particular behaviour in another person you don’t like, most likely it’s a pattern you run yourself which you’re in denial about. Once I do the work to transform that pattern of behaviour within myself, it no longer can get to me and it’s a great way to protect yourself from other’s negative thoughts.

    What a wonderful life this is, with so many opportunities to transform into a better version of ourselves every day!

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    • This is so odd that you linked sociopaths with empaths because I was just saying the other day that if the law of opposites is correct. For evey thesis there is an antithesis then it only makes sense that sociopaths would seek out empaths. You don’t have to even be spiritual to see that opposites attract ,it’s the law of nature. Positive ions attract negative ions and light attracts dark.
      Your comment is right on time.:-)

      • I believe it’s crucial to be able to recognize sociopaths/psychopaths as they’re capable of paralyzing and sometimes destroying lives. It concerns everyone, not only empaths.
        If everything in this life teaches us something, then dealing with sociopaths could be the surest way to learn about our weak spots and which manipulation tactics “get” us. The “price” for the lesson is horrible, though, but then again- we know ourselves much better than before, we’re able to spot a sociopath and therefore we can take better care of ourselves as well as of those close to us. 🙂

        Take care and best wishes! 🙂

    • That’s amazing and confirms my innermost suspicions…. My now-ex is a sadistic psychopath and he sought me out like a moth to a flame…

    • Finally, I’ve found someone who can tell me why. I knew the energy was very bad, and kept doubting my judgement. I had never experienced Sociopath energy. Being unaware that my energy was real until yesterday, the negative energy overwhelmed me. My attempt to give it directly back to the Sociopath, failed. Now, I’m unsure how to face the restraining order I gave myself. All my life I “knew things”, felt things, and felt different – but not in a negative way.

      Now, I know I must be what I am, and never let anyone or anything pull me away. Sociopaths are extremely powerful. Very “charming”, very convincing. The lesson was painful, but it was one I had to learn. I found your site yesterday, by typing “knowing what I feel” in my search bar.
      Thank you so much!

  12. This article popped up at exactly at the right time. I know who is sending me messages. It started today at 4:10pm. I am working on happy thoughts writing funny stories.

    I have been an Empath all my life, but wasn’t aware until I went to a wonderful and knowing therapist. Even my husband who is extremely logical and conservative has come to understands my meditating and predictions. It is sometimes a gift but often a burden. Whoa, I went off on a tangent.

    Thank u for the information. I now understand my feelings.

  13. Thank You, JPT, very much for this post! It’s amazing, how things turn out- I’m dealing with the problem for almost 2 weeks now and You post an article with helpful information! 😀
    I’d like to share what a healer once suggested me to do in this case. There was quite a long meditation and a part of it was visualization- imagining the person, forgiving them and asking for forgiveness, wishing them well and let them go by cutting the “string” that holds us together. It should be practiced until “connection” disapears/can’t be felt anymore.

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