Where Are We Now?

I decided to write a mini-post today because I am sensing a lot of confusion and, for want of a better word, flatness around me.

We all know there has been huge energetic shifts and changes of late, but shifts into what? We’ve certainly arrived somewhere in time and space but the question is where?

It seems the more we learn about this process of evolving the more we come to realise, just how little we know. The only thing we know for certain is nothing is certain. Even for those who once had a firm grasp on the true nature of reality and a good knowledge of the what’s, why’s and how’s of this process, are not truly sure where we are or where we are heading.

It feels like we’ve landed on a blank canvas with the equivalent of writer’s-block. We know we can create anything we want, but how and where do we start? What is holding us back? Is it fear or timing? If we do begin to create, will we finally be able to break free from the old ways of doing/being, or will it hook us back in when we step from its shadow? There are lots of questions and uncertainty now, without any real answers.

Some oddities happening  of late are crazy dream themes and sleep disturbances. If you have been experiencing this, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It is difficult to put into words.

I am seeing disorientation, confusion and forgetfulness in myself and others. It’s as though we are all suffering from some sort of neurological disorder. For me, it almost feels like I’ve got foam stuffed in my head, blocking and disallowing access to certain areas of my brain. It’s like a wire’s been cut and I’ve been disconnected, especially from my memory bank.

I am forgetting many little things and even having no recollection of carrying out tasks. For example, I may think I need to put the pots away and when I go to do it, I find I’ve already put them away. Also, chunks of time seem to be going missing. I wake up on a Monday, blink and then it’s Friday (at least it feels like that). I am seeing this in others too. In fact, most people I speak to are saying the same things, no matter what their age, gender or beliefs.

I was out with friends the other night, all of whom are very ‘mainstream’, and they were all relaying the same stories of memory-loss, time lapses, frustration and disorientation. One friend went to the ladies-room, only to forget where she was when she came out. This is all too common a theme and something you may be nodding your head at, having been in the same situation yourself.

If I’m, and most others around me are, experiencing time and memory lapses chances are, you will be too. I am sorry that I cannot offer any more insight into why this is happening. I guess we have to consider that our memories could be being wiped for a reason, all part of the ‘greater-plan’. I am sure all will be revealed soon enough. I feel there’s not much more we can do other than ride this phase out. And, like so many other phases on this journey, know it will pass when  its ready.

©Diane Kathrine…Just Be


23 thoughts on “Where Are We Now?

  1. Yes…all of the above for me as well….one that stands out is the time lapse…this one really had me feeling like i was loosing it….mentally….what has taken me normaly 10 mins to do….as i am on schedule for getting ready for my morning routines i look at clock and see that 30 mins has went by…and i only did my little ten min routine….and what takes me 5 mins to do…i look at clock n it says…20 mins has went by already….just don’t make sense…I sat there and was mesmerized over it…..thinking….did I just go in trance…..but i couldnt have….doesnt make sense

  2. …I actually keep thinking I have a brain tumor or some neurological disorder.
    I am experiencing a huge shift in consciousness..and awakening…this is my 3rd round and the most powerful over the past 3 years.
    nothing seems real, but everything seems important.
    I feel like I’m on the verge of a massive breakthrough but can’t quite reach it
    …like when there is a word on the tip of your tongue but your mind betrays you.

    I am becoming more and more absent minded yet siumltaneaouly taking in more and more knowledge. a deeper understanding. easily seeing the patterns and synchronicity that makes our reality.

    I am scared.
    i am excited.

    and the logical part of me hopes to the highest heavens I am not actually mentally or pysically sick….
    while my spirit feels as if its flying for the first time.

    love and light

  3. Hello all I’m new here and can relate to symptoms listed. Days seem to fly by restlessness for no reason fatigue to the point of napping and the constant feeling of expectation, ya know that niggly feeling in your gut that something’s about to happen. Sleep what is sleep? Feel for all of you yet am so glad I’m not alone

  4. Just wanted to ask- have any of you tried wearing crystals or/and stones? I’ve read that crystals might help empaths to feel better. 😉 As for me- I started to wear Rose Quartz bracelett and hope it’ll help me to stay grounded and to get rid of any negative energy. 🙂

    Wishing everyone the best! 🙂

  5. I’ve always wondered, are empaths the same as indigos/crystals. At least almost all of the symptoms can be found in articles about indigo’s awakening process too.

    And I fully agree that the only thing is certain that nothing’s certain. The more I read/experience something, the more I doubt everything, including my proffesional career. It’s very frustrating and sometimes makes me feel ridiculously helpless.

    I’m sorry to hear that many of you are experiencing those unpleasant symptoms, but I guess it’s just what it takes while we’re “rebooting”. I was feeling my worst when I had magnesium deficiency caused by long-term stress and didn’t know I had gluten intolerance also. Now, with the necessary corrections, it’s much better. Although I also have strange dreams time to time, I’m not experiencing memory-loss and time lapses, fortunately.

    Wishing everyone the best and take care!

    • Hi Sandra,

      I do feel that Empaths, Starseeds, Indigos and Crystals etc. are all interrelated in some which way. Many of us have had similar journeys and experiences, if even a different stages.

      Thanks for sharing and for the well-wishes.

      • I am an empath and my now teenage son is a crystal. The biggest difference in handling ‘to feel everything all around all the time’ is that he seems to have a choice. It’s like he is having an on and out switch he uses when it suits him. This is something I envy. He doesn’t have to feel everything no matter what. If he doesn’t like what’s going on he cuts it out. Completly. He did this from the very beginning.

    • I have this “tipping point” holding of the breath, sleepwalking and forgetfulness, vivid negative dream symptoms “thing” lately also. And although its inherent in every generation to expect earth shattering events to transpire, I would be interested in knowing if the collective intuitives were in lockstep with these symptoms in anticipation of?
      Maybe we sense this conscious clostraphobia in knowing we are becoming outnumbered at an exponential, totally unstoppable rate, and are reacting to the inevitable outcome of mob mentality.
      This might be the reason everyones on “hold” mode. Is it temporary? I hope so but think not.
      And if this feeling turns out to be real, there’s no satisfaction in saying “told you so.” Like knowing the ship will sink and there is’nt enough lifeboats for everyone.
      My other half says……….
      Bring it on already! Humanity needs a wake up call.

      • I believe we should stay positive no matter how hard it is sometimes. As an unbeatable optimist I’d say “and this, too, shall pass away”. 😉 Think of The 12 Universal Laws, for instance. Or the Cherokee legend about two wolves.
        I don’t feel, nor believe that something bad is about to happen and I’m certain it’s not some kind of wishful thinking. 🙂

        Take care and best wishes!

  6. Glad to read it’s not just me….I just can’t believe this(these) year(s) are literally flying by and not only that but the forgetfulness I’ve been experiencing these past few months were making me very nervous. Is anyone else feeling, for lack of a better word, edgy/restless too?

    • Hi Debbie,

      I have had odd days where I get edgy and restless, normally in the mornings, which I try to exercise off. Now that I think about it, I’ve also had odd days of feeling greatly irritated, which hasn’t been part of the usual ‘Empath stuff’, just all the fun parts of the changes!!! 😉

      • I feel very much the same way. I am also trying to exercise and keep busy. I also meditate, but lately when I start breathing, I feel so much negative energy. It takes a while to get to where I need to be to feel my happy self. Sandra is so right about these changes. I feel like I need to stop and put a bit of air in my head if you know what I mean.

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