The Developing Traits of an Empath

In recent months I have noticed more of the comments are asking how one develops the traits of an Empath and I have given the subject much thought, not just recently but over the years, and it is my conclusion that an Empath just is. There isn’t really anything to develop. We came into this world ready to do our job of transmuting negative, dense and dark energies and our empathic abilities have developed on their own, over time as one matured and found his/her place in the world and of course one’s own birthright.

It goes without saying that the more experienced Empath will take on more than the inexperienced. Experience generally comes through the obstacles and hurdles met and overcome in life and this is the reason things tend to get more challenging for the Empath over the years, instead of easier: the more done the more expected.

There are some HSP’s (highly sensitive people) and Empaths born with strong clairvoyant, mediumistic, medically intuitive and other abilities. The above gifts can be developed, enhanced and worked on under the guidance of a good teacher and through various techniques. But for the hard-wired Empaths, who all have an intrinsic deep knowing, many have unwittingly, or even consciously, chosen not to develop other metaphysical (non physical) traits. This, I believe, is because they have already got enough to take on without having to attempt doing: healings, readings, regressions and the like. It would be too much as just being round others can be unbearable at times.

Empaths are constantly at work, whether they are aware of it or not, in the unseen realms mopping up negative energies wherever they go and then transmuting them into clean pure energy. And, as there seems to be a never ending supply of dense and dark energies, they are always on call. It is part of their life-path to help bring balance into this chaotic world and many are doing it without being conscious of it.

The job of an Empath is a thankless and, in most cases, unrecognised one. For, unlike other metaphysical jobs, the majority of others are not even aware that you are actually doing anything to help the world at large. What’s worse, Empaths may get labelled as being lazy or hypochondriacs because the dense energies they transmute can make them feel physically ill, especially when they are unaware of their gift, but it’s the type of illness a doctor cannot treat or cure.

Try explaining to anyone, who has their beliefs firmly rooted in the material world, about the existence and abilities of an Empath and they will think you have completely lost your marbles and this is why most just keep the knowledge of their gift strictly to themselves, which also makes it a lonely path to walk.

So, although the abilities of an Empath come as a package deal, there are still many other personal areas that can be developed, to keep one safe and sane whilst walking/working this ‘seemingly’ crazy planet. One such thing is being able to discern between energies/emotions coming from their external environment and that of their own. This can be a huge challenge for an Empath because they are still human, having a human experience and have to endure the same traumas, pains and heartaches that everyone else does. It is so very easy for them to take on another person’s pain and mistake it as their own. This is where discernment is needed.

It is relatively simple when entering a public place, such as a shopping mall, to recognize that one is taking on emotions off others, especially if you felt fine and dandy prior to the visit.  On entering it can feel like you’ve walked into a wall of dense energy (to me it feels like a rush of emotions. I compare it to the film: ‘Bruce Almighty’, when Bruce gets all of God’s abilities, and one of his jobs is to answer prayers. When he starts to hear the prayers he is bombarded with an onslaught of rushing voices in his head that are overpowering and unbearable, and to me this is what the energy of a shopping mall feels like, but without the voices in the head).

What is more difficult to discern is when one is in his/her home without anyone else around, and one starts experiencing an onslaught of negative emotions or even strange energies.  Falsely identifying with the emotions is all too easy and before you know it you can be wrapped up in an endless whirlwind of angry emotions and thoughts that keep you trapped all day. This sends your whole body out of whack and zaps you of vital energy.

So the question is, where are these emotions coming from? Pending on what you are going through in life, they may well be your own to work out and deal with, or they could be negative energies that you are in the process of transmuting. There is also the possibility that you are experiencing some kind of psychic attack. This generally happens when another is having bad thoughts about you and you are picking them up and feeling their intention. And, more often than not, it will be a close friend or family member having a bad day and using you as their mental punch-bag. To determine the energetic origin takes investigation: firstly, as soon as you feel the emotions/energies ask, ‘Are these emotions coming from me?’ If they don’t belong to you and are coming from another, they will normally lose their grip. When you feel this immediately distract yourself from them. If, however, you are in the process of transmuting some dense environmental energy (or indeed processing new energy), the emotions don’t tend to budge when you ask the question. If this is the case, vigorous exercise really helps:

I watched a programme recently about solar flares (coronal mass ejections) and how power plants protect themselves from being taken down by them. At the time a solar flare is expected to hit, the power station cranks up the electricity/power in the grid to full blast so that the energy from the flare gets diffused though the grid and basically, doesn’t fry the circuit. This reminded me of what happens when we do vigorous exercise: we crank up our feel good endorphins, which in turn raises our vibration so that when the external energies hit us, they get diffused into our energetic field and thus, aren’t as taxing on the physical. Even just 5 minutes working out to your max will reap huge benefits. For example walk for 1 minute then run for 1 minute as fast as you can.

As well as exercise to keep the body active, it is good to keep a quiet mind. I mentioned in my earlier post that various tried and tested techniques don’t seem to be working the same way they did for me, and one of those techniques is meditation to quieten the mind. I have found it near impossible to meditate and actually find it quite frustrating to even attempt it (that is not to say others will not find meditating hugely beneficial, we have to keep seeking, sifting and searching for what works for us individually and find new ways when the old no longer serve). If you too are struggling with meditation you may find pranayama (regulation of the breath through various techniques or exercises) or chanting works. It’s important to keep the mind quiet, because thoughts turn into emotions and vice-versa.

Our planet is in the midst of a huge shift and because of this we too have to adapt and evolve our own ways of being. I am constantly researching (one of my favourite pastimes), and trying out techniques, supplements etc, to see if they help in any which way, so I can then share my findings here. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with anything I may have discovered.


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30 thoughts on “The Developing Traits of an Empath

  1. I’ve actually just started looking into this sort of thing, I’ve always felt I was somewhat different and aware of unseen things, lately Life have been extramural taxing on me in every way, and I’m trying to learn more about it. I think I may be experiencing other people’s emotion way to strong.

  2. I have just this month found out about being an empath. I’ve always believed in flow of energy and helped others, seen people for who they really are (while in awe that my friends and others couldn’t tell or even believe me). But since a near death experience I’ve noticed a major change in everything and everywhere I go. Like people saying the Facebook thing really struck odd to me because lately I feel just mixed up with I don’t even know what emotion while on it almost hurting my head and draining me. Along with I’ve been scared of heart problems with my neck chest and others randomly aiching (mostly around certain people now that I’m learning) I’m so glad to read this and all the other stuff recently thanks everyone for there tips. I question everything and could never place what my purpose is, I’ve always loved helping people but now it makes sense why and what I am here for. I’ve been down lately but I feel blessed now to have such a gift that could help the world.

  3. I agree. Empaths are born, not made. Unskilled empaths suffer, as we all know, and I agree it is a thankless job. However, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my biggest life changing experience has been learning empath skills, learning how to use my gifts at will, not being constantly bombarded and in a state of over-whelm and melt-down. I got the books by Rose Rosetree, the Empowered Empath, and Use Your Power of Command For Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, amongst others. Seriously, get skills. I get nothing from sharing this with you, other than the knowledge that it will transform you, if you are willing to learn. You don’t need to suffer needlessly 🙂

  4. I just found out a few months ago that I’m an empath. I just want to pass on that I very rarely have rage attacks anymore (they used to be quite frequent). Avoiding chocolate is VERY helpful in staying calm, not just for me but for many people (I’ve researched it).

  5. I have had to weed and clean my FB. Negativity is dealt with promptly and swiftly and with extreme prejudice!
    It’s kinda sad that I only have open minded people on my friends list, but then again, I have found new friends from all around the world who either think like me, are empaths, or are open minded.


    I do enjoy the connectivity of FB!
    But it is so very important to protect yourself!!
    *huggles* and Blessings,

    • Kris does an amazing job at keeping the site positive. I too, am very selective about who comes into my livingroom (via facebook). It is interesting what friends I go to and hide completely from my feed so I don’t have to see their stuff. I am happy to know them and be there if they need me but, I don’t want their baggage in my livingroom

      • I agree with careful watching of FB and now even some emails. I have just recently, through a wonderful therapist found out not only who I am, but that I have the gift/curse of being an empathy. Even as a teenager, I predicted that a relative was dying. Had persons talk to me at their time of death and much more. If my husband or grandson become upset, it comes to me. I have had to cut off a best friend because of too much negativity. I do not watch the news or read papers but do love scify stories. My ways of getting me back is going for a walk, using meditation, yoga or trying to write a story. These methods do not always work but I have to keep trying or I will go into that black hole that many of you are aware of. I can always use more tips and share experiences.

    • I still have to learn how to delete comments on FB. I have new comments on it, political ones that I have no idea who is behind them. Think I’ll try again soon.

      • You too Fiona, I predicted someone in my family was going to die too. At first, I thought it’d be my parents, it ended up being my aunt. On the way too school, I started feeling something strong, I didn’t know where it came from. Sometimes I have fears of losing my families, but this was like real. So I began to cry. So many times, I lie about my feelings because I could never explain, or thought people wouldn’t understand and think I’m insane. I told my parents after she died though.

  6. It was like reading my own thoughts and experiences. I am 56 now and became very aware of my empathic skills when i was 14. I agree with all you have said and am awaiting to hear more. I am a loner due to my empath skills.

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