Looking For The Signs

It was my intention that my next post be about the powers of meditating and although that post is near finished I thought it important to write about what’s now happening for many of us, emotionally and physically, because things have been uncomfortable lately…to say the least.

Have you been experiencing extreme, and I mean extreme, fatigue recently? If you have you are certainly not the only one. And has your body been experiencing all sorts of maladies and ailments that just seem to be amping up? For me, it’s go to a point where I’m thinking it’s got to be something other than these ‘crazy ascending times’. So, in my bid to try to take responsibility (or more like control) I’ve researched food intolerance, early menopause, nervous breakdowns and the like because things have been just getting, well, ridiculous (and I thought they were bad before). All the symptoms we have could be attributed to any or all the above (menopause, food intolerance, depression etc) and for some, that’s what they could be suffering with, but the fact they tend to be inconsistent, ever-changing and have oscillated of their own accord over many years, lets us know that they can’t be written off with a prescription. Also, everything seems to be peaking now like we’ve reached the precipice.

We all need to accept that much of what we are going through is still part of ‘The Shift’ and it is my belief that things tend to get worse before they get better… (Lets just hope we’ve reached the worst of the worst). It would seem that in many cases we are not in control and there is little we can do to stop the onslaught of strange anomalies bombarding us. But as long as we are still taking the steps to stay healthy through exercise, meditation, a good diet and nutrition ( and maybe checking in with your doctor, just to be sure) and avoiding that which we know does not agree with us, we can do little more than ride the ‘ascending wave’.

Feeling out of control can leave us feeling vulnerable and weak and it’s here that the word ‘surrender’ comes in again: We need to surrender our need to be in control and accept that what is happening to us is part of the bumpy passage out of the Old and our ‘Rebirth’ into the New.

On our more challenging days, when we maybe struggling with fatigue, sadness and apathy, as well as aches and pains in the body. Many of us will be at the stage of, or already gone well beyond, the point of losing faith in anything to do with planetary and personal ascension. We’ve gone through this ‘stuff’ for too, too long and instead of things getting better, physically and mentally, they seem to get worse. I for one did not think that I could take this much pain, and in truth, had I known things would be like this all those years ago I probably would not have wanted to take part in raising my vibration. Would any of us?

Here is a short list of common symptoms you maybe struggling with. I have listed some of the symptoms below in earlier posts but as they have amped up again I thought it good to reiterate:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Twitches in the parts of the body, especially eye area
  • Painful, stiff or sore joints, especially vertebrae of spine
  • Extreme brain fog and poor memory
  • Apathy towards most things, even that which we formerly used to enjoy
  • Excess acid, either in stomach or in chest causing heartburn
  • Depression, sadness or loneliness (even when surrounded by others) and lack of self-worth
  • Erratic sleep patterns
  • Unusual dreams
  • Many painful experiences either through being treated badly by others, especially loved ones, or watching others suffer
  • Constantly having to fight one’s corner. This is not so much of a symptom but when continuously coming up against opposition to our opinions, whether in regards to spiritual stuff or not, can be utterly draining and demoralizing to our spirit

Watch the signs 

Luckily, we have days in between the darkness when are hearts are wide open and we feel so much love for all of life, and it’s on these days that we can see just how far we’ve come. And because these ‘love days’ are becoming more frequent, the knowing that we are going to experience more and more of this is helping us push through. In our hearts we all know that we are heading somewhere good, even though on many days our minds will convince us otherwise. And it’s on the days when we are feeling like we can take no more that we come across posts like this one (these are our signs). When we write on our blogs like these, we are leaving notes of support for each other.

Amidst the darkness, you have probably noticed more synchronicity lately, that we could easily pass off as coincidence, such as thinking about something then it happening very quickly after or needing something then it randomly appearing. In unusual ways, I keep getting the message to ask for help, or to ask for what I want. This is very likely because it’s time to start creating the new world or that which we want and we need to put the intention out in the form of a request before it can be manifested.

We all get recurring signs, although you may not have consciously noticed them yet. Like many others, my signs are seeing a series of numbers personal to me or single feathers. Whenever I see them, I know to check what I was just thinking about because they are a signal for me to pay attention. If, for example, I was pondering a certain action in my mind and see ‘my sign’ at the same time, I know it is a positive thing and to pursue it. We are now at a stage where we should be getting ready to move into the new. For so long it has seemed pointless beginning anything because so many of our previous endeavours ended up being fruitless or non-starters. After clearing so much, many of us are now either nearly or very ready to bring our new life into existence, even if in baby-steps. There is still clearing to do but our shackles are being loosened. So, although things are still not where we want to be and we maybe struggling in many ways, we are getting closer… Can you feel it?


©Diane Kathrine…Just Be


12 thoughts on “Looking For The Signs

  1. I’m in my 50’s and i have met tons of people. Since i was some where around 6 i had flashes of pain that others had experienced. I am not into shakra, or any other stuff you guys promote on the web, I just need help, because the emotions are over whelming, life is a struggle day by day.when i touch people, it is worse than when i see some one in pain.
    I have 9 grand kids who love me beyond description. i’m not crazy i don’t do drugs.
    My question to anyone, can you help me stop the pain,dreams,instant rush,instant crash of depression, I lock myself in the bathroom for hours I don’t eat or i sleep for three days or more in a row. This cant go on, that is what I feel.
    Please give me feed back.

    • Hi John,

      Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time of it.

      You haven’t mentioned whether you have tried anything to help your ailments, what has or hasn’t worked etc.

      Do you have wheat or gluten in your diet? If so that would be the first thing I would suggest eliminating. I have been doing a lot of research into the adverse effects of wheat and it is a huge contributor in the cause of depression and bi-polar. Empaths, and those of a Sensitive nature, are vulnerable to these afflictions. Since giving wheat and gluten up, I feel so much better, mentally and physically. It will not stop the external emotions you feel as an Empath but you will be able to deal with them so much better. Eliminate it for 4 weeks and see how you feel. I will be writing a post soon to cover it in more detail.

      Exercise and taking walks in nature, whilst focusing on your external surroundings, really helps you get out of your head too.

      Hope this helps.

      • That is good to know about wheat. I have cut out dairy which has helped me both physically and emotionally but I had been wondering a long time about wheat too. I am going to try that. I know I have a very sensitive GI tract and it effects me emotionally when it is upset. I too struggled with depression for years. What I understand now about myself is that I am not crazy and I was not crazy I just did not know how to deal with my sensitivity. I did not understand my emotional nature. Now I understand I an empath and I can take proper precautions and use my empathic ability to help others . I see it now for the gift that it is, where before I just saw my sensitivity and physical ailments because of it as a curse. Knowledge is power. Much love and peace fellow empaths.

  2. Thank you
    I thought I was losing my mind at stages. I have had such bad bouts of depression etc Had MRI’s blood tests etc. Had that with the eyes and facial muscles ( 1 side only) twitching. I have always been healthy until the last 5 years. My health has gone to the dogs.
    This blog just explains so much. Does this run in families because my daughters are like this too but not as extreme

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes, this year has been such hard work! Knowing I am responsible for my reality…. I guess reading this has made it easier to accept what I go threw. I came across your website today and really resonate with most of it though I don’t carry excess weight or take on others physical ills. It’s great to know there’s many others out there like me! Thank you for your wonderful website, I honour the love and light within you and all who resonate with it.

  4. Have wondered about this also and am experiencing the same amped up discomfort. Practicing acceptance and letting go with love.

  5. This has been me for months as well, lots of fatigue, loss of interest in the usual things I love, many signs and intense strange dreams…thank you for this post, I know I was drawn he intentionally. I have just recenlty been brought to the understanding I am an empath. It expalins my expereinces so well. I have a strong sense of the unsettled and that things are changing.

  6. you just described my everyday of the last 2 months…
    last month especially, I completely shut down even writing which I couldn;t
    form words for my thoughts…
    Good Post
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care….
    You Matter….

  7. Thank You. I needed that sign more than words can express. Everything you wrote, I am experiencing intensely… I needed a perspective realignment. Muchos Gracias.


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