How the Empath Benefits from Taking Supplements

If you are an Empath, you will know, only too well, how easy it is to pick up coughs, colds and other ailments off those we spend time with.

Empaths often get twice as many ailments as those who do not pick up the energy of others. So, why is that?

An out of balance Empath, especially one who has absorbed the stresses of others, as well as having their own to deal with, need only briefly be in the presence of someone with the beginnings of a sniffle to pick up a full-blown dose. Of which, the ensuing symptoms tend to be worse than the original carrier.

The problem is, many Empaths are not aware of their own imbalances. Some become so used to feeling ‘out-of-sorts’, after picking up stress from others, they do not notice their body becoming weaker and their immune system less resilient.

I have discovered the best way to stay in balance, as an Empath, is to have all bases covered. And what I mean by that is to take care of our physical, mental and energetic bodies (body, mind and spirit).

In this post I am focusing on balance of the body (immune system) in the way of supplements.

Heard of the saying: ‘like attracts like’ or ‘like increases like?’ Well, it works in all areas of life. Generally those who regularly pick up the negative emotions of others, often feel like crap. When you feel crap you want to eat crap: fast food, stodgy and sugary food. Basically the type of food that has little in the way of nutritional value. So you feel rubbish, eat rubbish, feel more rubbish… and get no nutrients.

Nutrients are our safeguard against illness because they help keep the immune system strong.

I came to realise, first-hand, the importance of supplements, through unintentional trial and error over the years. In my haphazard Screenshot (266)approach to taking vitamins and minerals (taking them for 6 months then non for the next), I found that when taking supplements I had far less immune-system-related illnesses than when not taking them.

There is much controversy over the effectiveness of supplements, especially synthetic ones, and whether they actually work. Many experts argue that a healthy, balanced diet is all we need for optimum nutrition levels. But, even with the healthiest of diets, do we really know how nutritiously balanced our food is?

It is known that our soil is no longer rich in minerals, as it once was, which ultimately affects the mineral content of the fruit and vegetables grown in it. The ripe and brightly coloured fruits on our supermarket shelves may have travelled half-way around the world, and are already months old, before they get to our kitchens. Meaning a much lower vitamin count than if delivered to the supermarkets within hours of being harvested.

It is easy to get reliable information on the web regarding supplements and their benefits. And it is well worth doing the research.

Depending on your areas of weakness will depend on which supplement you should be taking, but I have found the following to be a good all-round elixir:

  • A good multi-vitamin and mineral.
  • Extra Vitamin C and Zinc (especially if you get many colds).
  • Omega 3, found, for example, in fish oils or organic coconut oil (a diet consisting of a ratio 3-1 of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is a good balance. However, the average Western diet consists of a ratio of about 15-1 or more, through the high usage of vegetable oils in processed foods).
  • A  good Multi-B vitamin.
  • Acidophilus (especially if you suffer from a sensitive digestive tract).
  • Vitamin D3 (more for the darker, winter months).
  • Digestive Enzymes (to be taken with meals) which help break down food and extract the nutrients. Especially beneficial to those who suffer with indigestion or low stomach acid.
  • Magnesium Many people are deficient in magnesium. This mineral is especially beneficial to anyone suffering anxiety, muscle aches or constipation.

If you have any underlying health conditions, speak to a health practitioner before using supplements.

I write these posts with the intention of helping Empaths help themselves. But we need to take responsibility for self. What works for one won’t always work for another. So in that respect take what feels right to you and discard the rest. Empaths tend to get that ‘gut feeling’ (the knowing) when something is not right.

Also, if you want to learn more about how changing your diet can transform your life as an Empath click here

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Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

Until next time.

©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

Click on the picture opposite if you want to discover how your diet affects your Empath life and how, by making some simple changes, you can transform your life.

45 thoughts on “How the Empath Benefits from Taking Supplements

  1. I have pyroluria and take these supplements plus a few more (magnesium, etc). People here might give a pyroluria article a good read. I’ve definitely been overwhelmed by different people’s emotions before to the point that I didn’t know if I was feeling their pain or,my own. I try not to be so open to other people in that way because it is so tiring. I’m so much more stable on the pyroluria regimen (which again is eerily similar to the list here). I’m still working on regaining energy, but everything else is so much better.

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  3. I am an empath and intuitive healer. I struggled along time trying to understand my intense feelings and why I felt people’s thoughts, and how to stay centered and feeling good. I finally chose a path of yoga three years ago and developed a line of saffron teas. Saffron in combination with daily yoga and meditation practice has helped me immensely! Both have calming affects and the ability to heal the energies we take in. It is now my life’s work to pass this on to others and give them the tools to not only heal themselves, but to heal those we are connected to as well. Good luck to you all on your journey.

  4. As a medical empath for nearly 30 years, I tune in to others remotely and assess their internal stress dynamics, including identification of the natural remedies that their body responds well to in real time. It is an approach that continues to fulfill me with wonder at our interconnectedness every time. I am open to taking on dedicated new apprentices as well as demonstrating this work through my existing apprentice of 16 years. Aloha.

  5. Thanks for the vitamin & mineral info. It has been on my mind to get most of what is on your list but am going to do now. Blessings!

  6. Thanks for the information, now I know that I am not crazy and understand the life long stomach issues and reasons why I do not like eating in crowded places.. (Very distracting, which then makes me sick to my stomach)..
    When I did massage therapy, I understand how I could describe what the client was feeling or tell them things I had no knowledge of but when it came to my mind as if I did.
    Now what?

  7. Thank you for your info. This empath appreciates any help I can get. Have 30 of 30 and think my daughter is the same as she is just like her Momma in the taking on others emotions, social anxiety after too long, cannot watch the news, needing the alone time and nature to rejuvenate. I also suffer from many stomach issues and I find what helps me a lot is ginger. Might be something to add to the supplement list if you also suffer with stomach issues. But yes, I do the multivitamin, omega 3 and vit C with zinc and D already, so I think I’m good there. Many sick people in my life, and in order for me to walk away intact, I have to self protect with above and breathing exercises have helped me a ton…4, 7, 8 breathing (Dr. Weil). Thanks again for the info 🙂

  8. Recently I learned more about magnesium deficiency and the symptoms- chronic fatigue, depression, etc. Since I was not feeling very well for a while, I decided to try magnesium supplement (Magnesium-Diasporal). And now (after one week) I feel much better already, so for me extra magnesium certainly works too. 🙂
    Wanted to share this info- maybe some of you will find it helpful.

    Wishing everyone the best! 🙂

  9. I scored 29/30 and an defiinitely an empathy, which I also think could be an inappropriate boundary issue developed from childhood trauma. I LOVE root vegetables! They are so grounding! Potatoes, carrots, turnips, beets, taro root, rutabaga, ginseng root. It’s so obviously to me that I crave vegetables that come from the ground because I need to stay grounded.

  10. Hello Rheeannon, yea, being a walk-in can be scary. I have read some come in with full memory of why they are here and what they are here to do. I didn’t come in with such memory. But I subcounciously knew I was here to help kids, teens and young adults. I have done it from day one without realizing it. I am just drawn to helping people in that age range. Then a friend who’s a medium spoke with my guardian angels and confirmed it all.

    With not being connected with my new foster family (being in walk-in and all), there was a reason. My new family was VERY violent both physically and emotionally. Of the memories that have surfaced from the old soul, he had good reasons to want to go home to Heaven. He had two incidents of sexual abuse, one at age 6 and another a few months before the walk-in took place. His sister died when he was 7. A baby sitter tied him to a chair during one day, and another day tied him up and put him in the closet. He attended a school where the principle was allowed to hit students with a paddle. I couldn’t believe that was still allowed in California in the late 1980’s. He must have been 7 or 8 perhaps. And the walk-in incident wasn’t his first wish to leave. He had attempted suicide before. The family told me of when he was around 7 or 8 and laid in the road trying to get cars to hit him. So he wanted to go home to Heaven years before the walk-in switch took place. And with what I experienced myself from the family, I can understand why he wanted to go home so bad. It wasn’t a pleasent family to grow up with. I spent a lot of time out of the house as I could. When I got home from school I spent a lot of time off on my bicycle until a few minutes till curfew. Then came home, took a shower and went to bed. If I didn’t HAVE to be home, I wasn’t. But what I have been through has really helped me connect to those I ended up helping. You can reach people in pain better when you have been in their shoes before.

    As for animals, Yes, you can feel the emotions of animals as well. Not just humans. I feel what my two cats are feeling all the time. Not so much with my fish though. I don’t pick up anything from them. But my cats I do. Same with dogs. I can tell which ones are violent before being close enough for them to react. I know which ones will bite before trying to touch them. But mostly, people are moving too fast. So when I approach animals I do so slowly. No quick movements. I put my hand down so they can smell it before petting a animal. I let them know I am not one to be afraid of. But yea. Having that gift is a nice one. Thanks for sharing about your gift. I too enjoy reading about others with similar gifts. 🙂

    • Wow! Good lord that’s a lot to experience. sometimes im not so sure what I’m going through. my last relationship and the father to my 5yr old was not a good one it was unhealthy, physically and emotionally harming and draining to me so I got us out of the situation. But having gone through what I did definitely puts me in a spot to be able to understand and help those in similar situation if the issue does come up. Im just a little more or maybe a lot more sensitive towards those that are in a bad spot if they’ve just lost a loved one especially. My older sister has seen here guardian angel for years but didn’t know that’s what he was, she suffered from seizures for a while growing up so my dad took her to a witch doctor and they said she had been cursed she has gone through many different things and has seen a lot, they told her she needed to get baptized to protect herself so she recently completed the classes and got baptized. My younger sister has had dreams about things happening before they ended up happening. we all 3 have experienced our own things I don’t know what the deal is but I guess its not for me to know.

  11. Hello All,

    I’m Stanley and 32. I first discovered I was a Empath end of 2009. But as other realize, I’v had it my whole life. Myself, I’m kind of a grouping of things. Not only am I am Empath, but I’m also what’s called a “Walk-in”. In short, it’s the term to explain when one soul leaves (for one reason or another) and another soul takes over the body for the rest of the body’s lifetime. For me, I walked in November 20th 1990 at a month shy of being 10 years old. I woke up sitting in a chair in the school office with no memory what so ever of the previous 10 years. I had assumed I just blocked out some horrible event. But that didn’t explain why I had no emotional attachment to my family what so ever. It was like being sent to live with total strangers. In the end, in 2010 I finally learned through a friend who’s a gifted medium that I was a walk-in. She used to work in missing persons with the Huston Texas police department. Her name is Kim O’Neill. You can look her up online. Anyway, she told me what happened that day, and details about the walk-in. But being Empathic was something I have been from the start. I have always been able to pick up on the emotions of others, but as a child didn’t understand it. I was actually diagnosed SED (Severely Emotionally Disturbed) as a child because my emotions would switch so rapidly. I was placed in special education with students with mental disorders or behavior problems. Thinking back however, looking around in the classroom there was always another student displaying those emotions. In the morning, I would be fine and happy. But from the moment I got on the school bus I would begin picking up emotions from those around me. But my gift of being Empathic was something I used to help others from the start. I just KNEW how to use my gift and did. As I imagine others can relate to here. Knowing how they were feeling, I could tailor my words to best be of help. Today, and for the last 13 years I have run a site for support for those with incontinence and other issues. I have used my gift several times to help others. But I was wondering if others can relate on something. I don’t just feel emotions. In addition to someone telling me about something, in 2010 my gift intensified. I now get images. A friend was sharing of a experience when he was six involving child abuse. Not the best stuff to empath, but it happens on it’s own as you all know. In this situation of my friend, I was not only able to feel what he felt when he was six as he was recounting the story, but I could see in my minds eye the entire thing where it happened. When I shared details of what I saw, such as which burner of the stove was on, it was correct! So I wonder if anyone else here sees pictures in relation to how a person is feeling? Or if seeing pictures is tied into my gift of being a medium. It’s hard to know what’s tired to what. Like I said, I’m kind of a collection of gifts. I have also really enjoyed reading about everyone else. Helps when you know your not alone. Thanks for letting me share. Be well everyone. 🙂

    • wow! that’s amazing. Seems kinda scarey and sad to be a walk in. I would be so sad to not be connected to the ones I love. Sometimes I think I may be able to imagine which then I can see what ones close to me are going through but if what I see is real or just me imagining I don’t know that gift for you is tied into being a medium and not so much an empath. Its so interesting to here what others go through. Do u think this can involve what animals feel too because I think I possibly can feel their pain when certain ones near me are physically hurting???? I don’t know just wondering I guess.

  12. I’ve been dealing with that exact same issue on the job and just exactly as you were saying it. Trying to avoid that particular coworker at all cost… I can pick up on a really fast without ever hearing what has been said. Its like knowing that my girlfriend was cheating on me but I have absolutely no proof at all… She would always lie and deny everything and tell me I’m crazy telling me that I need to stop accusing her. I’ve never seen her do anything but I knew for sure she’d been doing. The day that I finally caught her before I even lead IV in her I heard a voice say to me it is done!!!

    • Yes! We must be grateful and use it for good. To help enlighten our world and raise consciousness! What a gift we have each been given once we r aware of it and how to guard ourselves and clear ourselves of negative energy that does not belong to us. We do not have to hold others feelings or energy! This is what I am learning. Much love everyone ❤

  13. Im from Vegas and i just recently found out that I am Empath like just a week ago. My life has been really strange and everyone I’ve ever associated with never truly understood me even the girls I’ve dated thought I was a bit odd for a Black male. I’ve always had people tell me that I don’t behave like a black person… If ONLY they could see beyond the FLESH they would know that I am REALLY NOT a black person. I am a spiritual person a SPIRITUAL BEING and there is SOOO much LIGHT inside of me.

      • I don’t think it matter where you come from…I am from a town of 40 thousand and went to a small religious school growing up. I to always felt misunderstood. Still trying to understand and embrace how to use this for good; to see it as a blessing not a curse. It can be very tiring… Does anyone else feel that way?

      • I have to get myself wired of energy supplement before i go to work becuz interacting with people on a job drains my energy. When It first started happening abt 7 years ago I don’t know what was wrong with me I used to give massages had to stop doing it because people be having issue in their life and their energy would be having me feeling so crazy even a hug or a handshake would mess me up.

      • well I work with a certain individual and she may try to act as if shes fine but her energy is so negative I try to avoid her at all costs I cant fake the way she makes me feel soooo uncomfortable, her energy drains me I cant work with negative people.

      • Sorry the ending was a typo on my last post.

        Before I enter the room where she was I heard a voice say to me “IT IS DONE”. I had no clue why I heard that and I didn’t know what it meant. So as I enter the Casino sure enough right in front of me there she was with another guy. I am so grateful for this spiritual ability.

  14. Now that I am aware its not all in my head and am not crazy I don’t just want to sit back with this, I’ve always known I was meant for greater things but now what do I do?

    • Hi Rheeannon,

      Discovering you’re an Empath is just the start of your journey and it is a journey which is unique to you. The only way to find out what you should be doing now is to tune into your own internal guidance (knowing), because that’s where your answers lie.

      If you haven’t already, check out some of the other pages and posts on this blog for tips on navigating the energies and emotions coming off others.

      Thanks for sharing

      • thanks. Awhile back I was offered by a woman who practices in alternative medicine the chance to learn how to do some of what she does. I work as a dental assistant and she asked me if I worked with energy she said because my energy made her feel at ease I told her I went to school for massage therapy and learned a little jin shin that’s energy healing but I had no idea the vibes I was giving off. I really do enjoy healing its such a wonderful feeling.

      • It’s amazing how all that time I thought I was just CRAZY. I read just about everyone message and all everyones experiences sounds just like mine in every way. I’ve had all those experiences at different times in my life. If anyone wants make friends and chat im all for it. I feel like we’re all ONE the same people but just in different body.

      • its all very enlightening isn’t it? A lot of times I don’t feel it but then sometimes I really tune into it.

      • I just wonder sometimes is this for real I doubt myself a lot and wished I didn’t. Where’s everyone from, I’m in a rural area.

  15. Same with me, it doesnt happen with everyone , its almost as if they turned off their emotions…I have an easy time sensing a persons feelings/emotions but then there are times when I get absolutely nothing…maybe they are empath as well, I dont know…
    I have to learn how to channel my energy toward the positive because when I feel negative emotions from someone it actually affects my whole body and not in a good way…very exhausting…sometimes I can feel my body almost shut down, in a sense…I can imagine what that poor person must be feeling…so sad…I just have to pray for them…I live in a very rural area…too close for comfort…my neighbors directly across the street from me have all kinds of emotions “flying” off of their house…its funny how I sensed their feelings when I first moved here 11 years ago, right from the start, I just wish I knew at the time what was going on with me so I couldve controlled it somehow…alot of evil ill feelings, it can be very scary sometimes…
    By the way, if anyone has any tips on channeling your energy to the more positive that would be very helpful….Thank you all and have a blessed day! Toni

    • this is so amazing. In Dec a friend of mine lost her 15 month old son to a heart condition, complete shock they had no idea he had problems. Since then I have been feeling her pain as if I knew exactly how she felt when in reality I never had gone through anything like that so how could I know, but when describing my thoughts to her it was exactly how she felt and a part of me knew it but doubted myself. about 8 yrs ago I worked with a lady who had fibromyalgia and I began to have her same syptoms so bad that when I worked with her I thought I couldn’t take it anymore my body felt aweful but when she quit I went back to feeling better I had no idea what was going on. Ive always sensed different things but just didn’t pay attention to it. My friend that lost her son had been reading about empaths and told me it described me when I read about it I wanted to cry I thought I was crazy before or a hypochondriac but it turns out this is real and can be genetic.

  16. Both of you girls took the words right out of my mouth I’m reading EVERYONE messages and I see that I’m not and alone I was drawn to look up the word empath and I have already been taking the vitamins and its really been making me feel better. I really didnt know why i was taking them i just one day decided that I needed to take them… This is really incredible I’m 41 years old and Im just finding out the truth about myself…I really thought I had a serious problem . Wow totally amazing better late than never…. God bless

    • I am glad to continue to hear others posts . I notice often at work how my mood will one minute drastically change and once I am aware of it I will pick up on how the customer I am working with at that time will be making comments that give me clues about how they r feeling. It is usually spot on to the emotion that had suddenly and unexplainably taken over me . It is weird because I will actually start feeling what they feel. It is not in my head but rather I actually feel it in my body! It doesn’t happen with everyone though, not sure why it happens with some and not others but I am very aware it happens!!!!

  17. Great information, thanks so much! I recently realized that I am E/S ( I’m 45 🙂 Is this rare? I’m definitely going to get the supplements you suggested…thanks again Toni

    • Hi Toni
      This part of My story is the same as yours I am 45 and this year has been interesting to say the least. I have only discovered in the last few months and accepted in the last few days this gift. I believe it has taken so long because I have had so much learning to do before I was ready to work with what I have discovered. I believe others are further progressed and evolved because they have been practicing in previous lives. regardless of why I am here now , and in the now I feel so filled with joy as I continue to wake up 🙂 spiritually . I have also started taking the right supplements recently thank you to Just be and all of you guys for confirmation I am on the right path love and light for this beautiful day .

  18. I take omegas and pro biotics already…but not a coincidence that just yesterday I was drawn to wanting to buy zinc, vitamin c and d & this morning I found your site. I too am so grateful to find this site….<3 It was just 2 days ago I first heard the word empath and immediatley had to know more about it!! Discribes my entire life struggle….

    • Hi Jamie…Wow you took the words out of my mouth : ) “Describes my entire life struggle” …..I happen to google “intuitive sensitive” Which seems like or maybe is basically the same…I was surprised about all of the info that came up… all of this is amazing, to say the least, there is a page on this site has traits that empaths share and their descriptions…Good luck to you!

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