Just Be

Phew! What a ride these first months of 2012 have been. So much seems to have happened in such a short space of time (not much of which has been good). The highs have been uplifting and energizing, the lows have been well, really difficult. And hasn’t the time just whizzed by? 

Many of us are now wondering (and have been for some time) what on earth did we sign up for when we took on this role in life. Did we really expect it be this challenging…? I don’t think so.

I see many messages these days about the importance of staying out of fear, anger et cetera. And when I read these messages my first thought is… ARGGHHHH! Why? Well, when we get pounded by all the wayward energies of the shift, whether from within or without, we don’t really have a choice of how we feel, because the negative emotions are just so all encompassing that choice really doesn’t come into it. The feelings of fear, anxiety, anger and depression are not something any of us would consciously choose to experience, but alas, they are a by product of these crazy times and if anything, our main goal is to accept and just let them be, instead of fighting them or pretending they don’t exist (yes, easier said than done). In my opinion, warnings to stay away from fear could be in themselves detrimental: we just end up fearing feeling fear. 

Most of us, who have travelled this path for many years, worked on releasing fear in the beginning stages of our awakening. We did it by understanding where the fear came from. We discovered which fear was real and healthy, kept us safe from harm, and that which was senseless, derived from the control system and not serving (fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of not fitting in or being different etc). Then there was the fear which stemmed from childhood trauma, which for many, proved to be a huge challenge in itself. Over time, we came to understand fear and tried not to allow it to control us. We nurtured our inner child and tried to accept ourselves for who we were. It wasn’t easy, but we did it. So it’s incredibly frustrating for us now to be getting pounded by the fear frequency over and over! However, this time we have no real place to put these feelings (as I’ve covered in earlier posts) but as we have an inbuilt need to categorise all our emotions and understand where they came from we can easily start pointing the finger of blame.

Unfortunately, these fear based emotions are controlling our thoughts and we can end up attaching them to life circumstances and blaming someone or something for our depression, anger, fear, lack of money, lack of energy, loneliness (you get the picture). We can easily blame our life situation for being our source of unhappiness ( in those who aren’t yet awake, the blame game is rife). And maybe having something to blame these bloody awful emotions on isn’t such a bad thing… as long as we’re not hurting anyone in the process. But I personally think it’s better if we just accept them as they come up and try to stay as detached from them as possible. I have found drinking lots of water and staying active by doing something physically demanding also really helps.

Many of us have had our lives completely turned upside down in these times. We’ve either had taken or pushed away: family members, friends, jobs, partners and lifestyles. Only to find, after the dust has settled, that we still feel like the same person experiencing the same old, same old. And, it can sometimes seem that we are not that much better from all the upheaval we’ve endured. But if you look back and compare yourself to the you of 10 years ago, the change is phenomenal in a very positive way. We have all shifted so much fear and so many programmed insecurities, but because they’ve been so gradual, we don’t always see them happening. Just like when we don’t notice the changes in our reflection in the mirror day by day, year by year, but when we look at old photos, we certainly see the changes.  It shows in the fact we won’t buy in to any of the BS the media puts out. Even having a conversation with one who’s still deeply under the veil of illusion, can feel like we’re acting out a part in a play, we’re just playing along.

I know many of us are feeling disheartened with the ascension process. We are, after all, in 2012 and anyone who has been on this path for years fully expected to have witnessed, by now, more people awake and aware. It seems the populace have gone farther into denial, even those who looked like they were on the verge of awakening have slipped back, deeper under the veil of illusion.  We were led to believe 2012 would be the year of transformation for everyone. And all those years ago, when things weren’t that bad, we thought it would be do-able… But now we’re being told it might not happen till 2016 or 2030 when we’ll see the change??????

‘Excuse me, did you just say 2030? No, I didn’t sign up for that… Seriously, you can’t expect us to go through this for 10-20 years more…? No Way!’

Well, at least those were my thoughts when I first heard that information. But just because things won’t change for others till 2016 or 2030 doesn’t necessarily mean it wont have changed for us. We’re all on our own journey and have our own timelines.

The thing is, many of us are or have been so caught up in how bad we’re feeling, or focusing on certain dates expecting change, that we’re missing much of this unique journey as it unfolds. Now is the time to surrender all those expectations of the future and let go of the beliefs that on a certain date we will see huge transformation in our world. Instead, allow each day to unfold as it will and watch the rise and fall of our erratic emotions with complete detachment. They are what they are and wont last forever.

You don’t need to force change. If something is meant to end or leave your life, it will and you will deal with that if/when it happens. We’re really all in this together, we’re not on our own and never have been. These blogs that we write are here to prove that to ourselves and to others.

Look at the challenges as blessings in disguise, they are here to help us, even if we don’t see it yet. Those who cause us pain, anger and frustration are, at higher levels, doing it for a reason. It’s better to think of them helping us instead of hurting us

I believe the best advice we could all have now is to JUST BE!  Follow the heart to wherever it takes you. If you’re urged to get out in the community, get out there. If you feel you should stay in your sanctuary, stay. What feels good is what is right for you.  We are being tried, tested, pushed and pulled in every which way, but all is being revealed, we just need to be detached enough to notice.


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