A Note to Empaths

I decided to write this short post for all you Empaths out there suffering and struggling with all these crazy, painful, bi-polar emotions, day-in, day-out. It’s been tough for us in recent months because not only have we got our own stuff coming up (made all the worse by solar activity), but we’ve also got all the emotional pain coming from outside of us, from family, neighbours, colleagues etc, which has also intensified and there is, seemingly, no escaping it.

It’s certainly not an easy time to be an Empath.

At this time, you maybe experiencing many more physical maladies than usual, because you are picking up and absorbing them unintentionally, from those you spend time with or near. And because so many more people are suffering with different ascension/solar related symptoms, emotionally and physically, it’s double whammy for us. The other week I spent a day with a close friend who had sore, swollen eyelids. Guess what I got the very next day after being with her? Yes, sore, swollen eyelids, whilst my friend’s own swollen eyelids, quickly healed.

It can be difficult to tell what emotional/physical symptoms belongs to us and what doesn’t because we are constantly being bombarded from all directions. It is, however, still easy for us to gauge how bad another is feeling, especially when we enter their energy field, because we will immediately pick up on their pain body. It can make being round those we love difficult, especially if they are suffering. And it is so easy for us to interpret their pain as ours, which can, in turn, set off a whole host of other bad feelings within.You might be at a stage where you’re not particularly liking yourself, and that will be because you are identifying with all the stuff coming up/in, emotional-wise, and taking it on as either being part of your personality or as your own. And it would be easy for me to say, ‘It’s not yours, don’t take it on board.’ But as I know on some days it is almost impossible not to, I won’t say it.

So, this post is just a note to say you’re not on your own in this seemingly never-ending onslaught.  Each day will pose a new challenge for us, in some which way. Keep trying different remedies and see what helps (especially salt remedies) in lifting the dark, incoming energy. If an Empath were to go to the doctors in these ‘trying times’ we would surely be diagnosed with some kind of depressive illness, but at least we know the truth!

There is no way we would be going through all this stuff if it wasn’t for a reason…a very good reason. And if screaming into a cushion doesn’t help get some of the debris out, try smiling… because if nothing else, it will make you look (and hopefully feel) happier!

6 thoughts on “A Note to Empaths

  1. This won’t surprise you, but I have an adult son who I have thought for years had a special gift. Not having a clue about Empaths at the time, I knew he could hear spirits. My son, daughter, & I are all extremely intuitive. He may even be more than am Empath.
    The “Incoming energy” was so bad, he didn’t know how to deal with it, & finally went to the DR. They did diagnose him with severe depressive disorder, & today is on three different meds. Those meds have many side effects, leave him more depressed, & he is unable to function in the real world. Maybe some of this is really an illness, but as an Empath myself I think much of it is because of his gift, not a Western Medicine Solution. Dr’s actuarially run fast, and hard the other way if you mention that you were awakened by someone talking to you that isn’t there, or you were told something was going to happen. The minute you mention being depressed, you are slapped with an RX or three!
    My son & I have discussed this several times lately, & he agrees with me!
    Reading your blog may very well help the beginnings of getting him back on the right track. This solution most definitely won’t be quick or easy since this has gone on for many years. But I thank you for bringing to light an explanation to so many questions, & giving all of us hope, & guidance!
    By the way, he still is effected by negative people, & still gets to messages from the dead even though he is taking all the “Anti-Depressants.” The drugs don’t cure Empaths, they just help make it worse!

    • Hi Karen,

      I really hope you can find some info here that will help your son. It must be so difficult for him if he is an Empath as well as being wide open to the spirit world…that is a lot of incoming energy.

      It makes me so sad that doctors just dish out anti-depressants instead of trying a holistic approach or getting to the root of what’s causing emotional imbalances.

      Empaths and Sensitives are sensitive to all forms of energy (people, food, environment etc) and can get physically and emotionally unbalanced much quicker than most and therefore have to work much, much harder than others to stay centred and balanced in both body and mind.

      I am working on numerous projects at the mo, so have not got much free time, but it is my intention to write a post on the importance of diet and nutrients for Empaths. So if you get chance try and check back as it may be of a help.

      If you’ve not already please check out this post:

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m definitely going through “Alot” lately, Aside from dealing with general/daily life struggles as an empath. We now have a next door neighbor and his wife who are a 50 and 60 something year old… angry & controlling bullies to contend with. I am having to work double time, just to “try” and defend myself from their constant negative energy & verbal attacks. It has “not” been easy for me. This is a big one for me… and I can’t even get away from it. We just bought our home and we have to live next to all of this. If they aren’t yelling at us about something from their side of the property, they bring it right to our front door!
    I tend to be someone who stays home and stay away from as much “negative” as possible. But now, it’s literally at my doorstep and around my own home. I have never dealt with such anger from strangers in my entire life. I just have to find a way to deflect all of this strong negative energy… away from me. It’s really affecting me, physically and emotionally. Unless one “is” an empath…they have no idea what it feels like. I wish I could just live wayyy out the middle of the forest!

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