Have you been noticing any synchronistic events happening in your life lately? For example thinking/dreaming of someone or something only to see them/it the next day, or having an ‘aha’ moment confirmed within hours/days. I certainly have. And haven’t we been suffering a lot lately with very random ailments? Every week there’s another list of maladies.

I like to look around the web to see how others are faring during these times and it’s amazing how many of us are enduring the same things emotionally and physically, no doubt accelerated by the solar activity.

I write nearly every day in a journal, where I offload all my thoughts, troubles and theories. To me, my journal is a lifesaver, especially with not having anyone to talk to, in the physical, about what we are enduring, its like a best friend who I share my secrets with, knowing they wont go any further. And when I ask questions, I will always get an answer. I find it so amazing when what I’ve written in my journal, gets confirmed from other external sources. I wrote, just the other day, about how suppressed I’ve been throughout my life: always trying to fit into a world where I don’t feel I’ve ever really fitted into, either through thought, action or deed. And within days of writing that entry in my journal I came across an article stating, that we’re all waking up to the fact of how suppressed we’ve been. So much so, that it is now glaringly obvious that which before we could not see. 

To me (as I’m sure it is to you), it feels like what we stuffed down is now bubbling up to the surface, with a vengeance, to be either released and or accepted, both good and bad. We may have even buried character traits, that came with the body, passed down from parent to child, because we didn’t want to deal with or acknowledge them. One such trait within me is anger. I have never wanted to accept that I have anger within me because I know how destructive it is, I learnt that from an early age, from my father’s anger. Unfortunately, my father’s anger was passed down to me, as I’m sure it was to him. Anger didn’t suit me, it was a gift I did not want,  so I chose to bury it. However, this anger wasn’t something that grew in me because of life circumstances, it was part of me, implanted in my cells and it didn’t go away just because I chose to suppress it.

In my last post, The Joys of Solar Flares… I made reference to not believing that the emotions coming up lately were from my past unresolved issues. I can see now that they are, in fact, unresolved issues from our parents, grandparents etc (passed down). It’s as if it’s now our job to transmute them…(will it ever end…?) because they didn’t get to resolve them in their lifetime. 

This is all-powerful stuff and as I’ve already said, in the last post, the normal anecdotes (deep breathing, yoga, meditation, positive thinking) haven’t been working in the way they used to (well, at least not for me) in dealing with the onslaught of mixed emotions. And there’s no doubt a reason for that, but I have discovered a way to ease these afflictions, many of us are now enduring, and that is to… scream them out…Yes, you read that right, scream them out of your system. But before you start flailing and wailing like a banshee, a word of warning, have a very large cushion or two on hand before you start, unless you want to get carted off to an asylum. Scream, sob and howl into the cushion, punch, hit and stamp on it and release all the toxic emotions out of your system… Ahhhh isn’t that better. It certainly helped me and it’s worth a try.

At this time, many of us are looking for answers or confirmation on what’s happening in the world and indeed happening to us. And it’s my intention to update a little more on my blog, especially on ailment related issues, one in particular being nasal pressure, pain and blockage. Whilst in India, I learnt something interesting on the subject which I intend to cover in the next post within the next day or two, after I’ve read over my notes.

So much is amping up now, we really are in the midst of ‘The Quickening’. Every day, week and month is so changeable. It feels like there’s only 10 hours in a day and it passes by within the blink of an eye (wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday…?) This is going to be very interesting and challenging year for us, so take your seats and get ready for the ride…


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