Why Are We Still Here?

Well, a week has passed since we stepped over the 11/11/11 threshold and from what I’ve seen on the internet, it would seem that many of us are disappointed by the fact we’re still here and haven’t moved onwards and upwards… or at least that’s the way things look.

I think most of us were really, really hoping it would all be over by now, especially all the endless ascension symptoms we’ve endured… We’re tired, fed up and even bored of all the palaver… So why is it that things still look the same as before 11/11? Why are we still standing alone, while others, seemingly, remain trapped under the spell of disconnection and illusion…? The truth is, things have shifted and changed in the most amazing way, it’s just that we’re not allowing ourselves to see. We’re straddling between 2 worlds, whilst connected to both. As humans we tend to stick to what we know, whether that be consciously or subconsciously and what we are seeing is the all so familiar world where we’ve lived all our lives. But look a little deeper, feel into it more… are things really the same?

What I noted last Friday, about the colours being brighter, people being happier and the frequencies, pouring into the planet, being higher still apply today, if we chose to see and feel them, it’s our choice. It’s there for us when we look.

If we were just dumped in a brand new place, even a heavenly one, whilst still in our human bodies, chances are we would reject it and long to go back to the old life (somewhat like the in-between). This has to be a gradual move, for us to adapt and survive it… Baby steps.

On Tuesday I endured a day of acute discomfort, emotionally. It was triggered by an old nemesis, whose been in my life since my early teens constantly pushing my buttons. I was so peeed off. I thought I was done with all that crap so why was it happening again? I was faced with the same old questions in my mind: Why can’t I get through to you? Why aren’t you seeing how your behaviour and outlook on life is dragging others down? Why can’t you see that the way you treat others is reflective of the way they treat you? And why am I still not able to tune out from all this? What’s the meaning of it? I got the answers to my questions yesterday, within a few different scenarios, but I shall share just one of them here. My husband and I were looking at a painting of a scene of a local canal and we were trying to figure out its location. When the place came to me, I shared it with my husband. He immediately disagreed with me, he knew the area I was talking about but was adamant it wasn’t there. I talked him through the exact area the picture was painted from but still, he couldn’t see it. I began to get a little frustrated, it was blatantly obvious to me where this was, so why not for him? Our exchange went on for about 10 minutes or more. Thankfully, he eventually saw what I was seeing and realised where the scene was. He then said if I had told him before that there was a road running by the side of the canal and a pub on the left corner, he would have seen it sooner. The thing is, in our conversation I had described to him, in detail, exactly what was around the area in the painting, but because he was so fixated on it not being where I was explaining it to be, he did not hear what I was saying. He was only seeing it from his perspective and whilst he was seeing that he refused to see what was so blatantly obvious to me… but we got there in the end.

So, what has this got to do with us still being in the same place after 11/11? Well, one point is that is until someone is ready to see the real picture, they will only see life from their own unique perspective, what they believe to be real is what they will see and we are not responsible to change that, that is up to them. But more to the point, our reality is what or how we see it. If we believe nothing’s changed, then it’s not, if we believe we have moved up to another level of existence, then we have. We just have to be willing to see it and let go off all the old issues that keep us tied to the old life.


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