Digestive Disturbances

Last night I was having a conversation with a friend about digestive disturbances and how many people seem to be suffering with them, especially sensitives and Empaths. I believe that for  many they are simply just another ascension symptom (AS) which relate to our emotional body. I’ve found that it doesn’t seem to matter how healthy our diet is or how much we exercise, if we’re prone to digestive problems of either the upper or lower tract, we will still get them. But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that a healthy diet isn’t worth sticking to, devouring a diet of refined and processed foods will most definitely lead to more problems. What I’m saying is, if the digestive difficulties are tied into emotions (either yours or coming from others) or ascension symptoms, then you will get them regardless of your eating habits. However, that does not mean there is nothing we can do to help ease them.

I have suffered greatly with one kind of tummy trouble or the other over the years and I have found them to be mostly transient although reoccurring. So, I decided to dedicate a post here to the natural remedies I’ve found most helpful in treating my stomach complaints… and believe me, I’ve tried a lot.

The most common forms of digestive disturbances seem to be: excessive acid – causing heart burn, sour stomach and ulcers – constipation – which can eventually lead to hemorrhoids- diarrhoea, difficulty digesting certain foods, then there’s the stomach cramps which could be attributed to any or none of the above.

The list below is what I have found most helpful in easing certain digestive symptoms and can be acquired at any good health store or supermarket (with exception of the yoga). As with any information you read on the internet, you should always do your own research into anything health related before trying or investing money on a remedy.

  • Pysllium Husk: is an incredibly high source of natural, soluble fibre and normally comes in powder form or capsules and is excellent for constipation. It works like an intestinal broom, sweeping out years worth of compacted faeces from the colon and will soften hard to pass stools. It is safe to take on a daily basis and unlike laxatives, will not lead to dependency. It is essential to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day if taking pysllium, otherwise it will have the opposite, desired effect and lead to severe constipation and stomach cramps (I learnt from experience). It can also be useful if you suffer from diarrhoea, in that it will help bulk out very loose stools and slow down the elimination process.
  • Slimmer Tea: is a gentle laxative tea with senna and liquorice. If drank before bedtime it works overnight. It is not for prolonged use (no more than 2 weeks in any 2 month period) but it is an excellent, natural faeces eliminator.
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  • Bicarbonate of Soda: has many, many benefits from being a baking product, domestic cleaning agent, teeth whitener, to being a natural deodorizer. It can also neutralise excessive acid in the stomach. One way to test if your stomach pain is caused by excessive acid (as opposed to too little, both have similar symptoms) is to dissolve half a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda into a glass of water and drink it down. If you belch within ten minutes and the pain subsides then you are suffering hyperacidity. (I have taken bicarbonate of soda instead of medication such as Ranitidine. Strong antacids stop the production of stomach acid completely, which in turn leads to a whole lot of other problems. Stomach acid helps break down food ready to pass into the colon. If the acid isn’t there, the stomach will just dump the food into the intestine, partially or undigested, leading to painful constipation.)Be careful if using Bicarbonate of Soda as an antacid if you’re watching your salt levels  because it is sodium. Drink plenty of water with it.
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  • Digestive Enzymes: if you are struggling with bloating or stomach discomfort soon after eating, chances are, you could be lacking in digestive enzymes. We can get enzymes from our food, but most of them come from raw food which we generally don’t eat enough of. Our body will also produce enzymes but as we get older, that production becomes less and less. Many of our diets lack enough enzymes to efficiently break down the foods we eat, especially meat, potatoes and flour products. Also if you take antacids, you will no doubt need them to help you digest your food. You can buy Digestive Enzymes from all good health shops and I’ve learnt from experience that the more expensive ones tend to be the most effective.
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  • Water: dehydration causes many digestive disturbances, so make sure you are adequately hydrated, drinking 4 to 6 pints a day, depending on your size (the bigger you are the more water needed). You must be careful of drinking too much water without balancing your electrolytes and minerals within the body. Yes, you can drink too much water. For more information on drinking water, safely, to help heal the body, please visit Dr F. Batmanghelidj’s, M.D.. website  http://www.watercure.com/
yoga book

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  • Yoga: heals the body and mind and should be a staple in everyone’s life, but in particular any yoga postures which involve twisting or lying on your stomach will help massage and tone the digestive tract, helping with elimination, cramping and many other digestive disorders.

  • Liquorice root: (not the sweet/candy form) is excellent for hyper-acidity and stomach ulcers and is also a gentle laxative. Can be taken as a tea, in capsule form or stick.

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