11th November 2011

RuskaOoh, when I woke this morning the energies felt very special. The best way I can describe them is how I used to feel when I was a little girl and I would wake up on my birthday morning, knowing I had a magical day ahead. I’m sure most would remember how that felt. Also I’ve got more energy than usual (which is saying a lot for me as I’ve never been a morning person, energetically). And joyful, I feel more joyful, lighter and blissful… I just hope this is a keeper!

I wasn’t planning on doing a post today, thought I’d leave it till tomorrow, but I think I’ll do updates throughout the day to see what unfolds.

It is my intention to do a meditation at 11am, as I’m sure is the intention of many others around the globe. I will update after that. But for now it’s time for my morning yoga practice. (My meditation was blissful although nothing more notable than that.)

Well, it’s now 8 hours later and it has to be said, this day has certainly been different energetically. I’ve had déjà vu but not in the sense of remembering a scene or situation, more emotionally. At certain times today I’ve had overwhelming feelings that took me back to childhood. Good feelings of excitement and newness. Let’s hope this is due to the new, positive energies that have poured into the planet since last night. It’s not been continuous, the feelings or emotions have come in waves.

A maple tree in Massachusetts shows off its br...

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Whilst out walking earlier I noticed the vibrant, autumn colours seemed so much brighter than normal. The shades, varying from dark, golden sand to russet red and the trees, that were teaming with colourful winter berries and fruits was a contrast of which I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before. Nature at her finest.

And is it me or have people seemed happier today? We’ve certainly got a reason to be happy, if these feel-good frequencies are anything to go by… But then, I guess only time will tell. Anyone whose been on the ascension roller-coaster with me will be familiar with the constant, unpredictable ups and downs. How we think we’ve shifted up a gear and finally put all the crap behind us, only to find out we were wrong. But hey, isn’t there a saying that ‘without the bad the good aint so good’? Well, it’s true!

To all of you empaths, star-seeds, indigo’s and light-workers out there, may 11/11/11 be the day we finally free ourselves from our restraints and step into the new, wonderful world that’s been waiting for us…


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