The Eve of Change

So here we are on the eve of 11/11/11 wondering what tomorrow will bring. For those of us who are sensitive, there has still been lots of ascension symptoms to deal with of late. The most prominent being lethargy or chronic fatigue. Then there’s the strange things happening during sleep-time. Could perhaps, our dreams be trying to tell us something? 

Cotton candy brazil

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Are you making simple mistakes and feel like your brain is made from candy floss? Or do you have incredible muscle weakness and stiff bones…? Join the club. Many of you will, no doubt, have a range of symptoms not listed here but whatever maladies you maybe suffering you can guarantee our rational mind’s will try to find a reason for these ailments, sending us out to find remedies or a cure. In some cases, holistic treatments, extra vitamins or a tonic may help, but as has always been the case with ascension symptoms, they will leave in their own time.


Image by AlwaysSmileInTheSun via Flickr

Our pets are feeling them too. Have you noticed your furry friend needing more sleep than normal? Or being slow to get up in the morning? I guess it’s not too difficult for our pets though, for them to sleep all day is no big deal… it would be great if we could say the same.

The date 11/11/11 is holding hope for many that it will see an end to our ascension symptoms and allow us to come into realization of what our future paths will hold. Many of us have lived in the void for too long, feeling like we’re floating without direction. It has taken much faith on our parts to keep going, but we have because we believe what we’ve endured has been for a purpose. It’s been a lonely path, with many of us having no one to talk to about what we’ve experienced or what we believe is really going on… and it’s not for want of trying. But then, this was our journey, our own unique experience through life.

As I wrote in my last post I finally understand how privileged we’ve been to have had lived in these amazing times and have had this life experience. We’ve been be able to live half in and half out of the 3D world, having a knowing that others didn’t. We’ve weathered much and seen the full spectrum of the rainbow and now, as we step over the next threshold, it’s time to receive our ‘pots of gold’.

How will you spend your 11th day? Working? In prayer or meditation? At an organised gathering? I hope that however you chose to spend your day and evening you will do it in celebration. Celebration of what is over and what is to come. And as I’ve said before, even though what we’ve been through has been tough, very, very tough, many of you would not wish to change one  single aspect of you life since your awakening, whether that be 10 days, 10 months or 10 years ago. Happy 11/11/11.


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