Stepping into the New

When I woke this morning to the usual dizziness, light-headedness and internal heat, I got to wondering when these ascension symptoms, that we’ve all been enduring, will end. Over the years there have been so many, I couldn’t even begin to list them here. If I had been unaware of ascension and gone to the doctors with my many ailments I could have been diagnosed with anything from bi-polar to hypochondria. I can’t imagine what kinds of medication I’d have been given, if it hadn’t been for the information available on the internet and in books regarding to the ascension and it’s effects on us physically and mentally.

The symptoms have been likened to those women suffer in the peri-menopausal stages and if men hadn’t been suffering with the same, I’m sure that’s what they would have been attributed to. So when the transition is complete and we finally, fully, arrive in our new and permanent spaces, the symptoms will stop. Just like when a woman has passed through the menopause, all her menopausal ailments end.

We have been so lucky to have been privy to what is really happening to us and our world. I have a dear friend who is suffering greatly with the same afflictions as me, but as her mind is still firmly planted in 3D she fears she’s either losing her marbles or having an early menopause. I have tried the gentle nudges and advising her as to what’s really going on, to no avail. She will awaken when she’s ready.

I used to get frustrated with my family and friends  that they would not listen to me or see what is really happening in life. I now understand it was not their path to awaken, they are still having their 3D experiences for their own growth and development and when the time is right it will happen for them. No, one, person was responsible for my awakening, I always had an interest in the esoteric and searched out all the answers for myself. Everything gradually unfolded, step by step, piece by piece and it will be the same for others when they are triggered they will find their own answers, although I would imagine it will happen over weeks and months as opposed to years.

As we step into our new realities I realise what a magical, albeit frustrating, experience it’s been and looking back I wouldn’t change a single experience. And even though there have been some dark, dark times, I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in this game of ascending life!


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