A New Beginning, Release of Fear… and the Birds

Happy New ?????

Phew! What a ride… So here we are on the other side of the Mayan calendar, 29th October 2011 and how does it feel for me? Well, this week has been strange… to say the least. Every day has presented a new challenge, energetically, emotionally and physically. One day I could not even peel myself off the sofa to visit the bathroom.  Another day I was consumed with vexed, angst emotions. I’ve felt dizzy most days (still have it now), had headaches and yesterday (28th) everything was an effort and I just felt… well, spaced out… coincidence…? Nah, I don’t believe in coincidences. I was clearly feeling the shift of our transition into the next reality, as I would imagine many others were experiencing also.

So, what does it mean for us now? Where do we go from here? We still seem to be residing in 3D (although I haven’t actually left the house today, there could be a lot of changes out there for me to see, ha!) but just on the cusp. I know many are expecting to see big changes on 11/11/11, and maybe on that day there will be, it could be then that we step into the fourth dimension. I, however, was really hoping for a big sign yesterday or today, Perhaps like a day of darkness or silver feathers falling from above, to let us all know we’ve got through the worst and the only way is up from here. I guess I wanted the big sign, not just for me but for all those who haven’t yet awoken and are still slaves to the system. Even if just to give them hope because, let’s face it, in the old world things are looking very bleak indeed.

One, amazing, thing I have noticed within myself of late is that the fears, I’ve carried most of my life, have been dissipating. I’ve always been a very fearful person (it’s only in recent years I could sleep without a light on and I’m 41), but I can now see many of those irrational fears have lifted. Its funny, now I’m at this stage of  release, I can understand how the fear has served me, in allowing me to grow and develop. In facing my many trepidations, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the unknown and it was in this place that I felt truly alive and learnt most about myself. I can say from experience, it’s only when we face the darkness within, that we release it. “Without risk there’s no reward.” I have lived it and know it to be true.

I believe we have been given more opportunities to face our fears, in the many challenges that have come our way, so we could finally expel them. This year, everyone, but everyone has experienced turmoil in their lives, such as, losing homes, jobs, money, partners, health et cetera. When it happens to us, when we face any one of these realities of loss and get through the initial shock of it, we find out that it’s ok, we will still survive and in losing something, a space is opened for something bigger and better to come into our lives. As long as we know and really believe these harsh times are temporary and transient, it makes the transitions much smoother. The worst pain comes from the fear and resistance to change rather than the change itself.

I am excited and positive about what’s to come. I just hope I’m not missing much of the journey by focusing on the destination (remember as a child saying, ‘Are we nearly there yet?) because there’s so much for us to experience and learn en route. I know whatever happens in our futures’ it will be awesome, it is awesome. Our reality is just our perception of it…


After posting this earlier I went out for a walk with my dog and it was whilst walking that I realised I did indeed get a sign to mark the beginning of a new era and that sign came in the form of a bird, or should I say birds. For you to understand the meaning of this I will have to go back a few months to an experience I had in early summer: One evening I woke in the middle of the night to see the silhouette of a bird’s head over my husband’s head. It was white and misty and the beak was huge, making it impossible to be anything but a bird. Yes, I thought it was strange and couldn’t understand the meaning behind it, I was just stuck with the big question, why? To my delight that question would be answered the very next day.

Whilst sitting in the garden, the next day,  reading, I was distracted and drawn to all the birds fluttering around and playing in my garden. I was captivated by them and amazed at their synchronistic movements, fluttering into flight and changing direction at exactly the same moment or playfully ducking and diving from bush to bush. It was whilst engrossed by their beauty and movement that I remembered the misty bird head covering my husband’s and I suddenly wondered whether birds could be playing a paramount part in this shift. So I said to myself, ‘If the birds are playing a part there will be something about it in this book’. I continued to read (I had just started reading Karen Bishop’s latest book about the end of times, the shift and rebirth), when a couple of pages in, Karen wrote about a bird that had nested in her garden and how it had played a huge part in her transformation. I can’t remember her exact words but it went on to say that birds play a huge part in the shift… and that was all the confirmation I needed.

You maybe wondering where this is leading, well, as I said earlier in the post, I really wanted to see a sign to confirm the end of the old world and the birth of our new beginning and, even though I didn’t see it at the time, I got it twice today. I woke this morning to a loud fluttering. As I came round I realised there was a bird in my bedroom, trying to get out of the blinds. How did it get in? was one question on my mind and why? In all my life I don’t think I’ve ever come across a bird trapped in my home. I quietly let it out and went about my day. Later on it happened again, but this time the bird was trapped under the roof outside, at the back of the house. My husband called me to tell me he could hear a bird fluttering its wings. He climbed out on the extension, where the noise was coming from, only to see a bird’s head sticking out of a loose panel. He pulled it down and the bird flew out and over to a tree where it perched itself and stared back at us. I momentarily glanced away and when I looked back it had disappeared.

So, there was my sign, the birds being trapped and then freed and I wasn’t just given the sign once, I was given it twice as confirmation that we have stepped over the threshold into the New World… Hurray!


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