One Thing That Will Set you Free as an Empath!

Finding the truth of who you really are as an Empath is one of the hardest things you will face whilst on this path of awakening.

If you are struggling with the current shift happening in the world, or with being an Empath, I guarantee, one of the reasons is you are not facing your personal truth.

The person you see in the mirror is an accumulation of many fear-based emotions, untruths, rejections and painful events, built up from your personal history.

Ever heard the saying, ‘We’re not really upset about what we think we’re upset about?’ It means we’re not facing the true cause of our pain.


Finding your truth is not an overnight process. It can take years. At least it took me years and I’m still uncovering new stuff all the time.

It was part of my journey to go the long way round, perhaps, so I could share the information here.

So how did I make the discovery? That the truth really will set you free…? Through journaling.


When I was at my lowest ebb (part of my resistance to the a changing world and my Empath ways) I did not want to talk to anyone about what I was feeling inside. I believed it would make me appear weak and vulnerable. I felt frustrated that I was not in control of my emotions (When I discovered I was an Empath they made more sense) and, as I was not ready to talk to anyone about it, I had to find a way to offload. I did this by journaling.

I came across journaling, quite by chance during a quest to improve my writing skills. In her book, Writing down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg explained: to hone one’s writing ability one should write every day. The idea was just to put pen to paper and see what came out. This is exactly what I did…

My ‘writer in training manuals’ turned into my soul-searching journals.

I found when I started to journal the words flowed out so fast and furiously that I had to make sure I had many easy flowing pens and spiral-bound pads.

I would write and write about something and nothing: having arguments with myself, analysing my behaviour and the behaviour of others, I compared spiritual teachings and questioned many things.

I wasn’t writing things down with the intention of ever re-reading them. In the beginning, some of my writings could be rather venomous, depending on my mood. On one of my darker days, even my beloved dog got written about in an unsavoury way.

Journaling was a release valve, a way of discharging many years worth of pent-up emotions from my emotional body. By putting my issues on paper I could better understand them. It enabled me to see it all from a higher perspective.

During my time journaling I realised why I was not being honest in life. I was so used to not allowing my true-feelings to make an appearance, I wasn’t sure how to let them out. Also, I was afraid someone may read my journals and discover my secrets, the secrets of my personal weakness’s I had kept hidden from the world.

You may now be wondering what kind of secrets are lurking in my closet… to be fair, nothing notable or juicy, they were all relatively standard. The usual insecurities any woman has. But as an Empath all these insecurities had been amplified. And, because I buried them I attracted more of the same from others.

By confronting and analysing my truth I made discoveries about myself and realised my real issues were not what I thought they were.

Allowing yourself to face your truth is so cathartic and freeing, you will wonder why you allowed yourself to carry such a burden for so long. It also releases energy, wasted in your quest for secrecy.

As an Empath you have a natural inner-drive to face your truth that will become louder and louder the older you get. If you don’t face your truth, life becomes more difficult.

Now, let’s get down to the business of lying.


Did you know that when you tell a lie, even a white one, you are building karma…?

When you tell a lie, such as to a friend saying: “Sorry I didn’t make it last night I had food poisoning,” when it was really, “I didn’t make it last night because I could not be bothered coming out,” you are building karma. You don’t want your friend to think badly of you, or perhaps you don’t want to upset them by the truth, so you choose to tell a fib instead. This just means the lie gets returned via karma.

Fibbing has repercussions. We never get away with anything in life (even though many believe they do). If we lie to others we have to prepare for it to be returned.

The wheel of karma is spinning faster and the world of deceit is coming to an end. Although it will no doubt get worse before it gets better.

A life lived without the truth is an unfulfilled life!’

So what benefits do you get from telling your truth, living your truth and being your truth…?  Emotional freedom from a life you did not realise was a prison. You cannot be free when bound by lies.

When you live your truth a heavy ‘energetic’ weight is lifted. You see life in a different light and the truths of the world are revealed.

But, most importantly, the truth of who you are begins to unveil. You discover you are none of those fears and insecurities you once carried… You are a beautiful ‘free’ being who’s about to embark on whole new episode of life in truth!

So here’s to the truth setting you free. Yay!

Until next time…

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©Diane Kathrine

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