There are many layers and mysteries to an Empath. So much so, much of their life is spent uncovering and discovering what being an Empath is all about.

Here is a list of some of the less discussed behaviours that sets the Empath apart (as well as a few of the better known ones – thrown in for good measure).

1. The Empath Possesses Emotional Intelligence

Empaths encompass incredible emotional intelligence, which they use to make careful decisions they hope will bring balance into their life and the lives of others. But as emotional intelligence is a rare gift, in a world ran by logic and rules, it can leave the Empath scratching their head at the actions of those who do not function or think in the same way.

2. Empaths are Excellent Judges of Character

Sensing all they do about people and life makes the Empath an excellent judge of character. Their first impressions are always correct.

3. An Empath Senses Deep Emotional Energy in Others

An Empath senses others’ emotions intensely. But this ability can weaken them, especially when it is emotional pain they feel. They have to learn to detach themselves from the pain to stay healthy and happy.

4. An Empath Gets Easily Overwhelmed

It is easy for an Empath to become overwhelmed without necessarily understanding why. They often look for ways to shelter in vices such as alcohol or drugs. It may take time for the Empath to discover these substances have the opposite effect and make their overwhelm more intense.

5. Empaths Have a Face to Fit the Mood

Empaths can show multiple faces to the world. Dependent on how they feel will determine which face they wear. When happy, they are an absolute joy to be around. When unhappy or overloaded they may appear quiet or reserved. If it is not possible for them to withdraw to their private sanctuaries they may become emotionally distant. An Empath needs to disconnect from others to recharge. If they don’t get the respite they need the strain will show on their face.

6. An Empath is Willing to Listen

They are known as life’s listeners, because nothing makes an Empath happier than to listen to other people’s life stories. For most of the time they prefer to listen than to share their own tales; although they can boast of several amazing experiences. They like to be heard, but only share their problems with those who they trust. Most times they won’t relay their emotional woes with friends so as not to burden them.

7. Empaths Protect their Space

Empaths are open and welcoming to those who emit positive, warm and loving energy and become adept at blocking out those who cause them pain or steal their joy. They come to learn how precious their space is and avoid filling it with anything of a low vibration.

8. Empaths Avoids Unnecessary Conflict 

Empaths are kind, peaceful people who dislike confrontation. It is only when they are defending themselves that a frosty side may be seen. If cross words are expressed in anger it will trouble the Empath for long after they have been said. They would rather avoid conflict and walk away from situations that may cause it.

9. Empaths Don’t Forget

Although forgiving, Empaths do not forget. Any emotional pain caused by others will leave a deep wound that can be reopened by any similar course of action. To protect themselves they may cut people out of their life who have hurt them.

10. An Empath Feels Pain by Watching Cruelty or Violence 

Witnessing acts of cruelty to others, whether human or animal, is unbearable for the Empath. Seeing all the atrocities and violence in the world may stop them from watching the news or reading papers.

11. Empaths Experience Many Synchronicities

Synchronicities become part of an Empath’s life, although they are often passed off as coincidence. When they learn to identify with them, these occurrences unfold more and more. Differentiating synchronistic events can become a fun pastime and the more open to them the Empath becomes, the more they are recognized.

12. An Empath Can Tap into the Thoughts of Others

Knowing whose emotions belong to whom may take time for the Empath to discern, but it can take longer for them to realize whose thoughts belong to whom. They often unknowingly thoughtbomb other people’s mental projections and pick up on their ideas. It takes awareness for them not to jump on board with another’s thoughts or emotions and take them on as their own.

13. Empaths Sometimes Project Their Feelings on to Others

As well as picking thoughts up, Empaths can project what they think or feel on to others without realizing. They also project thoughts and emotions not belonging to them. Once an Empath notices this trait, they can prevent it from happening.

14. Empaths Take Things Personally

When hurt they hurt much deeper. Because they are considerate, often putting the needs of others before their own, they find it difficult to understand those who don’t. In time, the Empath learns that when someone repeatedly hurts them they are only causing themselves pain by keeping the other in their life.

15. An Empath Always Find Their Answers

Empaths find the answers to anything they choose to in life; if they focus their awareness on the question they want answered. It may not be in an instant but it will come within a matter of hours, days or weeks. The answer is not always direct and may be given through a series of life experiences.


The above titbits have been lifted from the book ‘7 Secrets of the Sensitive’. A guide written specifically for the Empath to understand who they are and how to harness their hidden power.

With guidance and personal commitment, an Empath can learn to navigate the myriad of emotional debris they face, both their own and that left by others, and have the magical and well-balanced life they deserve.

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